[VOTE] Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal: Oakster vs. O'Connor vs. Takeuchi - SECOND CHANCE TRIPLE THREAT!

It's the Lord of the Ring quarterfinals! Austin Carter looks to defend the World Television Championship for the first time, Dave O'Connor and Hanako Takeuchi try to make the most of their second chances, and so much more!
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[VOTE] Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal: Oakster vs. O'Connor vs. Takeuchi - SECOND CHANCE TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby RevolutionJones » Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:37 am

The most prestigious tournament in professional wrestling continues LIVE on...

LIVE! From the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, Illinois (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

Opening Match:
XWA Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal, Group One Match B


The Oakster vs. Dave O'Connor vs. Hanako Takeuchi

In one of the most competitive bouts of the entire first round, the veteran Oakster proved he's still got it by overcoming one of the most dominant forces in all of combat sports, Hanako Takeuchi. But despite the toll that match took on him, he won't be getting a respite--and he can blame Erin Gordon and the Lynx for that, because neither one of them were even in the building. So just like last year, we're giving two combatants who went down swinging last time a second shot at glory. By random draw, not only did XWA owner Bella Quinn give Hanako a shot at redemption, she ended up giving Dave O'Connor--who, despite just losing the XWA World Television title, still holds the Hardcore Championship and still wants a piece of Albion Gale--one of those opportunities. He won't be defending that title tonight, but since this is under triple threat rules, he'll have to fight like he is.

Can the Blood Red Sandman make lightning strike twice? Will the Black Rose earn redemption? Or will the Madman reassert his dominance? No matter what, it's one fall to a finish, with a spot in the semis and Hardcore Championship implications at stake!


Deadline for matches is JULY 13TH, 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on JULY 18TH, 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal: Oakster vs. O'Connor vs. Takeuchi - SECOND CHANCE TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby Dave_Maniac » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:28 pm

The show starts displaying the Chicago crowd cheering happily that the show has started, the signs created by the fans show different thing from cheers to Albion and Austin to things like fan names and similar stuff. The camera then sweeps the crowd to display Tempest and Mark Sanction.

Mark Sanction: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to 48th edition of XWA Massacre at the Battlezone, tonight we have a great set of matches for the Lord of the Ring tournament because tonight it is the quarterfinal round, last time we saw things like The Oakster show us he still has it, Dave loose his Television title to Austin Carter, the debuting Phoenix win the match and your hero and mine Mark Storm make an amazing return.

Tempest: Because we had some people no show the event we now have the chance to see two faces return to the tournament, Hanako Takeuchi and Dave O’Connor. I have to say I have my doubts about the legitimacy of Dave’s return, you saw that video of the XWA Insider?

Mark: Yes I saw it, still there is no proof Joe did whatever Alissa asked him to do.

Tempest: Whose side are you on?

Mark: The truth Tempest, I am on the side of truth.

Tempest: Seriously dude, I have my doubts.

The show then gets interrupted by the XWA Insider logo that blurs into a security camera which is dated as earlier in the day. The footage shows Kirk Samson at the show talking to Wayne Johnston.

Kirk Samson: Hey Wayne, what’s up?

Wayne Johnston: 'Sup Kirk, what you doin’ here?

Kirk: Bella asked me to help you guys out on the show, so I’ll be taking over the first match for you. Alright?

Wayne hugs Kirk thanking him.

Wayne: Aww sweet brother, I owe you one.

Kirk starts walking away from Wayne and when they are no longer in view of each other Alissa walks up to Kirk saying.

Alissa O’Connor: Hey Kirk, just heard about the match, Hope you call a fair match, I know you’ll do what’s best for the business.

As Alissa says that she hands him over a small bag.

Alissa O’Connor: Here are those things you asked for your family.

Kirk opens the back, takes a look inside and replies.

Kirk: You know me Alissa, I’ll do whatever is best for business and my family, they always said I am a good friend.

Alissa: I know, that’s why we will help each other out.

They both hug each other as they walk away towards the locker rooms, after that the XWA Insider logo blurs out as the signal returns to the battlezone.

Tempest: What the hell was that?

Mark: Seems they are good friends giving each other advice.

Tempest: I have my doubts on Kirk, with those two you don’t know what will happen.

Mark: Kirk redeemed himself a long time ago and Alissa seems to be trying to make friends backstage so what?

Tempest: Are you working for her also?

Mark: What? No! Get back to work Tempest. We need put attention to the next match which is sure to be one of the best.

Tempest: That’s right I do want to see Hanako and Dave slug it out.

Mark: They both seem to have a similar fighting background but Hanako is a lethal machine while Dave depends on the help and tricks of his wife.

Tempest: Do not forget the Trump card that is The Oakster, that guy is going to get between both MMA fighters and they will need everything they got to take him down.

Mark: You’re right, but I do have to say I am surely waiting for a match between those two MMA fighters, that is sure to be great match.

Tempest: Their Muay Thai backgrounds are going to give us a fight we will remember forever in the Battlezone!

The camera then shifts to the ring where Hana Ramirez and the referee Kirk Samson stand.

Hana Ramirez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, it is a Lord of the Ring quarterfinal triple threat match...

The lights fade to black as music starts to blast through the arena and portions of the crowd scream out loud when they hear “Babylonian Gorgon” by The Bags.
Hanako Takeuchi comes out with a broad-shouldered stride wearing a black track jacket with the Reak Killas MMA logo over the heart. Underneath it says “HANAKO,” with the “HANA” in white and the “KO” in gold. Takeuchi also wears black shorts, knee pads, and shoes. She carries the DTW World Championship on one shoulder and the Union Grand Prix Lightweight Championship on the other. The Black Rose occasionally stops to take in the moment, looking confident, imperious and focused on the fight ahead.

Hana: Making her way to the ring from Kamagasaki, Osaka, Japan and weighting in 136 pounds she is the DTW World Champion and Union Grand Prix Lightweight Champion, she is “The Black Rose” Hanakoooooo Taaaaaaaaaakeuichi

The crowd screams out loud as her followers recognize her prowess, Takeuchi climbs into the ring and steps to the center, holding both title belts in the air to impose her presence. She then goes to a corner and hands her belts to a ringside attendant before zipping off her track jacket, revealing a short white tank top. She gives the attendant her track jacket, then uses the ropes for leg stretches while her opponents walk out for the match.

Mark: There she is, the lethal black rose, the woman Dave should be very afraid of in this match.

Tempest: Again, remember the one who was still in the tournament was The Oakster, he is the brute force to be wary off.

With those words the show fades to black and utter silence once again, an ominous bell tolls and is immediately followed by the opening riffs of "Detroit Rock City" by KISS playing over the PA system. Whilst the darkness is slowly replaced in the arena with crimson red lighting, all subtlety is thrown out of the window when large flames blast out at each long note of the entrance song's intro, obstructing the stage more and more as the song goes on.

As soon as Paul Stanley's vocals commence, the flames cool down to reveal the shadow of the beastly veteran that is the Oakster’s back facing towards the crowd. The British legend lifts his right fist in the air as the fans begin to go into a frenzy. The lights are restored to normality as he turns around makingi his way to the ring.

Hana: Making his way to the ring, from Leeds, England and weighing in at 335 pounds, he is “the Blood Red Sandman” the Oaaaaaksteeeeer...

Walking down the ramp, Oakster looks at some nearby fans holding their hands out. Smacking a few of them down the aisle, Oak makes his way up the steel steps and across the apron towards the corner. Climbing to the second rope, he smirks at the audience before swinging his fist in the air to some more cheers. Oakster climbs down and steps himself into the ring. Still eager to give the fans what they want, Oak aims for another corner and climbs it to dish out more fist swinging to the audience.

Tempest: This just feels like déjà vu.

Mark: It was all fair, Bella pulled out the names of this wrestlers, just remember, the only guy these two haven’t faced is the madman himself.

Tempest: And don’t forget Alissa

As both men banter the lights go out one final time but now displaying Alissa’s face appears on the screen laughing maniacally only to slowly die down, then ominously her voice speaks in gaelic.

Alissa: Tiocfaidh ár lá...

Then Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" intro starts to blast through the PA system and when the drums start to play Dave and Alissa O'Connor walk out to the top of the ramp. Dave looks down to the ring with laser focus while she stares at the crowd with a smirk of disdain and the XWA Hardcore Championship on her right shoulder.

Hana: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Alissa O'Connor, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 218 pounds, he is the XWA Hardcore Champion, he is "The Maniac" Dave Ooooooo'Connoooooor...

The crowd boo loudly at the mention of his name, the music starts to pick up speed and the red-haired goddess takes that as her queue to walk down the ramp in front of her husband who is wearing a black hooded leather jacket on top of his fighting gear. When they reach the bottom of the ring he opens up the middle ropes for his wife to get in showing off the title high above her head, shortly after her he steps into the ring and takes off his jacket putting it on the floor as he starts to warm himself up for the match. Meanwhile, Alissa grabs a microphone stares at the crowd with disdain and says in an angry voice.

Alissa: Rough them up, babe.

After that, she walks out of the ring to another loud boo as he puts his mouthguard in and punches both fists together.

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal round starts now!

As the music starts to die down as Dave takes an MMA stance staring straight at what he perceives to be the biggest threat in the fight, Hanako, at the same time stares back with focus taking a Muay Thai stance not taking her eyes of the old man who she knows is a dangerous person. The Oakster knows these two fighters are a real threat to him staying in the tournament so he stands firmly trying to show respect to both fighter but it goes unnoticed. Kirk Samson makes sure they're all ready and bringing his hands together signals for the bell to ring.


Tempest: And here we go... all three fighters are ready to slug it out!

But after the bell rings no one takes a move, Hanako and Dave stare at each other while the blood read sandman feels out of place and so he starts the match by going towards Hanako whom he knows how to fight. In that very moment Dave sees his opening and goes to the back of the giant old man and starts to deliver straight jabs to his back, when he turns around to wave of the attacks Hanako uses her lighting reflexes to deliver a set of teep kicks to the right knee of the old man making him drop to one knee.

Mark: Are Dave and Hanako working together? Now there’s a first!

Tempest: Well they both know who the biggest threat is and that they need to work fast on him.

Dave quickly grabs the face of The Blood Red Sandman and delivers a devastatingly hard uppercut that resonates throughout the arena and as his face goes back, he sees Hanako’s elbow spiking downward towards his forehead. If he was younger, he could have rolled away but that is hard now so the only thing he does is lift his arms blocking the strike, this is done at the same time as a big boot comes out of nowhere striking to the gut of Dave.

Mark: The living legend shows us why experience counts, this man is teaching them why even at his old age you should not count him out.

The Oakster uses his brute force to extend the arm of Hanako and with a single move stands up wrenching her arm, she lets out worrying screams that sound all around the arena as the big man holds the arm tightly wrenching it to its limit. Knowing the Maniac would be close, he drives his powerful back elbow to the face of Hanako sending her to the mat, just as he foretold the Maniac rushed in trying to catch The Sandman of guard to choke him out but he replies by scooping him clean of the mat and slamming his body right next to the Black Rose.

Tempest: At his age The Oakster is still a force to be reckoned with, his strength and experience make up for any disadvantage he could have.

When The Oakster slams Dave he fails to notice Hanako turning her body to drive her foot to his face forcing him to stand up and step away, the spinning roundhouse kick resonates thought out the arena as she goes into the offense. Meanwhile, Alissa can be heard cheering for her man.

Alissa: Take it slow babe, let them fight it out... let them kill each other.

Hanako quickly stands up and jumps towards the staggering mammoth, driving her stiff knee into his rib cage while grabbing his arm. The Oakster staggers back but is pulled back towards Hanako who once again drives her knee deep into his gut, by this time Dave has stood up behind The Blood Red Sandman and grabs him by the waist, he realizes what’s going on and starts to move his body trying to force Dave to let go. The Maniac uses his sheer force of will and tries a second time to lift the mammoth of the ground. Finally, after a having a hard time the first time around he manages to lift him up and throw him over his head into the mat with aloud thump.

Mark: Holy Shit! Dave has managed to do what we thought was impossible, he has Suplexed The Oakster! He has lifted 335 pounds of the mat, more than one hundred pounds his weight.

Dave stands up and growls at the show of strength, The Oakster slowly realizing what just happened starts to sit up, he is amazed that a man managed to not only lift him but drive him hard into the mat with a suplex. Hanako knows what Dave is trying to do and smirks sarcastically while clapping, she waits for The Oakster stand up to finally run up to him and drive her feet into his chest but she is stopped dead on her tracks by his hand that starts to choke her out. Dave uses this time to drive his foot into the giant opponent's side but is also stopped by a hand that starts to choke him.

Tempest: The Oakster demonstrates why he is a force to be reckoned with, he’s controlling the match up to now.

The Oakster struggles to choke the life out of his opponents as the twitch a lot, he lifts them off the mat and gets them to grasp for air but they are trained fighters and know what must be done. They both strike the top of his head with elbows that force The Blood Red Sandman to drop them down again then two kicks to the gut that give them enough space to throw punches with all their weight behind them, the punches force them to extend their bodies and that gives them enough force to toss the giant over the top rope onto the floor hard.

Mark: Double Superman punches! Two strikes that knocked the life out of Oakster, one should be enough but two?

As the mammoth opponent lies on the floor trying to regain consciousness while both MMA fighters stare at each other knowing what will come next, this fight is going to be hard as both know that the other is a very capable fighter. They both go to the middle of the ring getting into their respective fighting stances, there they put their hands together and slightly bow down showing respect for the other in traditional Muay Thai fashion. Before Hanako realizes what is going on, a stiff and lethal uppercut forces its way between her arms throwing her off balance.

Tempest: Wow! Total dick move by the champion, that just showed us how much of an asshole O’Connor is.

The champion then follows the strike with a stiff front kick that drains the life out of Hanako, she bends over grabbing her gut and looks up revealing pure hatred for her opponent who just smirks cockily.

Alissa: Yeah baby! Teach that bitch who’s the boss here.

Dave waits for his opponent to return to her feet; he stalks her and waits patiently, but she quickly launches her body forward trying to strike the top of the madman’s head with her elbow. As she flies through the air with grace, he retaliates with a stiff roundhouse kick that gets blocked with her left arm. The elbow still manages to hit him allowing her to clinch his head delivering a knee to his face and, before a second one hits, he pushes her away giving him enough space to twist his body, extend his back leg and strike her gut. She still manages to pull him towards her driving her forearm into his face but he retaliates by wrapping his arms around her waist and throws her over his head letting her land hard on her back. The suplex hurts but not enough to stop her, she rolls over and is up her feet before him. Realizing her agility and speed, he turns around and starts to stand up but her running boot resonates in his face, the hit is quickly followed by a back fist to his ear that leaves him dazed.

Alissa: Yes baby, control the offense! Switch styles.

Dave is not out, hell he still has enough in his tank to finish up a match and he knows Tae Kwon Do kicks won’t do the job from this position so he shifts into wrestling mode. He grabs her once again by the waist and throws her over his head releasing mid throw gaining some space for him to do the next move, he knows she rolled over and before her superman punch can land he spins in place awkwardly letting his heel strike the ear of Hanako throwing her to the side but still landing her punch to the ear of Dave.

Tempest: Holy shit! I have never seen such intensity from two wrestlers.

Mark: Dave and Hanako just gave everyone backstage a quick lesson in MMA fighting, this is all so fast that I doubt anyone could see it clearly. I am having trouble following it all.

Dave clears his ear as it is starting to ring, Hanako wanted that so she smiles and gets close enough to slap him loudly in front of the whole crowd that gives a loud pop. She starts saying something he doesn’t understand but gets enough of the message to know that she is mocking him, a second slap comes in and hits him but he doesn’t care since he has her close to him to grab her by the waist once again, lift her up the mat and slam her body with him on top. In that position Dave starts to drive his forearm to the face of Hanako, he delivers three strikes before she moves her body to the side and wraps her arm around his neck setting up the guillotine choke.

Tempest: Look at the technical prowess of both wrestlers.

Dave flips over and starts to grab the neck of Hanako trying to apply a North-South choke but she manages to also flip over and keeps her arm around his neck while pressing his head down with the other, the move is called a rear naked choke and Dave knows it has one terrible problem, it easily gets countered. Dave grabs her head and throws her over his head using her weight, she slams hard but quickly is on her two feet as well as the champion.

Mark: What a quick set of counters, Dave and Hanako are equally talented. They just traded counter holds by flipping around and their arsenal is still full of surprises.

Meanwhile, The Oakster recovers from the previous attack and starts to get up as the other two wrestlers continue to slug it out. When both are seen taking a breather, he gets into the ring and quickly lifts the body of the Maniac over his head without any issue making a statement, he is stronger and deadlier than either of them. He then just throws his body out of the ring taking him out of the match for a while and forcing his body to go through the announcers table, there Alissa stares at the move with a face of pure shock as she cannot believe her husband to be still alive after that.

Tempest: God all mighty it’s raining wrestlers in here!

Mark: Dear god! The Oakster just sent the maniac flying after a military press slam.

The crowd start to chant holy shit as the image of the flying Maniac landing on the table repeats on the screen while Alissa stares at The Oakster and just screams as loud as she can.

Alissa: You sick son of a bitch you will regret doing that! I will break you!

The Oakster just shrugs off Alissas threat, he thinks little of the Madman’s wife as she is just a punny valet without any talent.

Tempest: The Oakster just ignored Alissa, does he know who he’s messing with?

Mark: I doubt it.

After all the turmoil, The Blood Red Sandman lands his eyes on the Black Rose who quickly jumps into the offense and tries to land her knee on his face but since he knows how she will move, he puts both hands on her neck chocking her out. The desperation of Hanako can be seen on her face so, in a moment of pure adrenaline, she pulls her body downward and wraps her legs around his neck tightening them to choke him out, neither budges but they continue to tighten the holds. After a couple of minutes, Hanako starts to pull the mammoth sized wrestler down and, when she is on the mat, he rolls her up letting both of her shoulders hit the mat. Kirk walks patiently to the pin and checks with calm that both shoulders are on the mat and starts the slowest count ever.




Tempest: Did you see that? That was not only the slowest count ever, but he took his time making sure both men were pinning correctly.

Mark: He has to be working for Alissa.

With those words Alissa can be seen smiling devishly while Hanako and the Oakster let go of their holds and stay on the floor grasping for air, they fail to see the Maniac returning to the ring with a chair on his hands which he uses to slam it on top of The Oaksters head two times leaving him down on the mat for a while.

Tempest: That’s it, Dave has stopped playing around and has used the rules to his advantage.

Dave rises the chair one more time to hit the Oakster’s gut but Hanako has another idea, she runs towards him and feigns a kick to the face which misses but her knee lands straight to his face forcing him to go down and letting go of the chair. She sees her opportunity to sit on his chest, starting to slap his face several times, this allows the Oakster enough time to stand up and as easy as picking up a hand bag, he lifts her up form on top of Dave with her arm on top of his head and falls backwards onto the chair making her scream in pain.

Mark: These three wrestler are just trying to clean up the house and stop each other from achieving victory, the blood and sweat they are putting in is amazing.

The Oakster stares at the mayhem as he kneels but while he stares at what he has done to Hanako a running kick to the face strikes him sending him staggering to the sidelines, the superkick resonates throughout the crowd as the loud noise made of the two sets of skin make everyone make a loud ouch. Dave sees Hanako twitching and screaming in pain and takes this as chance to injure the wrestler even more, he sits her up, kneels behind her, locks her leg with using his, extends the left arm holding it in place and starts raining elbow strikes to the collarbone. Hanako screams even more in pain while she struggles to get away from the hold but the strikes become even stiffer and faster as the wrath of Dave can be felt by everyone in attendance.

Tempest: Dave going full MMA striker with those elbows, injuring the shoulders of Hanako.

Alissa: Break her in two I tell you... Holy shit, careful babe!

Dave hear his beloved wife say careful and when he stares to check what is going on The Oakster easily picks him up by the neck and slams him hard onto the mat, The Blood Red Sandman stares at the state of The Maniac who is just lying there motionless for a second or two. When he goes to look at Hanako to finish her off like he wanted but she is not there. Rather, she is attacking him form the side with a very close dropkick that sends him to the turnbuckle, while he staggers back Hanako takes up deadly speed and jumps of the mat to drive her two knees to the face of Oakster.

Mark: Shinkansen Attack to the Oakster!!! This could be close to a finish.

Before Hanako can capitalize on her attack Dave stands behind her and puts his arms around her neck locking her in in a half-nelson choke, The Maniac lifts her up as she kicks and twists but ends up slamming her to the mat right next to the Oakster cleaning up the ring. The giant of a wrestler starts to get up clearing the cobwebs from his head but Dave softens him up with a series of punches to the gut, each one stiffer and faster than the previous one, after around 10 strikes Dave puts his arms in the air celebrating a bit to early because the Oakster returns the favor by punching him right in the throat pushing him away.

Tempest: How is Oakster still alive from all that?

The Blood Red Sandman keeps the attacks going by delivering a right hook to the gut of Dave, then a left jab at his face, a right arm club to his back that makes him bend over letting the Oakster trap The Maniac’s head between his legs lifting him up to his shoulders for everyone in attendance to enjoy, a second later a loud pop in the crowd can be heard as Dave comes forcefully crashing down onto the mat on top of the chair in a powerbomb that knocks him out.

Mark: Now a powerbomb onto the chair for the Maniac! Goodnight, only a miracle can help him now.

The Oakster rolls him up for a pinfall but the referee walks to do the count relaxed and checking everything before starting.



Hanako out of nowhere jumps from the tope rope and strikes the face of The Oakster with her knee, she continues her attack by jumping with her two feet onto his chest taking out any air that was left on the giant and throwing him out of the ring for good measure.

Tempest: Hanako in for the save! Did Kirk took a long time for that pinfall also?

Mark: I am starting to see a pattern here.

While Kirk concentrates on the match Alissa walks towards The Oakster, who is kneeling after that double foot stomp. Once near him, she takes out a sap from her pocket and starts to strike his head who can only cover it to avoid further injury.

Alissa: Told you that you were going to pay asshole!

Tempest: Alissa really going at it against the Oakster, the big man just realized the O’Connors are people you just don’t mess with.

Dave continues to lie down in the ring trying to get up but the previous attack left him tired and unable to move correctly, Hanako sees Dave trying to crawl around and decides to start kicking him around sadistically, forcing him to cover his body but he is too tired to do it properly. Hanako savors the punishment and when she thinks it is time something far greater, she puts the chair on top of his chest, jumps onto the top rope while looking at crowd and, once again, takes off flipping and turning her body around gracefully only to land flatly on top of Dave’s chest taking out what little air he had in his lungs.

Mark: Holy cow! Phoenix Splash! Dave just got the short end of the stick, he has received two devastating moves in this short time. There is no way he can get up from this.

Hanako knows Dave is out for the count and as such she stays there covering him and basking in her glory. It takes The Black Rose a little bit to realize that Kirk is not coming towards her to do the count, Kirk is rather looking towards Alissa shouting something at her while all this is happening. The scene is angering Hanako as she steps off from her target and walks towards Kirk where she starts to berate the referee asking why he is not counting or putting attention to the match, he tries to explain but is scolded more by her.

Tempest: Told you Kirk was colluding with Alissa, it is clear that Kirk is refusing to count for anyone but Dave.

Angrily, Hanako starts to deliver demoralizing slaps to the face of Kirk who tries to escape from them but she corners him. All the while, Alissa sees the Oakster start to get up on all four and runs towards him kicking his head like a football leaving out cold, she continues her path walking towards Dave and throws him a set of brass knuckles while shouting through a mic.

Alissa: Come on babe! Remember everything we have been through, remember we are here to takeover this place. This is our last shot at glory and we will not lose, we will not be stopped, remember all those bozos who told us we were never going to make it in life and where are we now? Get up! You are no one’s bitch, you are not an animal, you are the madman. Show these motherfuckers why they call you... THE MANIAC!

The words of Alissa start to bring life back to Dave who covers the brass knuckles with his hand and starts getting up slowly, he has it in him to do it and she is right they have come long way and will do everything in their power to achieve their goals. His face turns bright red with anger, spits out his mouthguard, takes off both gloves, puts in the brass knuckles on his right hand and lets out the biggest roar ever heard throughout the battlezone, a roar that could wake up the old gods from their slumber.

Mark: The Maniac is waking up and that is not the sound of a man but a monster!

Tempest: Dave has finally lost it!

Hanako turns around worried as Alissa smiles gleefully at her husband finally snapping, the cage fighter, the monster, the madman, the REAL Maniac has awakened and is ready for a fight. Hanako instantaneously delivers three powerful roundhouse kicks but he is unfazed, she punches him deep in the gut four times and still he continues, she steps back and jumps to drive her elbow so deep into his forehead that it starts to bleed but the scarily focused Maniac keeps his path with an evil smirk. Hanako goes in for a belly-to-belly suplex but he counters it by delivering three headbutts that make take a few steps back, this is followed by two pairs of right and left hooks deep into the gut and a right uppercut with the brass knuckles, he continues the attack with a solid front kick that takes out all the air in her lungs sending her to the opposite corner.

Mark: Hanako’s offense would have taken down any man but not The Maniac!

Tempest: Look at that, Dave is like a living killing machine that feels no pain.

Dave runs like a bat out hell towards Hanako and jumps, from what could be considered a long distance, lifting his knee and throwing all his weight is on it. The knee manages to slam the Black Rose’s face into the turnbuckle making a loud noise, the strikes sends her to the mat dazed. She tries to crawl away from the Madman but he quickly sits of top of her discarding the brass knuckles and starts raining forearms to her head, the attacks open up her forehead letting the blood flow onto the mat.

Mark: Not only did those previous strikes sounded like something that could take down an armed truck but he decided to continue this by delivering a goddamned Flying Knee and forearms to the knocked out Hanako!

Meanwhile, Alissa turns towards Oakster who once again is starting to get up after the loud roar from Dave. She quickly grabs the previously discarded brass knuckles, runs back and steps on his face driving it into the hard-concrete floor leaving him knocked out, not convinced he is out cold she kicks him on the chest hard enough to flip him over and once there she starts to deliver right punches with the brass knuckles forcing him to start bleeding out of his mouth and nose.

Tempest: Oh god, this is not a match anymore... this is a slaughterhouse!

Dave continues his assault until he believes it has been enough, he takes a deep breath before delivering a final double axe handle to her face. After much bloodshed, The Maniac finally stands up putting his foot on top of her chest and a loud boo can be heard from the crowd as a quick count is done by Kirk who was just previously relaxing by the ropes.





The bell signals the end of the bout as Alissa rolls into the ring hugging her husband and lifting her arms along with Kirk’s and Dave.

Hana: The winner of this match, the XWA Hardcore Champion “The Maniac” Dave Ooooooo'Connoooooor...

Dave keeps his arm around his wife’s waist as she takes the microphone to her mouth while caressing his face and body.

Alissa: You both thought this was going to be a fair fight? It was not... welcome to the asylum motherfuckers where I AM the boss and HE is my husband, my beloved maniac, MY MADMAN! Albion, Bella, Austin and everyone else in the tournament put close attention to the bloodshed because you might be next. We are coming not only for the Supreme championship but our television title... Austin be very, very careful you took us down once... we’ll be coming back for payback and we’d like our payment in blood!

Alissa throws the mic to the mat angrily while getting out of the ring with her man and her allied referee.

Tempest: Alissa just gave us part of her hand by buying out a crooked ref and displaying what can happen when her husband snaps, they just left a maimed Hanako and a battered Oakster. What do they have prepared for Austin, the only man who has defeated The Maniac?

Mark: If this is the kind of slaughter that Dave and Alissa are willing to dish out I would not want to fight these two, Bella has to find a way to stop this one way or another. The way she just gave that very special and cryptic threat to Austin Carter makes me wary of what is going on here... what could be the next step in the madman’s wife plan?

With those words Alissa walks up the ramp with angry authority as her two allies, Dave and Kirk, walk behind her. Everything fades to black displaying the blood coming out of Hanako, the unconscious body of The Oakster lying at ringside and the loud boos from the crowd sounding off in the background.


OOC: Ok, this is for everyone who did not read Dave’s background... he was banned form the MMA fighting circuit for being a very violent fighter, that almost Jason Voorhees type of stalking is the reason they gave him the name of The Maniac and why they banned him from the MMA fighting circuit. I was saving it for a match when it made sense to show it and this match where it is all on the line against such good opponents made sense, I still have not fully fleshed out why this side of him exists.
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Re: Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal: Oakster vs. O'Connor vs. Takeuchi - SECOND CHANCE TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby Hanako Takeuchi » Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:04 am

[We open back with a shot scanning the crowd as the show's bumper music fades. We then cut to the ringside announce table.]

SANCTION: “Welcome back to the XWA BattleZone! It's time for the Second Chance Triple Threat! At 52-years-young, Oakster proved to have some ammo left after somehow persevering against Hanako Takeuchi. Does he have at least two more bullets left to advance further in the Lord of the Ring Tournament? Thanks to a random draw conducted by Bella Quinn, the big veteran faces Hanako's vengeful wrath and Dave O'Connor's hopes to overcome a slight bump in the road here in XWA. Tempest, who do have for this one?”

TEMPEST: “We might be seeing Hanako's famously hectic travel schedule finally get the better of her. Oakster took quite a toll just to get this far and an old body doesn't recover as quickly. I have to go with O'Connor. It's his turf relative to the two outsiders. Oakster could retire and hang his hat on a remarkable career if he loses. Hanako's a star everywhere else and can get over this quickly. O'Connor's a regular in this bar and already has a point to prove to the other patrons after losing the XWA World Television title in the first round.”

[The lights go pitch black.]


[The bell toll is immediately followed by opening riffs from "Detroit Rock City" by KISS playing over the PA system. Whilst the darkness is slowly replaced with crimson red lighting, all subtlety is thrown out of the window when large flames blast out at each long note of the entrance song's intro, obstructing the stage more and more as the song goes on.

As soon as Paul Stanley's vocals commence, the flames cool down to reveal the shadow of the beastly veteran that is the Oakster, whose back faces the crowd. The British legend lifts his right fist in the air as fans go into a frenzy. The lights are restored to normal as he turns around and makes his way to the ring.]

RAMERIZ: “The following contest is an XWA Lord of the Ring Tournament Quarterfinal Second Chance Triple Threat Match scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Leeds, England, standing 6'11” and weighing 335 pounds, he is the 'Blood Red Sandman,' The Oaaaaaksterrrrr!”

[Walking down the ramp, Oakster looks at some nearby fans holding their hands out. Smacking a few of them down the aisle, Oak makes his way up the steel steps and across the apron towards the corner. Climbing to the second rope, he smirks at the audience before swinging his fist in the air to some more cheers. Oakster climbs down and steps into the ring. Still eager to give fans what they want, Oak aims for another corner and climbs it to dish out more fist swinging to the audience.

The lights go out and Alissa’s face appears on the screen laughing maniacally only to slowly die down, then her voice ominously speaks in Gaelic.]

A. O'CONNOR: “Tiocfaidh ár lá...”

[Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" intro blasts through the PA system. When the drums kick in, Dave and Alissa O'Connor walk out to the top of the ramp. Dave looks down to the ring with laser focus while Alissa stares at the crowd with a disdainful smirk, carrying the XWA Hardcore Championship on her right shoulder.]

RAMERIZ: “Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Alissa O'Connor; from Boston, Massachusetts; standing at 6'1” and weighing 218 pounds, he is the XWA Hardcore Champion, 'The Maniac' Dave Ooooo'Connorrrrrr!”

[As the music picks up speed, the red-haired goddess walks down the ramp in front of her husband who's wearing a black hooded leather jacket on top of his fighting gear. When they reach the bottom of the ring, he lifts the middle ropes for his wife to enter. Alissa shows off the title high above her head. Dave steps into the ring and takes off his jacket, putting it on the floor as he starts to warm up for the match.]


[Meanwhile, Alissa grabs a microphone stares at the crowd with contempt, speaking in an angry voice.]

A. O'CONNOR: “Rough them up, babe.”

[After that, she walks out of the ring as Dave puts his mouth guard in and punches his fists together.]


[“Babylonian Gorgon” by The Bags plays as Hanako Takeuchi comes out with a broad-shouldered stride wearing a black track jacket with the Reak Killas MMA logo over the heart. Underneath it says “HANAKO,” with “HANA” in white and “KO” in gold. Takeuchi also wears black shorts, knee pads, and shoes. She carries the DTW World Championship on one shoulder and the Union Grand Prix Lightweight Championship on the other. The Black Rose occasionally stops to take in the moment, looking confident and imperious but also focused on the fight ahead.]

RAMERIZ: “Now making her way to the ring; from Kamagasaki, Osaka, Japan; standing 5'11” and weighing 136 pounds, she is the reigning Death Trip Wrestling World Champion and Union Grand Prix Lightweight Champion, 'The Black Rose' Hanakooooo Takeuuuuuchiiiii!”

[Takeuchi climbs into the ring and steps to the center, holding both title belts in the air to impose her presence. She then goes to a corner and hands her belts to a ringside attendant before zipping off her track jacket, revealing a short white tank top. She gives the attendant her track jacket, then uses the ropes for leg stretches until the match begins.]

SANCTION: “Fate brought the Battleground Network's Box Office Hit back to the XWA Lord of the Ring Tournament! It also reintroduced the reigning XWA Hardcore Champion! But will fortune still ultimately favor The Oakster in the Quarterfinals?”


[“HA-NA-KO” chants rise from some pockets in the crowd. Oakster stands with his chest out, towering over the other two in a physically menacing visual. D. O'Connor looks back and forth between his opposition, slowly getting into the general MMA stance – balanced to throw punches and kicks, but ready to defend against takedown. Takeuchi stares coldly at Oakster and then D. O'Connor, standing like a wild west gunslinger as a mischievous glint grows in her eyes.

D. O'Connor focuses in on Takeuchi as a former MMA fighter himself, hoping to draw attention from the world-renowned Muay Thai practitioner. Oakster then catches D. O'Connor from his blind spot with an explosive Big Boot, causing the Boston native to roll out of the ring and find Alissa's encouragement in his ear.

Takeuchi quickly comes at Oakster, who spots her and swings a right that she ducks and runs under. Takeuchi picks up steam and comes off the ropes with blistering speed, catching Oakster with a Running Shotgun Dropkick that sends him stumbling back into the ropes. Takeuchi sprightly pounces on him with a wave of strikes – first working the body with left and right punches, then buckling the left leg with Thai kicks to the thigh. Oakster manages to pop her in the face with an elbow, grabs her by the back of the head, and urgently grabs her by the back of the head to throw her through the ropes and to ringside.

Oakster moves toward the center, but doesn't have time to gather himself as D. O'Connor slides in and knocks the air out of him with a Bicycle Kick to the chest. Oakster staggers and gets sucked into some dirty boxing to the ribs before violently pie-facing D. O'Connor towards a corner. He's about to take control until he looks over and Takeuchi knocks him down with a Springboard Forearm. Takeuchi lays some kicks to the head and ribs, forcing Oakster to roll out of the ring.

Takeuchi heads across the ring toward D. O'Connor's corner, but they spring out and jump on her with a Thesz Press. He hammers her with clubbing right hands, then swoops a left from the other side when she covers her head.]

SANCTION: “Hanako's worked on her ground game recently, but she looks in trouble here!”

TEMPEST: “It doesn't help that O'Connor has about 80 pounds on her! They have weight classes in MMA for a reason! It'll be harder to get out from under O'Connor than fellow lightweight fighters! Everyone Hanako's fought in openweight competition have been fellow strikers, so this is something new!”

[D. Connor gets his left arm behind Takeuchi's neck from the mount. She struggles as he props the head, trying to bring his arms together and bring his leg up to get the knee behind her neck.]

SANCTION: “Takeuchi's knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is mostly in its defensive aspects. We're seeing that here as she defends against what appears to be a Mounted Triangle Choke attempt by O'Connor.”

TEMPEST: “Imagine the shockwaves this would send throughout MMA if he submitted the Union Grand Prix Lightweight Champion this early.”

[Takeuchi tenaciously fights from under D. O'Connor and grabs the bottom rope, forcing the ref to start the break count as D. Connor pushes off Takeuchi back onto his feet and puts the boots to her ribs. He only manages to kick her onto the apron as Oakster emerges from behind with a sudden forearm to the back. Oakster forearms him a few more times against the ropes before scooping him up, carrying up toward the center, and throwing him down with a Body Slam. Oakster then runs off the ropes with a Body Splash and hooks a leg...]



D. O'Connor kicks out!

[One one knee, Oakster pulls D. O'Connor's head off the canvas and rains stiff right hands. The referee gets in Oakster's ear but the opportunity to beat on the hated XWA Hardcore Champion like this is too good to pass up until Takeuchi's catches him with a Bicycle Knee to the back of the head. Oakster stays on his knee and takes two Thai kicks to the back, but ducks his head when she goes for a knockout blow. Takeuchi spins on the follow-through and Oakster lifts her up for a Belly-to-Back Suplex attempt. However, D. Connor's brings him down with a Chop Block to the right knee and Takeuchi is allowed to drop safely onto her feet. Takeuchi and O'Connor then swarm the kneeling Oakster with punches.]

SANCTION: “Hanako and O'Connor are working together against the big man!”

TEMPEST: “It had to happen eventually, right?”

[Oakster doubles D. O'Connor over with an elbow to the stomach and snatches Takeuchi by the back of the head. The Englishman gets to his feet, grabs D O'Connor by the back of his head, and smashes his opponent's faces together. He lets Takeuchi drop while holding onto O'Connor, only to hurl him over the top rope and to the outside.

He then turns to Takeuchi – who pulls herself up with the ropes, wiping blood from her nose courtesy of D. O'Connor's guided forehead – and brings two Hammer Blows across her upper back before leading her away from the ropes. He brings down a punch to the face, softening her up just a bit more before lifting The Black Rose over his head. Oakster walks her to the ropes with a Military Press and dumps her to ringside onto D. O'Connor. The garners cheers from impressed fans.]

SANCTION: “They tried teaming up on him, but look who's standing tall!”

TEMPEST: “We've seen how Oakster can instantly turn a match around with his power. He's done it again right here. He even bloodied the DTW World Champion's nose.”

[Oakster has already climbed down to ringside. He kicks the left side of Takeuchi's head when she's on all fours, then turns to heavily stomp on D. O'Connor's chest repeatedly before pulling him back to his feet. Oakster then whips him hard into the steel steps, drawing more cheers from the fans. O'Connor writhes on the floor, favoring his right shoulder as Oakster turns his attention back to Takeuchi, who's now on one knee. Oakster raises a fist but Takeuchi gets back on her feet and fires off a punching combo to the midsection, then chops down the tree with three Thai kicks to the left leg to get Oakster kneeling before dropping him with a Spinning Back Heel Kick.]

SANCTION: “Hanako pops the crowd with that stunning blow!”

TEMPEST: “Where did that come from?! Is Oakster out?!”

[Takeuchi follows up with some punts to the head.]

SANCTION: “Listen to these bloodthirsty fans as Hanako scrambles Oakster's brains even more with those kicks!”

TEMPEST: “She can't pin him at ringside though, but it could be the end of Oakster's night regardless! We've seen Hanako rack up numerous knockouts in MMA!”

[D. O'Connor is now leaning into the steel rail with his back to Takeuchi. A. O'Connor is around the corner from Takeuchi behind the ring post, shouting encouragement at her husband. Takeuchi wipes more blood from her nose with the back of her hand before charging at the XWA Hardcore Champion. However, any planned attack is promptly snuffed out when A. O'Connor sticks her right foot waaaay out, tripping Takeuchi and causing her to abruptly fall on her face. Fans vociferously boo and someone even pelts the red-headed woman with a cup as she walks away from Takeuchi with hands in the air.

As her husband takes advantage by throwing Takeuchi against the rail and rabidly laying into her with rights and lefts, A. O'Connor is taken by surprise at the referee's vocal irritation. She argues back at the referee while her husband continues punching, causing Takeuchi to spill over the rail. D. O'Connor climbs over that rail to carry out the assault among fans. The burst of cheers takes his attention away from Takeuchi and he looks back to the ring. His jaw drops and eyes widen as the referee points his wife to the locker room.]

SANCTION: “Oh wow! Alissa's been ejected!”

TEMPEST: “He's not working for her!”

SANCTION: “That's not what she's saying!”

[A. O'Connor screams about money she's apparently given him. The referee shrugs with a cheeky grin on his face.]

TEMPEST: “He's ripped her off!”

[Fans laugh and start up a chant of; “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye!” Officials come out to drag A. O'Connor away as her husband flips out, kicking the rail and pointing at the referee. He screams with veins bulging on his bald head.

Takeuchi spins D. O'Connor around and snatches him in a Thai Clinch, getting him against the rail with punishing knees to the face and chest. She lets D. O'Connor sink to the floor and stomps on him, but doesn't see Oakster rumble over. Takeuchi gets knocked onto her back by a Running Boot to the face.]

SANCTION: “Oakster's still in this match!”

TEMPEST: “A match this referee apparently doesn't care to enforce unless he's ejecting people from ringside!”

[Oakster has climbed into the crowd now. He gets O'Connor up, motions for fans to move out of the way, and bowls him through a number of seats. He then turns his focus to a crawling Takeuchi as she works to her feet, back turned to Oakster. She peaks behind quickly and turns left into a standing fan, forcing them to step back as she leans into the chair. The Black Rose quickly folds it and drives it into Oakster's stomach to double him over. She then brings him down to one knee with a chair shot to the back of the head. A sickening, downward blow to the crown noticeably dents the steel. Oakster falls to his left and Takeuchi spikes the chair on him.]

SANCTION: “Hanako's the World Champion of Death Trip Wrestling – the world's biggest deathmatch company that you can watch here on the Battleground Network! A fight in the crowd probably favors her!”

[Takeuchi picks up another steel chair and heads over to a kneeling O'Connor.]

TEMPEST: “It's the Summer of Deathmatch around the wrestling world! Do you think that's where this match goes?! Is this referee going to do anything?!”

[Takeuchi recklessly tomahawks the chair into O'Connor's face to knock him onto his back. The fans go wild at the gut-wrenching sound of steel hitting bone as O'Connor starts to bleed from his forehead.]

SANCTION: “Does that answer your question?!”

[Takeuchi runs up to stomp O'Connor in the chest, immediately following with stomps to widen the cut on his forehead.]

TEMPEST: “You can't just throw chairs in the crowd like that! This isn't Japan! Americans love lawsuits!”

SANCTION: “Two of the participants in this match are now bloody! This has gotten ugly!”

[Takeuchi stands over O'Connor and wipes the bottom of her right boot on his face.]

TEMPEST: “You weren't getting ballet with these three!”

[Takeuchi looks up to her right and gets knocked off her feet by a Running Shoulder Tackle and sends her flying into the rail.]

SANCTION: “That immediately took wind out of Hanako's sails and got Oakster back into this match!”

TEMPEST: “Was he trying to get noticed by the Bears with that tackle?!”

[Oakster has O'Connor now, leading him further into the crowd in a floor area aisle by the back of his neck. Security holds fans back as Oakster stops, content with the spot for whatever he plans to do. O'Connor won't cooperate, slugging him in the midsection with heavy rights until a crushing knee to the torso softens him. Oakster then lifts him and fans go wild as he throws O'Connor down with a Scoop Slam.]

SANCTION: “Oh my...!”

TEMPEST: “No padding! Whatsoever! Just the cold arena floor!”

[Oakster swings his fist in the air to rile up the fans even more. His moment is ruined with a flying steel chair crashes into his feet, causing him to stumble forward before doubling over to favor the back of his head.]

SANCTION: “Hanako is back in the mix!”

[Meanwhile, the chair bounced off Oakster's head and hit a fan standing nearby. They seem excited to be a part of the action more than anything, but they're still holding their right shoulder.]

TEMPEST: “Can someone tell that crazy woman this isn't DTW?! You can't just kill the fans here!”

[Takeuchi grabs another steel chair, cracking it against Oakster's head when he turns around. Oakster falls onto his back, allowing Takeuchi to stand over him and repeatedly drive the chair into his chest.]

SANCTION: “I saw blood forming at the back of Oakster's head from when Hanako threw that chair! It looks like he has another cut forming from that last head shot – on the forehead.”

TEMPEST: “Everyone in the match is bloody now! And fighting in the crowd! Our fans will need to get tested after the show, won't they?!”

[O'Connor sends Takeuchi flying into fans and a row of chairs with a Bicycle Kick to the back. He stomps Oakster's chest before pursuing Takeuchi, grabbing her by the back of the head and slamming her face repeatedly into a standing steel chair. He then pushes her onto her back, mounts, and is relentless – punching with both hands, forcing Takeuchi to cover her head until he grab her by the hair. He slams the back of Takeuchi's head into the floor again and again.]

SANCTION: “O'Connor jumped her and now this is a mugging!”

TEMPEST: “The ref's not threatening to disqualify him either! What's stopping O'Connor from doing this until her brains ooze out?!”

[O'Connor aggressively gets her back up by the hair and pulls her into an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex, hurling her through the air. Fans scatter as Takeuchi lands awkwardly on a few chairs.

O'Connor takes time getting up, wiping blood from his forehead as he gets distracted by a fan trash talking him. He vehemently shouts back – a glob of spit flying from his mouth. Security struggles to hold them all back and it looks like something ugly can break out until Oakster turns O'Connor around and knocks him down with a Throat Thrust, eliciting cheers from the crowd.]

SANCTION: “It's getting heated out here!”

TEMPEST: “It's like the Underground Lounge on a Saturday night! Did you see that guy O'Connor was yelling at?! Somebody needs to come pick up their drunk uncle!”

[Oakster leads O'Connor through the crowd by his neck, taking him toward an exit before throwing him into a rail in front of the first row of arena seating. Oakster keeps him stood up so he can work him over with punches to the head and torso. He then unleashes some particularly heavy rights that sink O'Connor to the floor before leaving him. Oakster finds a table to clear off in the exitway, then drags it away from that wall closer to the middle under the walkway above.

Takeuchi emerges from the crowd and comes at Oakster, who goes around the table and cocks a fist back, but doesn't expect the rib-bruising Hanuman Thayarn (Muay Thai Jumping Knee). Oakster falls into the table and Takeuchi opens up with furious right hands, opening that cut more as she gets Oakster to lay on top of the table.

Takeuchi leaves the exitway to go up the stairs, getting fans excited for a potential high spot. However, O'Connor is back on his feet and chooses to follow Takeuchi, giving her no other option put to stop at the top of the stairs before meeting him halfway down in a punching exchange. Takeuchi surprises him with a knee to the lower jaw, causing him to step back down and at first allowing her to go back up the stairs, but O'Connor scrambles up them and tackles her into the walkway where he once again brutalizes her with ground and pound.

Oakster has gotten off the table and is now walking up the stairs. O'Connor gets off Takeuchi and is about to bring her up when Oakster knocks him into a rail with a Running Forearm to the side of the head. He stomps him in the ribs twice before turning to a crawling Takeuchi.

Oakster runs up and stomps down on The Black Rose's lower back. He gets another stomp on that area for good measure before pulling her up by the head while leading her to the part of the walkway above that exit where the table is stationed. Takeuchi falls to one knee with her back facing the edge as Oakster raises a fist in the air, getting some cheers.]

TEMPEST: “He's not really gonna, is he?”

SANCTION: “Oh my! Whatever this is, it doesn't look good!”

[Oakster puts her head between his legs and wraps his arms around her waist.]

TEMPEST: “He's gonna kill Hanako with this Powerbomb!”

[Oakster lifts her onto his shoulders to a mixture of cheers and horrified shrieks. Then Takeuchi punches him in the head and wiggles out; wrapping her legs around his waist, reaching her arms around his neck, and grabbing the choking side hand with the free hand to lift up.]

SANCTION: “Hanako may have saved her own life and somehow has Oakster in a Standing Guillotine Choke!”

TEMPEST: “But she still has her back facing the edge!”

SANCTION: “But Oakster's already starting to fade!”

TEMPEST: “But what if he falls forward off the edge?!”

SANCTION: “We'll just have to see!”

[Oakster drops to one knee as O'Connor comes over, assisting with kicks to the Englishman's ribs.]

TEMPEST: “Hanako and O'Connor are working together again!”

[Takeuchi releases the hold and moves behind the kneeling Oakster, joining O'Connor as they plant their chair of vicious Thai kicks into his back and head. O'Connor then taps Takeuchi on the shoulder and says something to her. They work together in getting Oakster onto his feet, turning him around while pushing his back to the edge. With Oakster doubled over, Takeuchi to his left and O'Connor to his right, he eats a pair of Roundhouse Kicks to the face the sends him crashing through the table below. The XWA BattleZone erupts.]

SANCTION: “He's gotta be dead! Oakster's gotta be dead! From the walkway, through the table, and to the unforgiving floor below! He's gotta be dead as this building as come unglued!”

[“Holy shit!” chants break out as Takeuchi and O'Connor slug it out in the walkway while medical personnel are already attending to Oakster.]

TEMPEST: “Well... That's one way of narrowing it down to the MMA strikers duel most wanted to see!”

SANCTION: “Forget MMA! This is a street fight!”

[Takeuchi takes over the brawl with a Thai Clinch, backing O'Connor to the stairs with knees. O'Connor seems to get weaker after each one until he suddenly breaks from the clinch, grabs Takeuchi, and sends her down the stairs with a Lateral Drop Throw.]


SANCTION: “This match is starting to take it's toll. It's already taken quite a bit on Oakster as they're getting him on a stretcher. Hanako's down. O'Connor's down. Everyone's bloody. Everyone's hyped here in Chicago! This is the XWA BattleZone! This is what the Lord of the Ring Tournament is all about!”

TEMPEST: “And it looks like this is how Oakster's leaving the tournament after showing a lot of guts and determination to get to this point.”

[Medical personnel are still working on Oakster, trying to be both urgent in getting him out of there but cautious not to hurt him more.

Back at that stairway, O'Connor leads Takeuchi down to the floor level by her hair. He pushes through fans, taking her back towards the ring, but not before whipping her into the steel rail. He stops to briefly argue with a fan, threatening to backhand them but pulls back and drives a kick into the chest of a laying Takeuchi instead.

O'Connor gets Takeuchi up by her hair, slams her face into the rail, the flips her over to ringside. He argues with more fans while climbing over the rail, but doesn't waste much time as he pushes Takeuchi back into the ring and hooks a leg...]



Takeuchi kicks out!

[O'Connor – who's already mad at the referee – argues over the ref's counting speed.]

SANCTION: “I don't know what O'Connor saw wrong. Nonetheless, that's only the second pin attempt we've seen in this match!”

TEMPEST: “Look at O'Connor's eyes though. I think we're about to see why he's called The Maniac.”

[Over in that exitway, we cut to see Oakster finally being taken away on a stretcher.

Back in the ring, we see O'Connor shove Takeuchi into a corner and throw some hooks at her stomach. “HA-NA-KO” chants grow as he rocks her with an uppercut that sprays blood from that nose. O'Connor then leads her toward the center of the ring and pulls her into a Thai Clinch where he connects with savage knees to the face.]

SANCTION: “O'Connor's an animal!”

[O'Connor backs her into the ropes, refusing to let up on the knees.]

TEMPEST: “But is it enough?! Hanako's not just one of the best deathmatch wrestlers and MMA fighters! She's pathologically driven and obsessed with success! You know a proud, big name star like her doesn't want to leave this tournament with an oh-and-two record!”

[Takeuchi has finally sunk to the canvas. O'Connor drags her from the ropes and hooks a leg...]



Takeuchi kicks out!

[O'Connor rolls away towards a corner as “HA-NA-KO” chants get louder. Takeuchi slowly gets back up and it looks like the world could be spinning around her as O'Connor measures up, then runs when she's back on her feet. He tries for the High Impact High Knee but Takeuchi ducks, then swings her leg into a Back Heel Kick to the chin when his feet are on the ground. It stuns O'Connor and Takeuchi takes him off his feet with a blazing Spinning Back Fist that sends fans into a frenzy. Takeuchi covers...]



O'Connor gets a shoulder up!

[Takeuchi pushes off him to get back up, then jumps on his ribs with a Double Foot Stomp. She hops off onto the other side and follows with a Standing Moonsault. She then props O'Connor into a sitting position, hits the ropes, and tries to put her foot through his chest with a Penalty Kick before covering...]



O'Connor gets a shoulder up!

[Takeuchi doesn't hesitate to get back on her feet and stomp O'Connor's face like she wants to turn it into mashed potatoes. Fans get whipped up as she gets more zealous with each stomp. The fans start cheering even more, but because of what's happening outside the ring...]


TEMPEST: “What the...?!”

[Oakster pushes his way through fans, coming from the same exitway he was taken out. Medical personnel and officials are breathing down his neck all the way, but he keeps tearing himself free from their grasps – albeit in a very haggard manner. Takeuchi has stopped attacking O'Connor and sees Oakster climb over the ring.]

SANCTION: “He's alive!”

TEMPEST: “And so is the BattleZone! Listen to these fans!”

[Oakster slides back into the ring, but Takeuchi immediately greets him with stomps to the ribs. The way Oakster favors them and screams in agony makes it clear that his pain is immeasurable. Takeuchi tries getting him up, using whatever she has left in her 136 pound frame to lift the 335 pounder off the canvas. Oakster uses both hands to shove her away and slowly pulls himself up with the ropes, doubled over and holding his ribs. Takeuchi runs back at him, but Oakster sends her flipping to ringside with a Back Body Drop.

Oakster doesn't have a second to recover though as O'Connor rushes him. In an act of survival; Oakster lunges forward, gets his arms around O'Connor's waist, takes him off his feet, and slams him with a Spinebuster.]

SANCTION: “You can tell that took so much out of Oakster! Every single movement shoots pain throughout his 52-year-old body!”

TEMPEST: “But he might not be too far from pulling it off once again!”

SANCTION: “Can lightning strike twice?!”

[Oakster fights back to his feet and looks around at the cheering fans with a passionate, emotional fire in his eyes. Oakster raises a fist in the air before bending down to get O'Connor off the ground, hurting every step of the way. An “OAK” chant breaks out as holds his back before managing to vertically lift O'Connor.]

SANCTION: “He's got him up!”

TEMPEST: “Here we go!”

[Oakster drops down to hit the Oaksterminator (Orange Crush), but jacks his back up even more on the landing and immediately favors it. Fans are cheering, but Oakster isn't able to capitalize. O'Connor rolls out of the ring.

Takeuchi slides back into the ring, stalking Oakster from a corner. Oakster fights the excruciating back to get back onto one knee, holding his ribs. This leaves his head wide open as Takeuchi moves in from behind and connects with Yamanote-sen (Reverse Roundhouse Kick). “HA-NA-KO” chants takeover as she drags Oakster to a nearby corner by his right arm.]

SANCTION: “Hanako Takeuchi could be one giant leap away from XWA redemption!”

TEMPEST: “It doesn't look like anybody will stop her!”

[Takeuchi makes it to the top rope, stands up straight, and spreads her arms out wide to take in the adoration of her favorite American city before crunching Oakster's ribs with Over The Moon (Top Rope Moonsault Double Foot Stomp), achieving graceful hang time before landing the move. Takeuchi falls back on her ass, then claws over to make the cover as fans chant with the count...]





[Takeuchi rolls into a seated position with her fists in the air, triumphant as “HA-NA-KO” chants ring throughout. O'Connor can only watch with bitterness from the ring apron.]

RAMERIZ: “Your winner by pinfall, Hanakooooo Takeuuuuuchiiiii!”

[Takeuchi gets to her feet and enjoys more applause as the referee raises her arm.]

SANCTION: “What can you say? Give a bonafide global superstar like Hanako Takeuchi a second shot and they don't miss often, do they?”

TEMPEST: “Because they don't miss their first shots often either. But like with any success story, there's always a bit of fortune. Oakster somehow dragged himself back out of here after that insane fall. He should have been in an ambulance. And who knows what happens if he capitalizes on the Oaksterminator? Who knows if O'Connor takes control while Hanako is at ringside? But that's not to take anything away from Hanako Takeuchi, of course. She made this match a street fight and that always has to favor a DTW World Champion.”

SANCTION: “Congratulations to The Black Rose on her redemption and for advancing to the Semi-Final! What a wild one that was! Wow! We'll be right back...”

[Our last shot is of Takeuchi holding her DTW World Championship and Union Grand Prix Lightweight Championship in the air before fading to commercials.]
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Re: Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal: Oakster vs. O'Connor vs. Takeuchi - SECOND CHANCE TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby RevolutionJones » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:00 am

This match is now OPEN FOR VOTING!

World, you now have until THURSDAY, JULY 18th to cast your votes. As always, anyone can vote (unless it’s your own match), and only votes that use the official Voting Template, which you can find HERE, will be counted.

To the writers, thank you both for your hard work, good luck, and may the best match win!
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Re: [VOTE] Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal: Oakster vs. O'Connor vs. Takeuchi - SECOND CHANCE TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby PhoenixRoost » Mon Jul 22, 2019 1:03 am


What I liked: I like how you portrayed Oakster in various parts of the match as needing the efforts of both Hanako and Dave to take down. I also enjoyed the fact that you brought in Kirk, with his little bit in his staff bio about taking bribes, and used that.

What I disliked: Mark seems to be a little too naive about the O'Connor's machinations. Just because he's a face doesn't mean he's an idiot. Having said that, he is perfectly able to accept this as fact later, so I don't know what the opening exchange between Mark and Tempest is supposed to accomplish.

A pattern I'm noticing with you is that Alissa reacts to Dave in extreme spots like he's fucking dead, Jim, and if there were some description or hint that she's playing it up for the crowd, Paul Heyman style, it would work a lot better as it would be yet another thing that they are doing to manipulate the people around them, but as written, Alissa seems to think Dave is genuinely fucked after big spots and gets real angry. I don't know how she'd handle a properly hardcore match if this is how she gets with incidental big spots like this. Additionally, if a wife saw a spot where the words "cannot beleive her husband to be still alive after that" applied that close, I have a hard time imagining her continuing to allow her husband to get into those sorts of situations, let alone openly encourage him.

While we're on the topic, I know we're a wrestling show, but in the heat of the moment, why would Alissa give Dave her big pep talk into a microphone instead of directly to him?

I'm also not sure I'm a fan of the hyperbolic language involved with how the post-snap fighting went. He just marches through three roundhouse kicks and four "deep" gut punches, but unless Hanako kicks at superhuman speed, the roundhouses alone would be plenty of time for him to start his assault. And I don't know how to feel about a strike being described as "sounding like something that could take down an [armored] truck." I accept that you're going for an ultraviolent Terminator kind of thing, but there were so many questions that last section gave me that it was not as effective as it should have been.

Especially since, throughout the match up to that point, no one seemed particularly phased by moves. Hanako in particular seemed to just roll through whatever Dave could throw at her, which is great for putting her over but not great for showing how a fighter's stamina is degrading as a fight goes on and offense stacks up, and is particularly bad when, after the killswitch has been thrown, all that resilience amounts to in the face of THE MANIAC is so much melted cheese.

Personal Favourite Part: Most of the mutual MMA/Muay Thai thing did not work for me, as you'll see in a moment, but breaking the trust of the mutual bow was a good moment, I thought that was a good character moment.

Personal Least Favourite Part: The Muay Thai exchange, which is what I assume happened after the bow of (dis)respect, was frantic but confusing. A quick striking exchange should be written quickly in short sentences, but you should give enough time for the reader to understand what is happening. This bit in particular galls me:
The elbow still manages to hit him allowing her to clinch his head delivering a knee to his face and, before a second one hits, he pushes her away giving him enough space to twist his body, extend his back leg and strike her gut. She still manages to pull him towards her driving her forearm into his face but he retaliates by wrapping his arms around her waist and throws her over his head letting her land hard on her back
For one thing, I don't know why she's aiming an elbow to the top of the head of someone taller than her, I don't know how that allows her to clinch someone much heavier than her, I don't know how he can push her away enough to do a spinning back kick but not far enough to break her hold, as she "still manages to pull him" after it. Also, it's not in the quote box, but a boot cannot resonate IN a face.

Constructive Criticism for Next Time: I appreciate wanting to save something like this sort of Terminator imperviousness mode for a big character turning point, but also, in a game where we are telling a story collaboratively, it doesn't really strike me as a good idea. You can put as many words behind this overdrive mode where he can't be stopped, but if someone writes a match now where he goes into this trance but is then stopped anyway, all the build up is for nothing.

tl;dr People get paid to job to "The Demon" Finn Balor. We don't get paid to job to TRULY MAD NOW FOR REALS Dave O'Connor. Introducing a character trait like that is just asking for someone to destroy it, or else simply ignore it. Either way seems damaging to me.

Final Comments: Make the Madman a madman, but don't try to make him unstoppable. Intimidating? Yes. Imposing? Yes. Hard to handle? Yes. But he already was those things, partially due to his own merits, partially due to his wife's ever present assistance. You have to focus on Dave completely to deal with him, but you never can because Alissa is ALWAYS THERE. Go more with that and less with trying to make Dave a horror movie villain. It did not make your match's conclusion a satisfying one. Instead, it made everything that happened up to that point feel useless.

Grammar quibbles (Did not deduct invisible points from match, but since you requested hard advice on not your first language):

Watch "form" and "from," spellchecker won't fix those

Prepositions are hard, but make sure you're using the correct ones. If a boot is resonating "IN" someone's face, the match should be called because that's a Mortal Kombat fatality, or possibly a comedy move where the foot is hovering just in front of a face. Neither is what you were trying to convey.



What I liked: I liked how the Hardcore champ, a deathmatch wrestler, and The Undertaker (which is more or less how I imagined Oakster moving and fighting) went on a little round trip of the Battlezone. I liked how everybody had moments to shine. O'Connor got some madness, oakster had the requisite monster domination, and Hanako got to show her chops at hardcore, and at being tough. I also liked the nod to the O'Connors' unveiled corruption, with the added twist of an official that doesn't like them fucking them over on the back end.

What I disliked: I have some quibbles. Later I'll talk about triple threat match rules, but here, I do have a question.
[Oakster swings his fist in the air to rile up the fans even more. His moment is ruined with a flying steel chair crashes into his feet, causing him to stumble forward before doubling over to favor the back of his head.]

SANCTION: “Hanako is back in the mix!”

[Meanwhile, the chair bounced off Oakster's head and hit a fan standing nearby. They seem excited to be a part of the action more than anything, but they're still holding their right shoulder.]
Wait, so did the flying chair hit his feet, or his head? If it's both, you have to narrate these things in order. This isn't a movie we can cut and rearrange artistically, it is a professional wrestling match, and these things have linearity. Causality is important. If it hit his head, then landed on his feet, just say that. Pacing is important, but don't sacrifice clarity for the sake of it.

Personal Favourite Part: The whole match is pretty solid, quibbles about rules and descriptions aside, but I think my favorite part is where Oakster came back. I was sure that double roundhouse table fall was "The Oakster is out, now it's MMA fighter time, we're in the go home sequence," but Oakster fighting back and making sure he got his last licks in was unexpected, but not untelegraphed, and that was great.

Personal Least Favourite Part: As much as Alissa deserves to get ejected from ringside, it seems odd to happen to her during a triple threat match, which is no disqualification. I guess it's technically possible for a referee's decision to override this, but it's an odd choice. Also the ref tried to break Dave's attempted triangle, but he could count to a hundred and all he could do is not accept a submission from Takeuchi while she's in the ropes. It's not a huge deal--it's a rules quibble, but it's hardly as consistent in WWE, so I can't go off on you for it--but it's something to keep in mind when writing a match with no DQs. Which is why Tempest's outrage:
TEMPEST: “A match this referee apparently doesn't care to enforce unless he's ejecting people from ringside!”
Seems so out of place.

Constructive Criticism for Next Time: You're good at pacing, but make sure things happen in the correct order. Also, this stopped being an issue after Alissa was ejected and specifying was no longer necessary, but I don't know if I like doing it the way you did. I always write last names if I can, but I feel like with the O'Connors, unless there's another Dave or Alissa involved, just writing "Dave" and "Alissa" instead of "D. O'Connor" and "A O'Connor" might be less distracting.

Oh, and if you're writing a match with no disqualifications, make sure that's consistent through the whole thing.

Final Comments: Nothing further, your honor. It was a good read.



Overall Match Comments: Dave has a lot of heat going for him right now, and as negative as my review of his match seems, I don't think he lost any from this match. He fought like hell, even when Alissa got ejected, and he has plenty to rant about. (Re: ejecting Alissa for a minor infraction in a match with no disqualifications.) Dave O'Connor might not become Lord of the Ring, but he's still Hardcore champ, and he's not going away any time soon.
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Re: [VOTE] Lord of the Ring Quarterfinal: Oakster vs. O'Connor vs. Takeuchi - SECOND CHANCE TRIPLE THREAT!

Postby RevolutionJones » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:19 am

And with that, your winner, moving on to the Lord of the Ring semifinals...HANAKO TAKEUCHI!

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