XWA exclusive: Has Novak been abducted?

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XWA exclusive: Has Novak been abducted?

Postby Novak84 » Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:02 pm

Rumours suggest Novak has been Abducted in Brazil.

Rumours from Nike and X/S inc HQ say Novak has been missing since the day before Engalnd's last World Cup game.

While at first it was thought that Novak, who had been ill the day before, had decided to head home after the match between England and Costa Rica. But now Nike have said that Novak never booked out of his room. While Nike want to keep the rumours to a minimum, recent pictures of Joe Delonge, Kimi Novak and Katy 'angel' Taylor coming out of a Rio police station have fuelled the fire.

XWA wish these rumours are false, and that Novak is found safe.

more to follow

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