One Last Gold Rush Extension + Other Announcements

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One Last Gold Rush Extension + Other Announcements

Postby RevolutionJones » Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:28 pm

Hey everyone! So listen, I've got a bunch of important things I need to tell youse about, and for convenience's sake I'm just gonna say them all in one post.

NUMBER ONE: After a request last night and my realization that I was The Big Dumb and forgot to post individual match threads until literally today, we are doing one last 24 HOUR EXTENSION for XWA Gold Rush. The new deadline is AUGUST 28TH at 11:59 Pacific time, and no later.

NUMBER TWO: XWA Massacre 51 will now take place as part of the September/Xtreme Cruiselines cycle. The reason for this is we're going to be testing out a new judging system to prevent situations like what we've had lately, where even the staff tiebreakers take several days to come in, and we need more competitive matches in order to fully test that system. If you've signed up for Massacre 51 already, you'll still be on, and your name will be listed in the new signup thread, which will be up shortly.

NUMBER THREE: Don't feel like waiting until next Massacre to do something with your character? Good news--you don't have to! Not only will we still be accepting segments for Gold Rush until the votes close on it, we've also opened the Golden State Session open press conference, where your character can show up, say whatever they need to say, and maybe even set some new storylines in motion! If that sounds like your cup of tea, just go to the thread right over HERE and grab the mic.

AND LAST, BUT NOT LEAST...we're finally doing Tag Team Classic 3, baaaaybeeeeeeee! For those who aren't familiar, we've run this eight-team tournament for the past couple years, with the winners getting a shot at the XWA World Tag Team Championships. Usually, it's in the springtime, but after the MASSIVE technical issues we had to weather made that impossible, we decided to push it back to the fall. This year's edition will take place over the final three Massacre tapings, with the winners getting their shot at XWA Legends XX. For further details, keep an eye out for the TTC3 signup thread, which will be up very soon.

For any further questions or concerns, just ask me or anyone else on staff. Thanks!

All yours,

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