XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - Television Title Match!

Albion Gale defends her Television Championship just days before her shot at Supremacy!
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XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - Television Title Match!

Postby Michael Swift » Wed May 15, 2019 11:49 am

Fresh off the speed way, it's...

LIVE! From the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, Illinois (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

The Main Event: XWA World Television Title Match!


Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor

Last week Dave made a name for himself, picking up his first victory in the XWA Now he has been granted a chance to take that further, an opportunity to step into the ring with the TV champion. Will the former MMA fighter make history? Or will the streak of Gale continue into June? Find out live on Massacre!


Deadline for matches is May 20th, 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on May 25th, 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - Television Title Match!

Postby Dave_Maniac » Tue May 21, 2019 12:44 am

The night continues with an explosion of noises as the next match gets ready to start.

Mark: Welcome back to another edition of XWA Battlezone, next we have our main event between Albion Gale and Dave O’Connor.

Tempest: Dave got a big win last time but tonight he must be ready to prove he is at the top of the card, even if he won by cheating.

Mark: Also, you must remember Albion has won against legends like Alex Kincaid and Razor Xtreme.

Tempest: Against those Dave will be an easy win.

Mark: Remember that Alissa is there to cause trouble.

After that, we shift to see Hana Ramirez at the ring ready to start the match.

Hana: The next match will be scheduled for one fall and it is for the XWA Television Championship

The lights go out obscuring the arena when Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" intro starts to blast through the PA system and when the drums start to play Dave and Alissa O'Connor walk out to the top of the ramp. Dave looks down to the ring with anger and focus while she stares at the crowd with a smirk of disdain and her arm at her waist.

Hana: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Alissa O'Connor, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 218 pounds, he is "The Maniac" Dave O'Connor!

As the music picks up speed, the red haired goddess walks down the ramp in front of her husband who is wearing a black hooded leather jacket on top of his fighting gear. When they reach the bottom of the ring he opens up the middle ropes for his wife to get in, shortly after her he steps into the ring and takes off his jacket putting it on the floor as he starts to warm himself up for the match. Meanwhile, Alissa grabs a microphone stares at the crowd with disdain and says in an angry voice.

Alissa O'Connor: Destroy my pet.

After that, she smirks and walks out of the ring as he puts his mouthguard in and punches both fists together as he jumps is his place warming up.

Mark: this is one match that will surely be one for the ages, Dave has come full speed ahead trying to give it all to destroy Albion Gale.

Tempest: Alissa made some serious threats earlier tonight.

Mark: Alissa is sure her husband will be the better wrestler tonight.

Tempest: he is not a wrestler, he is an animal, anything but a wrestler… he has no respect for this.

“Invidia” starts playing over the speakers, and during the slow open, the sounds of distant thunder and wind are piped in as well. There is a louder thunderclap at the drop, and water starts to pelt the stage in a simulated downpour. Albion walks out onto the stage, a black trenchcoat on over her ring gear, and she stands proudly with her arms out in the deluge. After a few seconds, the “rain” stops and she strides down to the ring.

Hana: Introducing, from Evansville, Indiana, weighing in at 164 pounds, the Duality of Woman and XWA Television Champion...Albion Gale!

Compared to when her entrance theme started and all the storm sounds, the arena feels positively calm for Albion now. As the song’s tempo increases, Albion’s pace quickens until she is in the ring. At this point she dramatically tears open her trenchcoat, revealing her ring attire underneath. She holds her arms out as though soaking in some sun (or mirroring how she stood in the “storm”) before removing her coat and draping it over the top rope where a stagehand retrieves it and tucks it away next to the timekeeper. She then does some last minute stretches to prepare for the upcoming match.

Tempest: Albion seems pretty relax for the fight she has in store right now.

Mark: Dave is a beast, he is ready to destroy and he is in willing to do anything for the win.

The music starts to die down as Dave takes an MMA stance to the fight and Albion waits in her place waiting for the bell to ring. Tommy Tickles makes sure they're both ready, he steps back, bringing his hands together and signals for the bell.
Just as the bell rings, Gale charges towards Dave but fails to notice him lifting his left leg to add momentum to his right leg so his feet strikes her head, this forces her to flip on the air and land flat on her back.

Mark: Albion quickly trying to go on the offense but gets run over by Dave.

Tempest: Gale should have known he is a quick striker and will go for a quick and strong initial attack.

Mark: She’s going to have to pick up her game if she hopes to win this match.

Dave is kneeling like a predator waiting for his prey to standup while Gale quickly kips up and at that moment the maniac twists his body to kick her in the gut with his back foot, using the same momentum of the turn O’Connor extends his arm and strikes the face of Albion.

Mark: Dave is using traditional MMA style of attacks, those types of combos are things strikers in MMA use to knock out their opponents.

Tempest: But this is a wrestling ring, not an MMA cage, he is doing everything wrong.

Not waiting for a second Dave extends his front foot and hits the gut of Albion one more time, this sends her a few steps back but she is still standing.

Tempest: Look at Albion’s face, she is focused and could we see her turn to her dark side?

As Dave walks close to her, Albion knows what to do so as he closes in she jumps back and throws her legs up and hitting the back of the head of her opponent. She quickly recovers while Dave tries to clear his head, after rapidly shaking his head he sees a jumping Albion who extends but legs striking the face of the maniac sending back to the ropes.

Mark: Albion teaching Dave what a high flier can do.

Tempest: He is pushing all the wrong buttons.

O‘Connor bounces back from the ropes and goes to hit Albion one more time with a kick but she jumps off the mat wrapping her legs around his neck, she twists her body forcing Dave to flip over and land on his back. Albion, visibly getting angrier, runs to the ropes, jumps to the top one and springboards from there flipping high in the air landing on Dave’s gut.

Mark: Good transition by Albion, the head scissors takedown to springboard moonsault was perfect.

Tempest: but I am more scared that Albion is getting angry at the maniac.

Albion hooks up the leg making Tommy Tickles run for the count.


Dave uses his strength to reverse the pinfall attempt to lock her head under his arm, roll over and hook the other leg for a pin. Tommy Tickles who was right there promptly starts the count.



Albion uses her strength to push the maniac from on top of her and break the pinfall.

Mark: This match is very close, both wrestlers seem to be getting the upper hand.

Tempest: Dave is playing this whole match wrong, Albion is getting angry and is she does that… Dave is in for the fight of his life.

As both wrestlers get up they stare at each other, O’Connor cannot help but laugh at Albion who can only respond with another kick to the back of Dave’s head sending him to the mat one more time. After that Gale can be heard screaming at the top of her lungs.

Albion: Come on! Fight me!

The Maniac starts to kneel up still laughing, visibly angry Albion goes to the top turnbuckle waiting for her opponent to get up.

Tempest: Why is Dave laughing? Is he trying to provoke Albion?

Mark: He might be thinking this could throw her off her game?

Just as Dave is on his two feet once again, Albion jumps from the turnbuckle and grabs his head. She twists her body and makes her opponent turn around just as they both fall down, O’Connor falls onto the top of his head while she lands on her back safely. This has started to take its toll on Dave who rolls on the mat grabbing his head in pain, Albion one more time kips up and puts her hands on the air shouting at Dave.

Albion: Give up now!

Tempest: Albion Gale has made Dave O‘Connor “See the Light”.

Mark: She’s getting in a nice offense.

Alissa hits the ring mat shouting at her husband to get up, when Dave manages to kneel up he has stopped laughing and is pissed off.

Alissa: Stop that bitch, I told you to stop her!

Dave punches the mat as he swiftly gets up but is immediately caught by surprise by Albion who used the ropes to get more height and kick the face of her opponent with both feet, the attack forces the maniac to stagger back as the duality of woman hastily gets up. Before he can finish clearing up the cobwebs from his head, Gale locks her opponents head under her arm and in one swift action turns both of their bodies so they are back to back while falling down to the canvas.

Mark: Swinging neck breaker by Albion! She is getting the upper hand now!

Tempest: Did someone see the license place of that car? The Duality of Woman making quick work of The Maniac.

Albion swiftly rolls on top of Dave forcing Tommy Tickles runs to do the count.



Dave hardly breaks the count by throwing Albion of from him towards the turnbuckle forcing her to strike it hard and leave her kneeling, she grins angrily at her opponent who stands up and stares at back focusing on her match.

Mark: Dave breaking the pin with an authoritative toss to the turnbuckle.

Tempest: Albion is finally there, she’s mad and Dave will finally see the mean streak from Albion.

Albion screams in anger towards the ropes and bounces back at full speed extending her arm while Dave barely sees her and ducks under her arm, she runs towards the ropes once again and bounces back once again. While Albion is running back again Dave jumps towards his opponent knocking her back, sitting on her waist and pinning her, the maniac starts to strike the head of Gale with his forearm several times. The duality of woman lifts her arms trying to block the strikes but it is not effective, O’Connor lets his forearm fall with all his strength trying to bust his opponent open.

Alissa: Yes!

Mark: Dave getting in an offense on Albion.

Albion twists her body to the side and then she returns her body throwing a closed punch to the face of Dave putting her weight to it. This forces Dave to step back and hold his face trying to make the ringing stop when he finally opens his eyes Gale starts to kick his gut with roundhouse kicks.

Tempest: Dave is finally seeing what Albion can do when she’s angry.

The kicks start to takes its toll on Dave as he grins in pain, when he sees his opening he twists his body and extends his back leg striking the gut of Albion with a solid back kick. The strikes forces his opponent to stagger back and hit the turnbuckle, Gale grins in pain while holding her gut as her attacker closes in for more strikes.

Mark: Has this match turn into a slugfest?

Tempest: It seems they have both tossed wrestling out the window and this is now a fight.

Mark: this is Dave’s territory, this seemed to be his goal… get Albion angry to not do high flying moves and attack with strikes.

Tempest: Let’s hope Albion can keep up with the maniac on that front.

Alissa: you have her now baby!

Dave starts to hit the gut of Albion with solid punches, left, right, left, right and so on, each punch hurts far more than the previous one. Quickly the referee runs in to start the count.


Dave continues his onslaught with another set of left and right hooks.


The strikes get harder, the repeated left and right hooks start to force Gale to bend over.


Another set of left and right hooks sting even more.


Dave grabs the head of Albion and delivers a solid european uppercut forcing his opponent to just barely stay standing with the help of the ropes. As the referee pushes the maniac back a loud scream coming from his mouth can be heard across the battle zone.

Dave: You better give up now bitch!!

Mark: Dave pushing the buttons of Albion.

Tempest: I do not know what game he is playing but this is not going to end up good for either one of them.

Although she is out of breath, Albion puffs in anger as she stares at her opponent with pure disdain. She sees an opening through the referee and Dave’s head, she is certain a Savate kick can hit him in the head and switch the match in her favor. But just as she is about to execute the move, Alissa grabs onto Albion’s legs distracting her. Not caring about any other thing, she kicks the head of the black haired goddess and sends her to the floor.

Mark: Alissa getting into trouble one more time.

Tempest: We saw what she will do to help her husband last time, she is doing the same thing now.

Dave sees the attack and, in a fit of what could only be called pure rage, tosses the referee away and goes to attack Albion. She barely catches a glimpse of her opponent’s heel coming straight to her face when it hits her directly, the attack forces her back to the corner where O’Connor grabs her head in a Muay Thai clinch and jumps of the ground striking the face of Albion with his raised knee lifting of the ground.

Mark: Devastating attack from Dave, that knee lift just goes to show you how strong this man is.

Tempest: Albion needs to do something fast.

Barely standing up, Albion catches her breath while Dave steps away opening his arms wide mocking his opponent. The crowd boos at him but he does not care, Alissa is all that he needs.

Alissa: That’s it baby, hit her harder, make her bleed, YES, MAKE… HER… BLEED.

Dave kneels down like a predator as he just stares at his pray and at the same time he signals her to come over while screaming.

Dave: COME ON!

Tempest: I do not want to tell you how much that taunt will anger Albion.

Albion looks at the lights trying to catch some air but the anger continues to bubble up inside her, she is focused on Dave and so she charges at him like a freight train. Putting all her strength on her foot she lifts her front leg and hits the face of Dave before he can do anything, the hit sends the maniac to the mat who is now visibly out but the purple pants wearing wrestler does not go for the pin, she wants to injure her opponent for a bit longer.

Mark: Albion is gaining back her momentum, is this it?

Teasing her opponent, Albion kneels down like a predator as she just stares at her pray, when he is getting up she signals him to come over while screaming.

Albion: COME ON!

Tempest: Ooh no, she’s copying Dave’s taunt… he will not like this.

Just as Dave gets up, Albion twists and turns her body while lifting up her leg hitting the face of O’Connor with the sole of her foot, this makes him rebound of the ropes while Gale jumps back a bit giving him space to get up. In a fit of what can be called pure anger, Dave charges at his opponent but just as he is about to strike Albion she bends over and with her bare back she makes him flip over and hit the mat one more time.

Mark: Swinging Neckbreaker from Albion.

Still holding the head of Dave, Albion flips both of them face down and drags the almost limp body of Dave up. Fueled by desperation and anger, Gale lifts her opponent vertically and after a few seconds of holding that position lets him fall down flat on his back.

Tempest: A Darken the Skies from Albion, she is getting all her moves in!

Mark: Dave will surely be down now, I doubt that he will recover in time.

As part of the move, Albion pushes Dave’s shoulders flat on the mat but at that moment Tommy Tickles get distracted by Alissa who tries to get in the ring to save her husband. The referee pushes her outside of the ring as Albion maintains the count for longer than a three count would take, this makes Gale visibly angry as she screams at the referee to come back and after what seems to be 10 seconds too late he starts to count.


Mark: Shoulder up by Dave!

Tempest: Alissa getting herself into trouble. She will get thrown out,

Using the kick outs momentum, Dave closes his fist and punches the face of his adversary. The punch makes Albion stop putting pressure on Dave’s shoulders, this gives him a chance to wrap his legs around Gale’s waist and lock her head in a tight guillotine choke.

Mark: Dave reversing that pinfall attempt!

Dave shouts in anger as he tightens the hold, meanwhile the referee asks Albion is she will submit to which she screams loudly.

Albion: No!

She kicks and twists her body but the hold is too tight, Dave knows he can hold this for a long time so he waits for Albion to fade out. Screaming in desperation, Albion tries reaching for something but cannot find it with her arms, then she remembers that her feet could reach the ropes and so she pushes her body up the mat crawling to the ropes.

Tempest: Albion is doing everything she can to break the hold.

Albion grins trying to move a bit more, but Dave tries to put more weight on the hold.

Mark: I don’t think she will make it.

Albion extends her legs and she is almost there, the referee stays close to make sure there is no foul play.

Tempest: Yes! She is close… do it!!!

Albion lifts one more time her leg and with her arms pushes her body a little bit more and just then she allows her leg to go down breaking the hold. Quickly Tommy Tickles runs to inform Dave of what just happened, but he holds on a bit longer to tire his opponent.

After letting go, both wrestlers lay on the mat a little bit before they get up with pure hatred in the eyes. They are furious at the other because they won’t give up, but while they are both visibly winded Dave gets up first and immediately extends his front leg striking the face of Albion sending her to the ropes.

Tempest: Ooh god no! Dave is turning things around.

Mark: both wrestlers are tired but they won’t let the other win… Albion should think this through, she has a hard match at XWA 500 and she should start considering losing this one.

Tempest: Losing is not a word that is in her vocabulary.

Mark: Unless she is ready to go into the match sore and injured, she should lose this match.

Using the ropes for assistance, Albion slowly gets up and she is visibly both angry and tired. Seeing this Dave runs towards his opponent and using his knee strikes her gut, there O’Connor grabs her arm and using his torso tosses her over his shoulder striking the mat hard.

Albion sits up in pain and as she growls in pain, Dave puts his arm around the chin of his opponent stopping air from coming in. In desperation Albion starts to force her way up, once both are up she throws Dave of from her by sending him towards the ropes. But once O’Connor bounces back from the ropes he jumps lifting his knee putting all his weight in that point, the knee strikes the head of Albion Gale who was barely standing, this forces her to drop to the mat knocked out and instinctively rolls out.

Mark: Flying knee! This should it.

Tempest: Albion just rolled out so this attack just

Alissa screams in desperation after seeing Albion roll out of the ring.

Alissa: No!

Albion takes a moment to react, the strong strike took her out but after a few moments, she starts to regain her composure and opens her eyes grabbing her head. Meanwhile, the Referee immediately holds Dave back trying to give the other wrestler enough space to roll in but he will not have it. After some time, Alissa starts to stalks her pray making sure the referee does not see her and when Albion starts to stand up with the help of the ring apron the black haired goddess jump towards her grabbing her head in her elbow while falling to the floor.

Mark: Jumping cutter form Alissa!

Tempest: Second time in a row!!! Can’t Dave win without his wife’s help?

Mark: That is outrageous.

Dave smiles as he sees his wife deliver the devastating move but she is not done, as Albion kneels to stand up she spots Alissa again coming towards her and try to stomp on her head. With just a swift move Albion Gale avoids the stomp and grabs the foot of Alissa tripping her, quickly the duality of woman locks the foot between her legs and grabs her opponents head between her arms.

Tempest: Albion is coming back!!!

Mark: She managed to get some air in and lock in an STF on Alissa to stop her.

Dave visibly distraught runs outside pushing the referee away and in a hurry and rolls out of the ring in what seems to be the speed of light. He runs towards Albion about to hit her in the head once again but when she sees the maniac run towards her she let’s go and rolls into the ring were Dave quickly follows.

Tempest: I have not seen Dave get so mad at someone.

Mark: Well Albion just attacked his wife, which would anger anyone.

As Dave starts to stand up as Albion attacks his knee making him return to a kneeling position, then she puts him in a reverse headlock and quickly drops backward driving his head to the mat. Both lie there for a while trying to regain their composure but Albion drags her tired body on top of Dave and starts to hit his head with closed fists.

Mark: Albion trying to knock out the maniac with closed fists.

Tempest: Both wrestlers are destroyed but neither will give in, what will they do?

Alissa drags her starts to get up as she sees her man being struck in the face, she starts to hit the mat trying to get him to react. Albion Gale gets both hands around Dave’s neck as she screams at Alissa.

Albion: Shut up!

Before he fades out Dave closes his fist and punches Albion in the face once making her stare back with a crazed angry look, he tightens his neck, grabs her head and delivers another punch angering her more. Dave delivers a final punch and Albion screams in desperation at her opponent.

Tempest: I think Dave and Alissa just drove Albion to their level of madness, she is no longer the calm and relaxed wrestler she was at the start.

With his fist, Dave manages to bend Albion’s arms, while at the same time putting his legs around her waist. As he forces Albion towards him he drives his forehead towards her, this frees up his neck and just for good measure, he delivers a forearm strike to her head making her drop towards Dave.

Mark: Desperation moves from both wrestlers!

Tempest: ooh god! Albion is doing everything in her power to destroy Dave.

Mark: Both have taken the dirty moves handbook and started to just care about destroying the other.

Tempest: This slugfest has to stop soon.

The maniac twists his hips and before wrapping his arm around hers, he strikes the back of Albion head once making sure she is still down. In one single quick move he grabs her wrist one hand while grabbing his with the other, he then drops back twisting the arm on the back of Albion easily.


Tempest: He has her! Ooh god no! This could be it!
Dave Screams at Albion to Tap out but Albion can’t stop being in pain, she will not submits she thinks but the pain and holds in too much.

Albion looks for a way out but they are in the middle of the ring, the hold is too tight and she is too tired to even try and stand up. Tommy Tickles comes to her making her realize what problem she is at if she does not submit Dave can either break her arm, dislocate it or worse, but if she submits she loses her championship in the worse type of way.

Tommy: Will you submit?

Albion: No!

The face of absolute despair from Albion contrasts Dave angry face ho can try and tighten the hold forcing her to submit. Albion Shakes her arm trying to not get it close to the mat but she only makes things worse.

With tears in her eyes, Albion quickly drops her hand to the mat signaling her submission.
Hana: The winner by submission and NEW… TELEVISION CHAMPION! “The Maniac” Dave O’Connor!

Alissa jumps into the ring screaming at Albion while Dave still holds the submission.

Mark: Why is Dave still holding the submission? He won!

Tempest: He was not in it for the title he wanted to injure Albion.

Albion continues to tap the mat but Dave does not care, he is going to injure Albion and he is going to leave her destroyed.

Mark: Someone come here and break these two apart!

Tempest: I am waiting for a run in from Kaji to save Albion.

Referees and backstage personnel start to pour out from the back trying to force Dave to break the hold, with extreme difficulty they all manage to force them apart.

Dave: I’ll break you bitch! I’ll fucking break you!

Albion: bring it!

Dave forces his way out of everyone’s grasp as well as Albion, Dave uses all his strength to do one final lead and strike the face of Albion with a flying knee.

Mark: Two flying knees! Albion must be out of it!

Albion hit’s the mat hard as Dave and Alissa roll out of the ring, both walk backwards holding the other as Gale stares at O’Connor with anger and desperation.

Tempest: This is far from over, Dave has managed to destroy and take the championship from her.

The scene skips between Dave screaming towards Albion and her staring back at him with fire in her eyes.
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Re: XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Albion Gale vs. Dave O'Connor - Television Title Match!

Postby Michael Swift » Thu May 23, 2019 12:49 pm

Winner: Dave O'Connor!

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