XWA: Holly Hunt's recap (Sample)

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XWA: Holly Hunt's recap (Sample)

Postby PrinceAlexIII » Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:18 pm

The XWA intro leads us to Holly Hunt behind her is a logo that is XWA, RECAP. Before Holly speaks, there is about 50 fans sitting on chairs as they give a solid pop. Holly smiles.

Holly Hunt:
It was, XWA on a Pole PPV. You were sad, you were happy. This is wrestling, like it or not. Hello Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Holly Hunt. Welcome to XWA Recap and tonight. We're gonna give you a recap of XWA on a Pole PPV! The opening bout didn't even happen, a shame. The second match was a really solid one, it was a TV championship match, between The champion DeAndre Taylor VS Sabre VS C5 ION! We saw a new champion, after a really solid match. Sabre.... No he didn't win. He got injured. C5 Ion scored a big big win. And won a championship. Here's a photo of Ion, as our new, XWA TV champion backstage.

The tron shows us C5 Ion, with a fan posing with the XWA TV championship.

Holly Hunt:
The match after it saw another new champion crowned in a hardcore bout between Joey Edwards and Andrew Belfort, Andrew. After scoring a big victory over Prince Alex, impressed the XWA officials which they decided that he needs to get a title shot, he got one. And impressed again, winning his first XWA title, probably becoming the quickest guy to win a championship in XWA. Andrew may got hurt, but he overcame the odds and defeat Joey, knocking him and his Rebellion. The other match saw Smith Jones defeat Declan James in a carnival horror match, knocking Declan out in an entertaining contest, winning the match, The main event. Saw Jericho Shaw, successfully defend the XWA championship against Drake Dysfunction in an amazing match, Shaw is one of the most dominant XWA superstars ever, see you next week in XWA! RECAP! FANS, BYE!

Quick results appear on the screen:
Golden Opportunity on a Pole match didn't happen.

C5 Ion defeated DeAndre Taylor and Sabre to win the XWA TV championship.

Andrew Belfort defeated Joey Edwards to win the XWA Hardcore Championship.

Smith Jones defeated Declan James

Jericho Shaw successfully defends the XWA championship against Drake Dysfunction.

The screen goes to black, XWA 2014, all rights reserved.


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