XWA.com: Prince Alex injured!

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XWA.com: Prince Alex injured!

Postby PrinceAlexIII » Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:18 pm

Last Night, after the Prince Alex Vs Declan match, Prince Alex drunk very much, and after it. He was spotted with a girl going outside the bar, at road 108, Prince Alex drove up fast and he continued with the red light, from the other road a car was also speeding, the car crashed through Prince Alex's car. Prince Alex, survived the crash, but unfortunately, the hooker girl, the other guy who was speeding passed away.
Here is what the doctor said:
" Prince Alex is not good. He has to take a break for about 4-5 months. He suffered a broken leg, right hand and a big cut opened which got us to do 26 stitches in the back. But other than that, RIP Sarah Jones, and Sam Pierce. Sorry XWA, Prince Alex has to undergo a surgery and he will return in 4-5 months, but if there would be no surgery, Prince Alex will return in 8-9 months. But hopefully, he will return sooner than later. Oh and before that, Prince has suffered a HARD HARD BROKEN neck after his match."
Tune in for more info...

Report by Dave Jackson of the XWA.com


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