XWA.com Exclusive: M.A.S.P. Novak interveiw.

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XWA.com Exclusive: M.A.S.P. Novak interveiw.

Postby Novak84 » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:44 pm

The Massacre After Show Party logo appears on screen and fades to see Holy Hunt rushes down the corridor as Novak meets up with his manager J Pain, his sister Kimi and best friend Joe Delonge.

Holy: Chris, Chris. Please wait.

Novak stops.

Chris: You want to know what I meant by my comments. Well it's simple. I'm going to Brazil. I will be there until the end of the world cup. Tonight I did what no one could. I beat the world champion. And in a straight match. So I keep my 100% record in 2014, and against Slayne. And if I never come back. I will always have that. You see while the previous board were dealing with the attack of the last face of the board previous to them, I was forced into small matches against hooded idiots. Who did they choose as there hero in the main battle? The biggest ego around Diamond Jack Sabbath. Now don't get me wrong. Jack is legend round here, I have respect for him. But who was the solider who destroyed them in a dark match and kept his record at legends 4-0? Who? Who? Who? Oh yeah, that was me. Maybe it's time everyone knew that is my world. Because the fans make it so. Not Jack, or Trace or the champion. The fans. Tonight I did what I do. I saved my world. And I did it for the fans who deserve it. So I will see you around. For this is my world, I bring Absolution ad it's not sad......

Chris walks away. Without finishing his catchphrase, making the world watching think, it's his way of saying to be continued.

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