XWA Announces Press Conference Ahead of "XWA Lives" event!

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XWA Announces Press Conference Ahead of "XWA Lives" event!

Postby DJS » Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:32 am

XWA Announces Press Conference Ahead of "XWA Lives" event!
posted by: XWAInsider on The Xperience

With their first show in nearly four months approaching, the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance has got people talking again and this weekend has been no different with posters and other parts of the hype machine building up.

Today, the company announced that a press conference would be called, set to announce participants, matches and what to expect at The XWA Lives, the triumphantly-named show set to relaunch the promotion on January 6th 2016.

As to whether we will find out who the new owner is, we do not know. Rumors abound with names being dropped such as Richard J Maxwell, Lucifer McMahon and even disgraced former General Manager Diamond Jack Sabbath, who has not been seen since the last episode of Massacre in any capacity across the industry.

The press conference is set to take place on December 6th 2015, exactly a month before The XWA Lives and will be broadcast live on The Xperience. If past XWA press conferences and panels are anything to go by, this could either end up being a conference of twists and turns, or simply devolve into a petulant bitchfest between talent.
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