XWA.com Exclusive: Ion walks out?

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XWA.com Exclusive: Ion walks out?

Postby C5 Ion » Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:15 pm

It is reported that C5 Ion has refused to work in XWA events after his loss of the XWA Television championship. XWA claimed that Ion wasnt going to appear on the next Massacre after this past week, nor any other Massacre tapings, despite being advertised for the future events. By Wednesday, XWA.com stopped advertising Ion for future events. One wrestling source reported Ion's departure from the event after telling DJS that he was "going home" was legitimate. On Thursday 9th, during a conference call to investors, DJS said Ion was "taking a sabbatical". No one knows what is the reason for this, but it seems that Ion is taking a "break" from XWA BattleZone.
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