Massacre #38: Darkened Skies

A MEGA match for the XWA World Television Championship on the penultimate episode of Massacre for 2018!
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Massacre #38: Darkened Skies

Postby PhoenixRoost » Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:20 pm

The cameras cut backstage to the interview area. Laura Stark is standing by with a microphone in hand. The camera pans back a bit to reveal Albion Gale standing next to her, black trenchcoat hanging open to allow the pop of color in her purple tights to come through. Despite not being scheduled for a match, she is still dressed to compete. Notable by his absence, as he has been from her past two matches, is her manager, Kaji Fireson. Despite this, Albion is still as smiley as she usually is, though her eyes don’t really match up to the expression of mirth.

Stark: Hello, everyone, welcome back to Massacre. I am standing here with Albion Gale. Albion, you have not been off a card since Lord of the Ring. More interestingly, to me at least, is the fact that Kaji has been absent from your matches since your match with the Lynx. We have a lot to go over, but I want to start there. Where has he been?

Albion keeps the smile on her face, but it’s obvious there’s some tension there.

Gale: I don’t think he reacted very well to some of the things that went down during our match. He was already looking pretty green around the gills, and that was before all of the random shit with fire pillars and sparks and wind that buffeted him all over. When the ship went to port to restock on things on the lead-up to the Supershow, he disembarked and caught a flight back to Georgia.

Stark: I see. So that explains why he wasn’t present for your other matches on the cruiseliner. But he also isn’t here tonight.

Albion’s smile fades, and her head is cast down a little bit as Laura finishes her question.

Stark: Where is he, tonight?

Gale: I believe he is still in Georgia.

Stark: You seem annoyed by that. I think that transitions nicely to the next topic. I’d like to hear your thoughts about how your match with Angelica Vaughn went down.

Albion’s face stays downcast for a moment, but when she looks up to answer, it’s the first time Albion has ever been properly angry during an interview. Fans have seen that look in her eyes many times, but never outside of the ring.

Gale: My thoughts on that are simple. I will wrestle Angelica Vaughn again, any time, day or night, whenever she wants to know who the better woman is. But if her “friend” comes with her, then all bets are off. She convinced me she didn’t want it that way, but if she keeps bringing Sarah to the ring with her, that belief will dissipate just as easily as it came.

Stark: Circumstances aside, losing your opportunity to become World Television Champion had to be disappointing, but you have the opportunity to bounce back at Face Your Demons as you face off against two women who are both in tonight’s TV title match, Kaida Kagome and Vespertine. Do you have any thoughts, either on tonight’s main event or your match in Los Angeles?

Gale: I have a few thoughts. I don’t want to get into them to be honest. Mom always taught me not to say anything if I had nothing nice to say, and I’ve got very little nice to say. The one thing I can think of is that Vespertine is willing to lay it all on the line, something I am familiar with and will have to watch out for. But there is such a thing as too far, and I have a feeling that very soon, The Asian Invasion is going to realize she’s gone too far, but it will be too late.

Stark: Speaking of going too far...

Albion holds up her hand to stop Laura from continuing.

Gale: Don’t even get me started on Kaida. I’d say she could fight Vespertine for her nickname, but I think she’s satisfied with the one she has. And that might be as far as positivity goes with my view on Kaida Kagome. Another impactful lady, but for all the wrong reasons. Maybe Vespertine should fight for her name. Gokudo, my manager tells me, is not just a word for Japanese gangsters. It can be translated as “extreme path,” which seems to fit them both quite nicely. So rather than go on and on about how great I am or rounding up some goons to throw someone into Lake Michigan, I’m going to go back to my hotel room where I’m going to keep my head down and prep for our match at Face Your Demons. I’m aware that I have an uphill battle ahead of me, for more reasons than one, but I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone and remind everyone why I have this.

At this point, Albion holds up her right hand to display the Ring she won in Madison Square Garden.

Gale: Should I be scared of a woman willing to plunge down on me from the very heavens, or a hellion with a squad of devils behind her ready to do her bidding? Probably. But I am not going to let that stop me from getting to the top of this already stacked pile. Circumstances be damned, I have a losing streak to snap.

Albion looks prepared to continue, but her phone goes off, her theme song “Invidia” piercing the silence from one of her inside coat pockets. She furrows her brow as she pulls it out. For a moment, there’s the gleam of something reflecting light from the interview area’s lighting rig inside the same pocket, but by the time the lens flare is gone, the coat is closed again. She shakes her head.

Gale: Sorry, Laura, but this interview is over, I have to take this.

Before she can answer, Albion has the phone up to her ear and is already walking away quickly. Just before the cameras cut away, we hear the first line of her conversation, a quiet “Are you alright?” muttered into the receiver. Laura is left looking after her, which is the last image before the cutaway.

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