Massacre #49: Revenge of the Quinn

The semifinals are here, and it's time to decide who goes to Sacramento for the right to become Lord of the Ring! Mark Storm looks to keep his momentum rolling against Minka Carter, while Kaelan Laughlin defends her newly-won World Television Championship against Hanako Takeuchi. And in non-tournament action, Albion Gale has her first match since claiming Supremacy against the Phoenix, while Dave O'Connor defends the Hardcore Championship against A.J. Morales. With all this on the menu, who knows how many surprises we're in for?
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Massacre #49: Revenge of the Quinn

Postby Dave_Maniac » Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:45 pm

Backstage at Massacre #49 in a very fancy office we find Bella Quinn inside a very fancy office, her demeanor looks angry, her arms flail through her desk screaming in barely understandable Scottish jargon. Suddenly a young woman walks in and is met by a stare that could kill, the scared lady jumps at the sight of the angry XWA owner.

Bella Quinn: WHAT?!

Assistant: H.. H... hi miss Be... Be... Bella, A... A...

The angry southie lady slams open the door with a stare of defiance and absolute anger.

Alissa O’Connor Fuck off chowdahead!

The scared assistant bails out faster than a speeding bullet, both ladies stare at each other with hate. The only thing the moment needs is a single spark for this to explode into an all-out brawl, Alissa is ready to throw gasoline to the fire and see where it all goes and Bella knows this.

Alissa: What do you want m’ queen... bitch?

Bella stares at Alissa without displaying any emotion, she wants that so she does not give it back. She sits down and relaxingly talks back to Alissa.

Bella: Anno ‘tis time we finished this thing ‘tween us, ya see ah’m gaun tae give you a chance tae win back yer T.V. title an’ if ya win it, ya’ll gaun tae face Albion Gale fer her title.

Alissa is visibly worried that she is getting a free pass after everything, so she replies worried.

Alissa: The fuck? Since when are you such a nice bitch? You ain’t given us shit since we came here... matter of fact is that when you signed us you promised us the best matches in our life and we’ve gotten crap... you called this place the ultimate extreme fighting circuit but I’ve yet to see a true extreme fight.

Bella smiles and goes forward knowing she has all the cards under her control.

Bella: Ya' havnae noticed? Ya’ batter up two of our best wrestlers boot failed miserably ’gainst two new commers... Ah’m no sure yer the best in here now.

Alissa: Fuck off bitch, you know that we are the best and we got fucked hard in those matches that we lost. Dave did not lose to Hanako... Oakster di, against Austin... well that was Wayne’s fault. We fucked over the two top wrestlers you’ve got tonight... Albion is scared shitless and A.J. is a bloodied mess after tonight. You really think you can fuck with us?

Bella: Ooooh... sweet laddie, ya think ah’m gaun tae give ya a fair match at Gold Up North? HA! Ah’m gaun tae give ya’ the main event, ah’m gaun to give ya’ the true land of ‘xtreme... YER FACIN’ Hanako Takeuchi AT GOLD UP NORTH... HELL IN THE CELL DEATHMATCH an’ winner... takes.. all...

Alissa’s face has turned white as she realizes that her husband is going into not only the deadliest structure but the deadliest match stipulation.

Alissa: YOU BITCH!!! Dave’s a bloodied mess… he is beaten up badly and you’re putting him in WHAT?

She pauses for a second taking in enough air to continue.

Alissa: Fine... we want retribution either way, you think that will stop us? You do not know who you’re facing, that beauty queen is going to die and after that you... are... next...

The mad man's wife leaves the room in a fit of anger while Bella can’t help but smile that she just triggered the cocky bitch that thinks she can win. The scene fades to black with Bella taking sip of a glass of wine she has next to her until bursting into laughter at what she has just done.

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