BREAKING: Jerod Barnez Out For XWA On a Boat

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BREAKING: Jerod Barnez Out For XWA On a Boat

Postby GiggityGopher » Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:03 am

Report by Jeffrey Grey


At XWA's April supershow, If You Want Blood, Jerod Barnez attempted to defend the Supreme Championship against Lx-Tim, despite an attack from the latter last month that left him with a fairly severe concussion. Despite this, Jerod was medically cleared to compete by the day of the supershow, although he was urged against it. Barnez decided to fight, rather than simply letting the championship be vacated and, as we found out would be the case, handed to Lx-Tim. During the match, which was made a Street Fight at Jerod's request, Lx-Tim capitalized fully on the injury, eventually managing to win the match and dethrone Jerod.

In the process, Tim brought back more than the original concussion had caused Jerod, XWA doctor Laurence Stilts has confirmed. He says it was a clear mistake on Jerod's behalf to attempt to return to the ring as quickly as he did and we have been informed that Barnez will, indeed, have to miss out on XWA's next supershow, XWA On a Boat. We're currently unclear on if that is the only show Jerod will have to miss or if he'll need further time off, but at the very least, we know he won't be competing there.

That also brings the question of Jerod's rematch clause, as his absence from XWA On a Boat will force management to find someone else for Tim's first defense and, the following month in Japan, Michael Swift has already announced his intentions of cashing in the Lord of the Ring title shot that he's earned nearly a year ago. Questions will need to be solved, but one thing's for certain - things aren't over between Jerod and the new Supreme Champion.

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