Massacre #38: Let's make this EPIC!

A MEGA match for the XWA World Television Championship on the penultimate episode of Massacre for 2018!
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Massacre #38: Let's make this EPIC!

Postby Vespertine » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:19 am

("Undefeated" by Skillet blares over the loudspeakers and from behind the curtains comes Vespertine, dressed in a pleated black mini skirt, a black strapless tank top with the words "Extreme" in gold lettering, red heels, her black trench coat duster, silver sunglasses, a red detective hat and she carries a silver steel baseball bat to the ring. She goes up the stairs to get into the ring and once she is in, is handed a mic. When the music dies, the crowd is still mostly jeering her albeit weakly.)

V: So, let's catch us up to date. The last time we saw Kaida Kagome was at Massacre #33 where she was in a triple threat match against one Rob Chapman and one Alex Kincaid. We'll skip the fact that that match happened two or three months ago. (She looks at the bat) Oh and this is protection. I don't think I'm going to need it but if Kaida wants to come out with Samurai sword in hand, I'm ready with my weapon. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

(pauses. Goes on.)

V: The last time we saw Angelica Vaughn (the crowd gives a mixed reaction to her name because while they like her, they don't like Sarah's tactics that were used. She stops and smiles) Really? I thought she was your XWA goddess? Your goodie two shoes. Your babyface poster child of XWA. Wow! Was I wrong. But I digress. The last time we saw Angelica she wasn't alone but she wasn't tagging. She was going against Ms. Albion Gale. And with her BFF at her side, one Sarah Lachlan, she made her showing and came out looking like she was blind. But the fact that Sarah interferred in her match behind Angelica's back is another story best told another time. Now. Are we all caught up?

(Weak response from the audience. She shrugs.)

V: Now what I'm out here for is this triple threat match I have coming up at Massacre #38, Chase for a Title. It's a triple threat match between 3 great ladies. Doesn't mean falls count anywhere. Dqes are illegal as are count outs. Pinfall or submission only. Which means that I don't even have to be the one pinning to lose the match.

(puts a light hand on her hip and shoulder's the bat)

V: Did either of you two lovelies watch my last two matches? Both against Lynx. Lynx match 1: your standard match which to me was quite boring. Match number 2 was the fatal four way, falls count anywhere, elimination match again against Lynx, but also against Buffalo Bill and John McManus. Which to me was more exciting than the first match I had with Lynx. So? Now you must be asking why am I out here to talk about my last matches. What's done is done. The past is the past.

(She pauses and smiles, takes off her trenchcoat, hangs it over the top rope and points to her shirt. The camera goes over to focus on the word "Extreme" then goes back out to put her in the whole shot again.)

V: I'm willing if you two are. Our future match. Coming up at #38. I have no problem making it a triple threat extreme rules elimination match if you two don't. What can I say...

(She points the bat at the camera and gives a crooked grin)

V: Being extreme is my speciality. I have no problem going anywhere in the building. I have no problem flying off the ladders or sliding under tables. Let's make this a TV title match worth remembering. Let's make this TV title match of the year. Let's make this epic. Let's make this unforgettable. Kaida Kagome, Angelica Vaughn, Vespertine, triple threat extreme rules, elimination match. What do you say ladies? You in?

(She goes to sit on the far corner post facing the ring entrance.)
Tag: Kaida and/or Angelica
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Opponents Defeated
- Richard Head
- Lynx
- "Gokuda" Kaida Kagome, Matriarch of Clan Kagome
- Capt. Fabulous


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