Announcement: Contract Signing Set For Massacre #19

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Announcement: Contract Signing Set For Massacre #19

Postby GiggityGopher » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:58 am

Contract Signing Set For Massacre #19
Report by Jeffrey Grey

At Fool's Gold, the XWA audience was surprised with an appearance from 2WWF and XWA (no, not this one, the other one) legend, Danny Diamond, a native from England, where the show took place. Not only this, but the crowd also witnessed the return, after four months out with an injury, of 2x Supreme Champion, Jerod Barnez. Jerod made his intentions to utilize the rematch clause from his second reign with the Supreme Championship soon, but Danny came up with an interesting proposal.

"The Prized Gem of Wrestling" hasn't been active in the scene since late 2015, when the aforementioned other XWA closed down. He's wrestled sporadically since then, but has, for the most part, spent his time training up and comers at the wrestling school his father opened years back. Danny's decided it's time to get back into things, but his return may be cut very short, as he offered a match against Jerod. If Danny wins, he gets Jerod's rematch clause-entitled Supreme Championship shot, but if Jerod wins, Danny is to retire from professional wrestling permanently.

This match is set to happen at next month's District XWA supershow, but the two will meet before then at Massacre #19, when a contract signing, moderated by co-owner Ace Andrews, takes place to make everything official. Given both men's egos, as well as Jerod's short temper, something tells me this won't be the rare peaceful contract signing.

Nevertheless, this could be one of the final times Danny Diamond is seen in a wrestling ring, outside of his work as a trainer. On the flip side, we could be witnessing Danny fighting for the Supreme Championship in the near future. Either way, this is going to be a monumental match for XWA.

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