The Return (& Alteration) of the XWA Top Ten + The BattleZone Awards + Supreme Championship Rematch Clauses

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The Return (& Alteration) of the XWA Top Ten + The BattleZone Awards + Supreme Championship Rematch Clauses

Postby Gopher » Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:19 am

The XWA Top Ten can be found the same place it's always been, on the sidebar on the left of the site. Just click on the Top Ten graphic or go here: app.php/page/xwatopten

While the rules listed there are updated, the actual Top Ten atm is not, but it will be following the conclusion of the first BattleZone Awards.

For those who've read the opening segment for Massacre #58, a new in-character owner was named for XWA and he brought some changes with him. First, the return of the XWA Top Ten. All the information needed about it can be found in the above link, but the short & sweet version is that it's coming back, it'll be updated following every BattleZone Award (more on that below) and match wins and BattleZone Award votes/wins will determine your spot.

As for the awards themselves, these new awards won't be replacing the Piledriver Awards, but will rather be complimenting them and also integral to the Top Ten. After every supershow cycle (as in, the two or three Massacres before a supershow and the supershow itself) three polls will be posted and will be up for a week. Those polls will be for the best promo, best match and best wrestler of that cycle. Every eligible promo, match and wrestler will be put in the poll. All posted promos are eligible, all matches with at least one person showing are eligible and every wrestler who has participated in and shown for at least one match during the period is eligible for best wrestler. When it comes to matches with no-shows, only those who showed for the match will receive points towards their Top Ten spot from votes gained in the poll and winning the poll. Similarly, only those who participated in writing a promo will receive points from votes/winning, even if other characters are involved in the segments. The first set of polls will go up shortly after this topic. Those who are ineligible for the Top Ten (current Supreme Champion, current Lord of the Ring, certain 'part time' characters dependent on how active they are, etc.) can still participate in the awards, as the awards themselves are a mini prize in their own right, in addition to their relevance to the Top Ten.

Finally, two new rules are being applied to rematch clauses for the Supreme Championship. First, in order to be eligible for a rematch, the champion must have successfully defended the title twice. That doesn't count the first match where they won the title, they must successfully defend it two times after that. The other rule is that the rematch clause will only be valid for two supershow cycles. If two supershows pass and the previous champion doesn't enact their rematch clause, they forfeit it. The former rule here does not apply to Albion Gale, since they had and lost the title prior to the rule change, though the latter rule does; meaning, if Albion wants a rematch, they can have one, so long as it's by Legends 2020 or earlier.

As usual, if you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact myself or Rufus either via PM on here, on Discord or DM the XWA_BattleZone account on Twitter.

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