Legends Voting is Open

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Legends Voting is Open

Postby RevolutionJones » Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:21 am

*glass shatters in Spanish*

So there are a couple matches where I’m not quite sure if every submission that’s supposed to come in is getting sent, but we do have multiple submissions for three matches on the card, all of which are now open for voting. Once the situations for those other matches clear up, I’ll handle it accordingly.

In the meantime, here’s what’s on the ballot:

- THE 2018 XWA HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP INVITATIONAL: Four competitors, one belt, no restriction on where falls count. These matches take a helluva lot of work to write, so get in there and let’s get a Hardcore Champion.
- LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: If you like Blake Archer and/or Levinator, you better watch this one closely, because if one of them can’t stand up for a 10-count, their career is over—and their fates are in your hands.
- THE TELEVISION TITLE TRIPLE THREAT: As Chris Jericho famously said, “I am the WCW Television Champion. That means that if you watch television, I am your champion.” Considering how many households worldwide have TVs in them, that means whoever wins this match is the champion of, at minimum, about a quarter of everybody on Earth. That’s a big responsibility, and you get to decide who’ll have that responsibility when XWA Massacre starts up again next year.

The polls are open from now until DECEMBER 4th, 2018, so get your Voter Templates out and fill ‘em with good lucha things. And remember to keep watching the other match threads, because we’ve already got some gems up and even more are coming soon.

Thanks for reading this. Now go, X-Men!

All yours,

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