Massacre #38: Somewhere else?

A MEGA match for the XWA World Television Championship on the penultimate episode of Massacre for 2018!
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Massacre #38: Somewhere else?

Postby Vespertine » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:34 am

(Camera fades from black to a raging inferno? Your typical California wildfire? Hollywood explosion effects? Universal Studio's magic? California Department of Forestry using an empty lot within a few warehouses to learn how to fight fires? Harry Potter wizardry taking on Death Eaters? Well whatever it is, the fire is raging out of control, it's night, nobody is there putting it out but as we watch, a single lone figure walks out of the flames. We see it is Vespertine dressed in black denim hip hugger, low rider jeans, black heels, a black baby T shirt, her black trenchcoat duster and her hair is done up in curls with purple and red streaks. She gets to the center of the ring of fire explosions and starts talking.)

V: Welcome ladies! This is my world. THis is my reality. This is my place. This is my ring! This is... my... (emphasizes)MY... yard. This is Chicago. And it is here where two of the most dangerous women in all of XWA will meet. I say two because we all know the only real threat that Angelica poses is not herself but her partner/fiancee/lover/spouse whatever you call her Sarah. Angelica has been lucky now keeping a hold of that belt she doesn't deserve but so deparately clings to. No, Angelica, you aren't in Kansas anymore, this isn't Vancouver, British Columbia. Yes, you may be the nicest people up there but here, this is America. This is Illinois. While this isn't my turf. This is my home. You are in my yard. You are in my place. You are in my ring. Uou...are... in... my world. Think what you want about how you will desparately try to win that match and keep a hold of your belt but none of it will work. Because the two women you face in this triple threat match are two very dangerous women. You have me and you have Kaida. Kaida I will get too in a second. And both of us are light years ahead of where you are and where you should be and we more dangerous than you will EVER be.

(She starts pacing between the explosions of fire and looking for all the world like a caged tiger ready to leap and pounce.)

V: No, Angelica, you talk big, you think small, you have friends in low places, you can talk smack all you like but in this reality, in this world, in this business, you are a stepping stone. MY stepping stone. You are in way over your head but you don't even realize it. You shouldn't even be in this business. You have no desire. You have no will. You have nothing! You are in the XWA for one reason only, to be called a wrestler. And all you really are is a little girl playing with her toys and hoping to be noticed by the bigger kids in the playground. Problem is, the little girl is the nerdy blond of the school that nobody wants to be friends with.

(Sneers and scoffs)

V: Whoop di fucking do! You're here and you have a title. (scoffs again) You don't belong here. You don't deserve to be here. You are nothing. You are not a champion in any way shape or form. You are a mockery of every blue bright eyed, blond headed bimbo that ever set foot in the ring. And I will be your worst nightmare. I can't stand you. You, who are making a mockery of this business. You should go back to Hollywood or Vancouver where you belong. You don't belong in the ring, in any ring. You don't deserve that title belt or any title belt. You aren't ready for the pain that is coming your way. Get out of the fire, Angelica because you are ...not... ready! If my gimmick was like Daffney's or the Undertaker's or any of a thousand other goth wrestler wannabes, they will show you that your future with this company is 6 feet underground. May you rest in peace.

(She pauses, stops pacing and smiles evilly. Almost snarling as well)

V: I say, may you rot... in... hell. And I will gladly lead you there myself, lock the door, throw away the key and then fill up the cell with water and snuff your pathetic little life out. You don't belong in wrestling, Angelica. What you are even doing here is beyond me. But I WILL show you that there are people in this industry who are better than you will EVER be. I WILL make it my mission to destroy you. You don't belong in this industry because you don't believe in this industry. Get the fuck out of my ring, my yard, before I will hurt you little girl. I will deign to let you be in this match but I will NOT allow you to walk away with the title belt. I have no patience for you. Our opponent, Kaida, has more talent in her little finger than you do in your entire body. Even her half talent is more than you can muster up. I never wanted to hurt someone so badly as I want to hurt you. Believe me when I tell you that you will feel death... by diva.

(Goes back to pacing. The explosions die for a second or two then go back to what they were doing before.)

V: Now, as for Kaida. (She speaks in Korean) gongtong-ui jeog-eul gajin geos gat-ayo. anjellikaga teulipeul wihyeob ilchileul wonhabnida. i ilchineun geunyeoui TV jemog-eul-wihan geos-ibnida

(goes back to speaking English)

V: I for one, will not let her walk out of that match with it around her waist. Unlike you, Kaida, she is a waste of talent. Unlike you Kaida, she does NOT deserve to wear that belt. She does not deserve to be in the same ring as us. We, you and I kaida, are ring warriors. We are ring generals. We live to fight. We fight to survive. And we go down fighting hard or die trying. Angelica doesn't seem to understand that. So let's make her understand. Let's show her the errors of her ways. Let's show she does not belong in XWA. Let's show her she does NOT belong in this business, this industry or even in the same building as us. The business where we, as ring warriors and generals, fight and rule with iron hands and fists. Let's make sure that the title she lovingly cherishes, does NOT go home with her. Kaida, naleul ihaehani?

(Paces again but speaks English.)

V: Now as for you and I. You can bring any weapon you want to the ring but if you are a good ring warrior like I am, your whole body is a weapon. You don't need katana blades, you don't need baseball bats, you don't need chairs and sledgehammers and ring posts to be a very dangerous woman. A woman that I know can make me suffer for just being in the same ring as you. I know you can do that. I am that way myself. And the only thing between me and my destiny of taking home the TV title is...

(stares directly into the camera her eyes narrowed)

V: YOU! Osaka Japana is not so different as San Francisco or, where we meet next, Chicago. But because this is my country, you are in my home, you are in my ring and you will walk out having been handed your first loss here in XWA. Oh make no mistake about it, Kaida, you are good but it's nothing personal. It's just good business. I would love to be alone with you in the ring, one on one, taking it all over the arena. But we have an anchor. Angelica being our anchor. Get rid of the anchor and we can fly. Three women, one ring, going after one title. I'm sorry, Kaida, but that title is mine. I'm sorry, Kaida, you are my stepping stone too. Unlike Angelica who is just a waste of talent and skill, I recognize your skills, I recognize your talents and I hope that one day, we can meet in the ring, one on one and one of us goes down swinging hard and epically. Too bad we have an anchor. An anchor that has no talent. That won't be our next match unfortunately. And you won't win said match unfortunately. But if I don't win that match you just make damn sure that Angelica doesn't win that match either. That would be a sacriledge. You are like me in dying is a day worth living for. And every day we are one step closer to death. Every time we get in that ring, our lives are shorted by an eye blink of time. And the next time, may be our last time. You know this. I know this. And next time, you will feel death by diva.

(Starts walking backwards to where she appeared out of the explosions.)

V: I'm sorry Kaida, that title is mine. But we can both beat that waste of talent that calls herself....

(disappears into the fire again)

V: Angelica!

(camera fades to black)
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