XWA(dot)com Exclusive: Gimmick Killer's Interest in Gold

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XWA(dot)com Exclusive: Gimmick Killer's Interest in Gold

Postby Declan » Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:14 am

In a brief post-match interview, Declan James told XWA Interviewer Sarah Michaels that he wants an opportunity at a championship sooner than later.

After defeating Prince Alex III in a Kiss My Ass Match, Declan said to Michaels in a strangely amused tone, "I can fight with the best of them in the most career-threatening of matches. It's about time I put my name in as an option for a title. And seeing that Dan Bennett doesn't want the TV Strap, I might as well fight for the right. Bring on any gimmick, or douchebag, and I'll stamp out their dreams as well as the fans' dipshit support of their shenanigans! That title belongs on the waist of someone that won't abandon it or drag it in shit like previous holders."

When asked about the assist from the tall figure in forcing PA3 to kiss Declan's ass (and his number), Declan rebuffed the less objective interviewer. "Details will be given in due time."

The Gimmick Killer left the arena shortly afterward to get stitches in his lip, after Prince Alex III busted his lower lip open during the match.
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