Breaking news: Scorpion signs with XWA

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Breaking news: Scorpion signs with XWA

Postby Scorpion » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:46 pm

PWI insider is reporting that XWA officials have to come to terms on a contract with wrestling icon Scorpion. The only thing that we can safely say is that contract will be similar to what the deal that Brock Lesnar has got. Where he will work few dates, starting with his appearance at Legends.

Here's the announcement
XWA Career Championship
*Uncrowned XWA Undisputed Champion
(2) Former XWA Hardcore Champion
(1) Former XWA United States Champion
(1) Former XWA Tag Team Champion
(1) Former XWA Gladitorial Champion
(1) Former XWA Television Champion

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