XWA News: Massacre to officially end with 100th Episode

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XWA News: Massacre to officially end with 100th Episode

Postby DJS » Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:06 am

XWA News: Massacre to officially end with 100th Episode

It was announced today by the XWA Board of Directors that Massacre 100: Zero Hour in October 2015 will officially be the very last episode of XWA Massacre to be broadcast on television after XWA's talks with the network to renew the show's contract broke down.

A steady decline was set in motion once Diamond Jack Sabbath and the entire Regime he has put in place came to fruition. While stars such as Razer and Jericho Shaw have stuck around, many have dropped out over the past half-year and it is unpredictable where the XWA will be in the next half year.

With regards to what will happen to the XWA following Zero Hour, it is currently unknown. There has been buzz going around that a soft "reboot" of sorts may follow with a relocation and an alternative way to stream shows or the company will be sold or- worst case scenario- the XWA will cease to exist.

We will follow this story closely and give you every update we can going forward.
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