For Massacre #37: The Way It Should Be.

In our main event, it's new LOTR Albion Gale vs World Television Champion Angelica Vaughn! Meanwhile, A.J. Morales begins the search for who has been tampering with his matches recently...
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For Massacre #37: The Way It Should Be.

Postby Vespertine » Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:45 am

("Undefeated" blares over the loudspeakers and from behind the curtains comes Vespertine dressed in black jeans, red high heels, a tight baby T shirt which reads "Death by Diva" her black trenchcoat duster and black sunglasses. She walks in time to the music as she makes her way to the ring.)

Matt Steel: Beauty in motion.

Tempest: Didn't you call her poetry in motion her last match.

Matt Steel: I did. I'll also call her a hottie in motion too. I mean look at her.

(When she gets to the ring, she crawls in, stands up and motions for a mic and when she is handed one, she starts talking)

V: So two matches down, 3rd match coming up. My next match. 3 men, 1 woman. Me. All three of them are 200lbs heavier than I am. Lynx is a wrecking machine, I've seen first hand what he can do. John Johnston and Buffalo Bill, they make quite a team yet they came up short at On a Boat against Sarah and Angelica. I haven't faced them in the ring yet but they are not who I'm worried about. I have faced Lynx though and came away with a few more battle scars.

(She pauses to let that sink in and looks out over the audience as she does so)

V: If I'm not mistaken, Lynx's speciality is hardcore, hell in a cell, balls to the wall just straight up hit you with everything he's got with hands the size of ]turkeys. John is more of a high flyer if you will I believe and Bill... (searches for a word) is whatever Bill is. So we are put into a fatal four way match, the first person to pin another is the winner. And the other two are also losers. THis is a standard fatal four way match where count outs are legal, DQs are legal, and only one person can win.

(She looks back at the camera)

V: And I'm the only woman in that match? Really? So guess who everyone is going to go after. The weakest person in the ring. Now it's not that I'm complaining or anything, I've been in matches like this before and came out ok after them.

(She paces the ring looking for her next words and then stops and smiles suddenly)

V: Let's up the stakes shall we. Let's make this a fair fight. I say if we are going to put on show like a fatal four way let's put on a show. And by that I mean show: Capital S, capital H, capital O, capital W. Let's up the stakes. Let's go epic. Let's go all out or not at all. So here is what I propose. (she pauses) An elimination, falls count anywhere, fatal four way match.

Matt Steel: Whoa! Did not see that coming.

Tempest: You said it.

V: That's right. This match kinda favors me if you will. I'm willing to go extreme. I'm willing to take that risk. I'm willing to fly around the ring and the area

(She glares daggers at the camera)

V: Are you? Bill, John, Lynx? Are you? (she puts up a smallish hand) No, don't answer yet. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like it and I'm am going to assume that management here like people like me and likes people who put on a good show and likes people who enjoy being extreme. So they will green light the match. You got no say in the matter, my sweets. We will do it like that and I...WILL...WIN!

(She pauses, smiles and looks around)

V: Because you will feel death... by...diva

(She takes a fist and bumps her chest and then puts a fist in the air and raises two fingers in the symbol of the rock metal devil horns)

Tempest: Well... now there's a match I can't wait to see.

Matt Steel: Me too. In fact I think I'll put my money on her.

(She gets out of the ring and goes backstage)
[center]You will feel death... by... Diva[/center][/i][/b][/color]

Opponents Defeated
- Richard Head
- Lynx
- "Gokuda" Kaida Kagome, Matriarch of Clan Kagome
- Capt. Fabulous


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