XWA Online: DJS Injured?

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XWA Online: DJS Injured?

Postby DJS » Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:08 pm

XWA Online: DJS Injured? (Exclusive)
Report by Jeffrey Grey

Reports from sources have told us that XWA star Diamond Jack Sabbath may have suffered an injury during the Hardcore title match at Revenge, where Joey Edwards took the championship. The man who calls himself the Innovator of Anarchy was reportedly in bad shape following the match, and would not speak to many people backstage.

Some close to the scene even mentioned his mood seemed to be a little "dejected". The feeling within the company is that after a year away from the ring, the former world champion is finding difficulty adapting to the XWA style once again and there will be concern when booking him for the foreseeable future.

Sabbath is expected to be back for XWA's "XWA On A Pole" PPV, but until then it is uncertain on the future of this man who on Sunday called himself "superhuman". Perhaps this is proof that even legends can be broken...
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