EXCLUSIVE: Backstage fallout from #XWAChile Main Event - Officials FURIOUS!

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EXCLUSIVE: Backstage fallout from #XWAChile Main Event - Officials FURIOUS!

Postby DJS » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:33 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Backstage fallout from #XWAChile Main Event - Officials FURIOUS!
Report by Jeffrey Grey

Following the end of XWA's Supershow from Santiago "XWA and the City of the Island Hills", higher-ups are said to be furious that Serena Maxwell was able to bypass security and get into the arena. It is worth mentioning that Serena Maxwell- who is the sister of former Massacre GM Richard J Maxwell and once-tag team partner of Emery Layton- is NOT contracted to the promotion and has been IYHWF-exclusive since November.

However, we are told that Amy Taylor, representative of Emery Layton, has been able to get the XWA to sign a waiver for an Unsanctioned Street Fight between Emery and Serena for XWA On A Pole, though being that Serena is IYH talent, the company is not willing to put the Supreme XWA Championship on the line given Maxwell's well-documented unpredictability.

On the subject, the company and Emery have acknowledged that the rules of the Supreme XWA Championship state the holder is obligated to defended the title at least once a month. As such, Emery Layton is scheduled to be on the 27th edition of XWA Massacre, where she is expected to defend the title against current World Television Champion and top of March's XWA Top Ten, Smith Jones.

More news on the situation as we get it.

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