Smith Jones Post Match Backstage at Legends!

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Smith Jones Post Match Backstage at Legends!

Postby Smith Jones » Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:09 am

We are backstage at XWA Legends where two large riot cops are escorting Smith Jones towards his locker room. Jones has his new white and silver robe draped over his shoulders and he is clutching the XWA Television Championship belt to his chest as tightly as he can.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just caught up with--

Jones stops walking. He grabs the microphone from Laura and leans in hard towards her, silently yelling at her to leave the area. She complies. Smith takes a deep breath and he speaks.

Meet Goldstein and O’Brien. They are six-foot-six and six-foot-seven respectively and are both armed as heavily as the XWA code of professional conduct will allow. They are my way of protecting myself and this sweet silver strap from undue attack by any force outside the squared circle. Preemptive provisions. All be warned.

Smith leans right in close to the camera and holds the belt up next to his face. We can see Goldstein and O’Brien over his shoulders.

Minka Carter is broken now. The out of order sign is being written up as we speak. Jake Rogers wants to follow her? With pleasure, eagle boy. Let’s play.

Jones shoves the camera and walks away. The large pair of riot cops follow close behind. Fade to black.

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