XWA Brave New World: Mind Games, Gangsta'

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Matches and segments from our 2019 Supershow- XWA Brave New World!
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XWA Brave New World: Mind Games, Gangsta'

Postby Rufus » Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:40 pm

After the conclusion to the exciting opening bout between Albion Gale and Captain Fabulous, the screen transitions to Kaida's office in the backstage area where we find her leaning back against her desk, facing Junichi Sasaki as they discuss the main event of the show where Kaida will finally find herself teaming up with Joey Miles

"I'm telling you, Kaida, he's an idiot. You cannot convince me that this buffoon is the best choice for your tag team partner. We literally have an entire locker room filled with men and women who are ten times more capable than he is to join us, and I'm beyond frustrated by the fact that you seem to have forgotten about what he tried to pull against you when you two faced off in your debut match."

"How many more times am I going to have to hear this, Sasaki-san? I haven't forgotten shit, and you're out of line. As Kagome Captain, I welcome any advice you have for me, but it's beginning to seem like you're actively trying to tell me what to do. Because if you are..."

Cracking her fingers, Kaida begins to slowly close the short distance between her and Junichi as she stares a hole through him.

"...then you should stop worrying about Joey and, instead, focus on knowing your place. Otherwise, we're going to have a--"

Before Kaida is able to finish threatening her associate, the door to her office lets out a very annoying, very audible creak as it shuts. It doesn't take long for the crowd looking up at the titantron to figure out who entered the office as Junichi instantly slams his palm against his face. An amused smile forms on the face of the Gokudo thanks to Junichi's reaction, realizing that her tag team partner for the main event has finally arrived.

"Ah, Miles. Just the man I've been expec...ting..."

Upon turning her attention to Joey Miles behind her, Kaida's brain begins to shut down as she realizes what set Junichi off. It wasn't just the fact that Joey Miles interrupted yet another meeting between Junichi and his boss, it's what he's wearing. With the smile wiped off of Kaida's face, the camera slowly pans over to the other side of the room to reveal Joey Miles with a shit-eating grin on his face, both his index fingers pointing at the faces of Dakota and Elle Fanning on a black t-shirt that's replacing the usual hoodie he wears to his entrance.

"Eh? Ehhhhhhhh? Whaddya think, Kaida? Junichi? Good shit, eh?"

Having reached his limit, Junichi gives up on the situation before stomping his way past Joey, doing his absolute best to refrain from beating the shit out of his boss' very annoying partner. Sasaki slams the door shut behind him as he leaves Kaida to deal with Miles.

"Fuck's his problem? I even made sure to get "Fuck Team Fanning Sisters" printed on the back of the shirt, see?"

Miles enthusiastically turns around to show off the back of his shirt to Kaida which does indeed have the aforementioned text printed on it in bold white text. The camera pans back over to Kaida, whose face has confusion and dumbfoundedness written all over it.

"So, when I asked you to prepare for this match... this is what you did to prepare?"

"Mind games, gangsta'."

"...Mind games?"

"Two. Two Mileys. Those cunts called me Miley on Twitter not once but twice. This is my revenge, aside from the Boobplexes that are coming their way tonight."

Much like she did earlier with Junichi, Kaida begins to close the physical distance between her and Joey as she tries to get through to her partner, beginning to think that Junichi may have had a point when he said that Joey Miles may not be the right man for this job.

"So, when I told you to prepare for this match, title match, mind you, you decided to waste your time on getting this... shirt made, when you could have been physically preparing for the main event of this show."

"Oh I'm fucking prepared for the Fanning cunts, Kaida. I think you're gonna change your tune when you realize that, drum roll... I got one of these shirts made for you, too!"


Joey, clearly excited to see Kaida in the shirt, pulls it out of his pocket before putting it on her. Kaida, left speechless, uncharacteristically lets Joey force her into the shirt, most likely because she hasn't exactly fully processed her partner's pettiness as the majority of the fans in the crowd laugh out loud at the sight of Kaida in Joey's ridiculous shirt.

"Alright, so, I'm gonna be right back, you make sure to keep the shirt on so we can come out in matching shirts for our first tag match. Cool? Cool."

Before Kaida can respond to Joey, he quickly leaves the office, leaving the Matriarch of the Kagome Family alone and confused. But after a few short seconds pass, Kagome tears the shirt in half before tossing it away as the camera fades to black...
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