Breaking News: Lx-Tim Out From Injury

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Breaking News: Lx-Tim Out From Injury

Postby XxChronoTrigxX » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:52 am

Latest new sources have brought to light that during the Lx-Tim versus Michael Swift Supreme Title match, the Puerto Rican tore apart his ACL during the match. He obviously was able to finish the match and afterward was taken in for diagnosis. The History Maker is said to be on injury reserve for six to nine months, while healing and training to get himself back on his feet. More unfortunate for the Latino, he is said to officially vacate his XWA Hardcore Championship Belt due to not being able to defend it now on injury. Sources attempted to get word from the Lx-Tim, however he refused to say anything on any subject. More info to come along the following weeks.

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