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XWA.Com: From the General Manager's Office (IC Blog)

Postby DJS » Thu Oct 02, 2014 4:06 pm

XWA.Com: From the General Manager's Office


I bid you welcome to this quick little blog. I'm Diamond Jack Sabbath and I am the General Manager of the XWA and you have no idea what a tingle it gives me to finally write that. Is it safe to assume that with me as GM, Trace as owner, Amy as my PA and Raine as part of my War Inforcement team...we kind of won in the end? That'll go over the heads of some of you newer fans. Possibly.

Anyway, I write to declare a new era in XWA history. I'm sure the board of directors are sick of me harping on about this now, but I don't give a flying fuck. Look, all those years ago when I arrived, I said I'd be running this show one day and like The Hives song, I hate to say I told you so but...

Well...Seems like I don't really need to finish that.

Now then, to business. Was that an "ugh"? Don't you fucking ugh me or I'll kick you in the throat. I'm sure all the dirtsheets have reported it, heck, you may have even been there to hear me announce it, but it's official- Disqualification and Count Out have been eradicated. Gone. Kaput. The XWA is once again..Xtreme. I've read a few opinions about it online and it seems my little idea has become somewhat polarising. Some love it, some hate it. And all that's fine.

But listen, come on, you guys know me. Were you really expecting a sane show under my direction? People think I'm turning the XWA into a cock-fighting ring when in actual fact, I'm doing the opposite. It's a cock-fighting ring if you ALLOW it to be. Get me? By removing those two little ballaches that get in the way, I've preserved our legacy. People say there's too many "Hardcore" places out there right now and they "turn to shit." Know why that is? They allow it to. The quality of the action here is dependent on the people in that ring.

I now have removed any excuses for loss and fact of the matter is if you're going to be here, you're going to be the best, full fucking stop. I want us to be the best. I want us to be so good we don't actually need those rules and we'll be waving them off as they ship off to other companies and plunge them into failure. Whether these matches turn into garbage fests is dependent on the decisions and judgement our roster members make. Bottom line- XWA is now worthy of it's name. We are going to become the promotion that these garbage feds think they are.

And this now leads me onto a query I've had posed to me quite a few times now, about the Hardcore Championship. What's going to happen to it? What's the point of the belt if the entire company is already apparently catering to that audience? Doesn't that make it a little pointless? You know, I do have a plan for the Hardcore Championship. I know exactly what's going to happen to it. I'm going to do something that will suit our new direction.

However, you all seem to be forgetting that we do indeed have an XWA Hardcore Champion in one Joey Edwards. But where is he? Where are you, Joey? I thought you had fight in you? For that reason, I'm not going to strip you of the belt and do a tournament, because that'd be jumping to conclusions in my estimation. I am giving you ample time from now until Hardcore Renaissance to return to us with your title.

With that said, return or not, if any of you win twice in a row you WILL be fighting for a title at Hardcore Renaissance, whether Joey Edwards shows up or not.

If you have any problems or need some excitement in your life, feel free to drop by my office and I'll kick you in the throat. Maybe. Depends how I feel on the day.

Diamond Jack Sabbath
General Manager of the XWA
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