XWA vs. XWA? Sabbath faces Dante Cross in SHOCK match!

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XWA vs. XWA? Sabbath faces Dante Cross in SHOCK match!

Postby DJS » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:20 am

Breaking News: XWA vs. XWA? Sabbath faces Dante Cross in SHOCK match!
Report by Jeffrey Grey

General Manager of the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance Diamond Jack Sabbath has made the news in the past 24 hours, making a return to the Xtreme Wrestling Association for their 100th episode of Vendetta.

"Well, let's be real here for a sec. Let's look at this realistically," Sabbath frantically spat at us, "fact is this is their hundredth episode and they've been the B-league for a while. We've not got our 100th Massacre for ages, so you've gotta give the loyal XWA fans who've switched onto their show by accident thinking it was ourselves what they want, and have me come out. In fact, we'll all be there. The whole Sabbath Regime out in full force, and we'll be there to show those guys what XWA actually looks like."

When asked on his long time away from the ring, Sabbath was quick to respond, telling us "Look...it's Dante Cross. I've had an itchy Crown Kicking foot for that guy for ages. I'm not leaving the building until I've hit him with it. I'll follow him if need be. He's getting kicked so hard he'll die and be reincarnated as a boot."

XWA Vendetta 100 takes place in Mid-January 2015.
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