[CRITIQUE] XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Jake Rogers vs. Lx-Tim vs. Lance Jackson

Triple Threats Galore! Two three-way matches book-end Massacre as impressive newcomer Kaida Kagome looks to continue her winning ways...
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[CRITIQUE] XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Jake Rogers vs. Lx-Tim vs. Lance Jackson

Postby Michael Swift » Thu May 03, 2018 11:49 am

Heading home fro school, it's...

LIVE! From the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, Illinois (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

The Main Event:
Triple Threat


Jake Rogers vs. Lx-Tim vs. Lance Jackson

Last month saw three of these three men victorious in their endeavors, Lx-Tim taking a victory as part of Storied History, Lance Jackson overcoming both The Lynz and Maddog to cement his upwards trajectory, and Jake Rogers continues to hold his title. Now, all three men enter the ring, all with someone on the line. For Lance and Tim, a victory over Jake could shoot them straight in line for a title shot, while the champion no doubt wants to show all of XWA if you are a veteran or hungry young talent he will best you! Who will come out on top? Only one way to find out!


Deadline for matches is 6th May 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 9th May 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Jake Rogers vs. Lx-Tim vs. Lance Jackson

Postby XxChronoTrigxX » Mon May 07, 2018 2:23 pm

The events of No Man’s Land have come and gone, leaving behind a historical evening that won’t be forgotten in the pantheon of XWA’s tenured run. Tonight witnesses a main event where a trio of unique individuals square off with quite the few implications proceeding it. The commentary table are doing their best to set things up, whilst the raucous crowd are cheering their lungs out, ecstatic about the impending action and are voracious for the final meal of action to take place.

Sanction: “We have at long last reached our main event of the evening. Considering what transpired at No Man’s Land, you have to believe this match’s intrigue has skyrocketed to the stratosphere!”

Tempest: “No kidding, Mark. Lx-Tim has become a double champion, defeating five different competitors to gain the Supreme and World Tag Team Championship Belts.”

Sanction: “One of those people he defeated was none other than our current Television Champion, Jake Rogers! Mark and Tim defeated him and Amy Jo Smyth to gain those Tag Belts and now he is going to be more arrogant because of it.”

Tempest: “I hate to say this, but he deserves to be really confident, arrogant or whatever word you like to use. He finds his ways to win and that is what separates the ones at the top from those at the bottom.”

Sanction: “I hear you, T. In our main event though, Jake gets his opportunity to get his hands back on Lx-Tim. Let’s not forget though we have the impressive Lance Jackson as the third competitor tonight, which if he can score a win over either these athletes can do great things for him.”

Ramierez: “The following contest is a triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall!”

Brotherhood by Flatfoot 56 starts out, and once the bagpipes end and the full chorus begins, out walks Lance Jackson. The crowd cheers the hometown hero on with great enthusiasm. The tall and broad Lance draws a lot of attention however, and he makes his way to ramp side to high five, shoulder pat, and thank the fans for coming out.

Ramierez: “Making his way first to the ring from Chicago, Illinois. Weighing in at three-hundred forty-two pounds, he is Lance Jaaaaaaacksooooooooon!!!”

The crowd joins in with the Woah-Oh-Oh as does Lance shouting it back to them

Sanction: “This man is one impressive individual. Standing almost at seven feet, Jackson is one of the few big men in XWA that is well received. Being the biggest man in this contest, he may have the advantage over his two competitors on our main event.”

Tempest: “You know he will be bringing everything he’s got against these two, so expect fireworks from Lance.”

Lance reaches the ring and hoists himself to the apron using the top rope, which he subsequently steps over. The crowd cheers even more when he steps up to the second turnbuckle and throws his left fist in the air, his Excalibur sleeve on full display. Lance points, smiles, and nods at any fans with signs rooting him on, arms going wide in an unanswered question to those doing the opposite.

Sanction: “This man really is a sight, isn’t he? The fan seem to like him and he might just prove to live up to that moniker as The White Knight should he pin Lx-Tim tonight.”

The American flag waves on the titantron, under the sweeping opening strings of ‘Victory’. As the beat kicks in, a spotlight shines on the entrance, showing Jake, clad in his red-blue-white ring gear. The XWA World Television Championship Belt is wrapped around his waist, gleaming from the multicolored lights upon entering the area. He moves to the ring slowly, but determinedly, clapping the hand of every fan reaching out to him in the process.

Ramierez: “Coming to the ring next, coming all the way from Boston, Massachusetts. He weighs in tonight at one hundred sixty five pounds. He is the current reigning XWA World Television Champion, Jake Rooooogeeeeeeeeeeers!!!”

Sanction: “If you want to talk about one of the most electrifying and dynamic wrestlers in XWA right now, you think of Jake Rogers! The man came into XWA what feels like yesterday and has lit the world on fire, winning two different championships so far in his career.”

Tempest: “What’s more amazing is that he defeated Smith Jones of all people to do it and he retained the championship belt against him.”

Sanction: “That’ true. Now he has the distinct opportunity to get some revenge on the man who beat him for the World Tag Team Championships.”

Tempest: “That’s asking a lot considering Tim is as crafty as they come. I certainly hope he will be bringing his A game tonight.”

Once he reaches the ring, he ascends the top turnbuckles, soaking in the atmosphere and looking around in the crowd, using their passion and energy to fuel himself; to pump him up and get an adrenaline rush going that will help him during his upcoming match. He slowly nods, and as the chorus kicks in, he raises his broad arms, acknowledging their support. Taking the silver strap from his waist, he hands it off to the referee, who in turn hands it off to the timekeeper.

Sanction: “To inform everyone, this is a rarity as the Television Championship Belt will not be defended tonight. However, should any of his opponents win over him tonight, might be a step closer to getting a shot at the silver prize of XWA.”

Tempest: “I’m not sure how I feel about that. If Lx-Tim wins and is afforded the opportunity, we might soon be looking at three belts added to his crown.”

Sanction: “It is a scary thought, but that is why Jake will have to do his best to ensure that doesn’t happen. I’m pretty sure he is capable of beating Lx-Tim along with Lance Jackson. Only time will tell on what happens in the future in XWA.”

The titantron turns on to display a Puerto Rican flag flapping in the wind, having the initials L-X-5 appear on the screen. Charisma by Wasp hits the public announcements system as the camera pans around the view the crowd as everything is currently seen in a monochrome setting. Turning toward the stage, everything returns to color to have multi-colored flashing lights shining forth. The Portrait of Greatness escalates onto the top stage with his head looking downward. The crowd loudly boos him to hell in finally seeing the Spanish superstar in view. The History Maker, at this moment, quickly raises both arms that has both Championship Belts in hand, to the sky as a burst of flames and pyro shoots upward.

Ramierez: “And the final opponent, coming all the way from Brooklyn, New York. He weighs in tonight at two hundred forty pounds. He is the current reigning Supreme XWA Champion and XWA World Tag Team Champion, The History Maker, L! X! TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!!!”


Sanction: “He’s finally here. The new Supreme XWA World Champion, Lx-Tim. He looks more smug than ever!”

Tempest: “I would be to if I accomplished all he did at No Man’s Land. Becoming the first Grand Slam Winner of the Supreme XWA era and doing it all the same night he wins the biggest title, in a match that’s also a first of it’s kind...man, that’s a lot of hang your hat on.”

Sanction: “Lx-Tim definitely has reason to feel proud of himself with what he has accomplished. Tonight though, the barometer on his reign will be put to the test as he is set to face against some of XWA’s best!”

The brightness accentuates his unique appeal even further and he raises both Championship Belts into the air for all the world to see. Some fans begin to throw popcorn at him, which Tim catches a couple in his mouth, annoyingly chewing it silly as possible to get under the skin of the XWA faithful. Walking up the steel steps, the Puerto Rican starlet enters the squared circle and ascends the nearest turnbuckle to raise both Belts for all to witness. The crowd completely boos him, agitated that this Latin star actually accomplished what many thought would never come to fruition. Dropping down to the canvas, he waves the Tag Team Championship Belt in front of Rogers’ face, annoying him to no end. The referee of the evening, Tommy Tickles, takes the belts and hands them off to the timekeeper.

Sanction: “Lx-Tim looks rather enthusiastic today, despite being through many matches as of late.”

Tempest: “It’s the workhorse mentality of Lx-Tim. Whether you like him or not, he always puts all his efforts into what he does. That’s the reason he has the belts he does today.”

Sanction: “Well this match should now be getting underway…”

The arena falls to darkness as the first chord of "The Rains of Castamere" is strummed, acting as precursor to a single golden spotlight shining down on the centre of the stage. The gold light drapes a figure, a man that stands staring at the ceiling above, with his arms outstretched. His head falls allowing him to stare towards the ring as the lights change, illuminating the arena but leaving the single golden spotlight still shining on him. Seeing him clearly, Mark Storey starts to walk towards the ring, dressed in his simple black trunks, knee pads and boots, as well as his leather jacket, which is unzipped and open to allow his XWA Tag Team Championship Belt to glow obnoxiously.

Sanction: “What is Mark Storey doing out here, T?!”

Tempest: “I think he’s planning to being at ringside in support of his Tag Team partner.”

Sanction: “It looks like he is eyeing our commentary booth…”

Reaching the ring, ignoring the crowd on the way, he simply rolls underneath the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring. The same lighting change happens again as the arena falls to darkness, except for a single golden spotlight. Mark holds his arms out once more, before giving Tim a fist bump and wishing him good luck, exiting the ring afterward and heads to the commentary booth. He grabs a steel chair, unfolding it and grabs one of the extra headsets they have stashed there.

Sanction: “Well...good to have you with us Mark.”

Storey: “Yeah, I know.”

Tempest: “Congratulations on both you and Tim, winning the Tag Team titles together.”

Storey: “Thank you, thank you. It was inevitable I guess. We did win the Tag Team ‘Epic’ with ease, so it was only a matter of time. Now my partner is Supreme Champion, so Storied History is in a great place right now.”

Sanction: “We are glad to have you with us. The main event is now finally about to start.”

The metallic bell is struck thrice in quick succession, cuing the start of the main event!

The main event sees Lx-Tim in a rather precarious position, considering Jake Rogers is looking to become vindicated by eradicating the Latin starlet from this match. Of course Lance Jackson, who is the biggest individual in this battle wants to make a statement and overthrowing the Supreme XWA Champion in a main event is the way to accomplish it. The History Maker realizes this, thus he immediately exits the squared circle, eliciting a negative reaction from the fans. Usually you would think the two would just stay within the confines in the ring, however Rogers isn’t one to stand idly by whilst someone hightails it out of potential turbulence. The All American exits out of one side of the ring, meanwhile Lance decides to do the same. Lx-Tim realizes the impending danger is imminent, therefore takes the fight to Jake as both explode with massive right hands. Lx-Tim slugs Rogers with vociferous Haymakers, rattling him with faster strikes than what he is taking from Jake. Suddenly, the Supreme XWA Champion is snatched by the back of his neck and waist, being tossed into the security barricade with excellent strength by Lance! The Television Champion readies to defend himself, delivering a slew of stinging Knife Edged Chops, at least that’s the way it sounds. Jackson responds by connecting a tough Back Elbow to the side of Jake’s head, fending him backwards, before following up with a devastating Big Boot to lay him out!

Sanction: “Take a look at that hit! nteresting start as Lance Jackson is taking it to the two champions.”

Tempest: “Lx-Tim tried to get his ass out of the fire, but ended up getting burned. Jackson is the underdog tonight, which makes him absolutely dangerous. After all, an underdog is a hungry dog.”

Sanction: “Jackson off to a fast start, but he’ll have a long way to go as these two are as resilient as they come.”

Storey: “Of course Tim is the most resilient, else he wouldn’t be Supreme XWA Champion right now. Don’t count on Lance being in the driver’s seat for too long.”

Jackson isn’t one that loves to inflict pain on others, however he isn’t one to shy away from giving pain considering that is the name of the game in professional wrestling. The White Knight gives his attention to Lx-Tim, pulling him up to a vertical base and in a flash gets his eyes raked with absolute malice from the Latino! As Lancelot staggers sideways tending to his eyes, The Supreme XWA Champion wraps his muscular arms around his adversary’s waist, hoisting him upward and backwards with a German Suplex to show off how deceptively strong he truly is. Jackson clutches his back from the woes of momentary pain, whilst Tim grabs Jake, pulling him to a footed base and lays in multiple Knee Lifts into his midsection. The Puerto Rican grabs the back of his opponent’s head, looking to bash him into the nearest steel post. Using the soles of his boot, Rogers halts the attempted attack, following through by planting an Elbow into Tim to defend himself. The Puerto Rican pummels the midsection of Rogers with a swift Toe Kick, allowing him time to grapple his arm, whipping him toward the security barricade. The nimble nature of Rogers, along with his intuitive mind allows him to think and act quickly, hopping onto the barricade, before jumping back to execute a fantastical Moonsault to topple Tim!

Sanction: “The Television Champion using his skills to take Lx-Tim down to size! Rogers has always been a phenomenal athlete and keeps proving why he is one of the best today.”

Storey: “Hot damn, calm down Sanction! It was just one flimsy Moonsault. He didn’t even set his feet properly. Put me out there tonight and I can show you how it’s done.”

Tempest: “Regardless, things are just heating up in our main event match.”

The Television Champion escalates to a vertical base, but ends up immediately getting Clotheslined down to the floor thanks to the efforts of Lancelot. Jackson grabs the Supreme XWA Champion, tossing him onto the apron of the ring and pushes him inside to quickly follow inside. Picking Lx-Tim upward, he lifts the Puerto Rican atop his shoulders, using his strength to Military Press the Latino. That is the intention, although the launching of LX into the air goes awry, with The History Maker torquing his body in a manner that sees him cascade sideways, whilst simultaneously grappling the neck and head of Lance, driving him down head first with a sensational Tornado DDT! If that isn’t enough, the momentum of the swing is so fast, going along with plans in his head, allow him to follow through with a backroll, flipping Lance on his back. This allows Tim to effortlessly ascend back to a footed base, before jumping up and driving both feet for a thunderous Double Stomp into Jackson’s facial features!

Storey: “You see that right there!? That’s what makes Lx-Tim so good. The ability to maneuver the way he does is phenomenal and allowed him to use that Tour De Force without a hitch!”

Sanction: “It was absolutely impressive he was able to pull that off in a series of moments like that. Can’t deny the wrestling savvy of the Supreme XWA Champion.”

Tempest: “I just feel bad for Lance there who didn’t see that coming at all. You know he’ll be looking to see if his nose is still in one piece late on.”

Lx-Tim realizes that his signature Double Stomp attack, although definitely being more than a serviceable attack, will not net him the necessary three count that would end the contest. Instead, the Supreme XWA Champion opts to place Lance into a seated position, pulling the White Knight into an airtight Inverted Facelock, hooking the opponent's near arm with the free arm. The Crown Jewel then mightily pulls backwards and upward, wrenching Lance’s neck and spine. The King of XWA presses his knee into the opponent's back, adding excellent pressure, causing Jackson to scream out in agony from the Dragon Sleeper. Tim wrenches back harder, trying his best in forcing him to submit to his will. Rogers slides into the ring, however doesn’t try to get Jackson out of the attack. In a much more clever thought process, the Television Champion flies behind LX, inducing him into a firm Sleeper Hold! Tickles looks left and right, trying to figure out where his attention should be at right now. Jackson clasps at Tim’s hand and with his consciousness beginning to dissipate, allows Lance to detach himself from the Latino’s grasp. Rogers keeps the hold, hoping to get the submission victory before Jackson gets to his feet, however it is all for naught once Lance clambers to a footed base. Lance attacks with an Axe Handle, forcing Jake to release his hold as Tim drops down onto the canvas, trying to regain breaths with heavy heaves, before rolling out to the apron to ensure he has time to recover.

Storey: “That’s just a cowardly move attacking Tim from behind like that! Despicable I tell you!”

Sanction: “You honestly can’t be saying that right now.”

Storey: “I am sure I don’t know what you mean. Besides that, Lx-Tim is the Supreme Champion now and shouldn’t be disrespected with attacks like that. Be a true wrestler and fight like a man!”

Tempest: “Well if you guys are done talking about this and that, Jake and Lance are the two left in the ring and it looks like things are about to get real.”

Lance and Rogers lock up proverbial horns with one another, embracing in a Collar Tie Up, pushing one another for position. This is a really bad idea for Rogers, although with deceptive muscle strength, can’t directly overpower a man the size of Jackson. Grabbing Jake at the wrist, he places him into a quick Wristlock, afterward barreling his knee into Jake to whittle his vitality down to get some extra leverage for his impending attack. Lancelot places the Television Champion performs a Chickenwing on one Rogers’ arms, Jackson then takes his other arm, wraps it around the All American’s neck, and then hastily pulls the Television Champion’s head to the side, which puts pressure on the neck and shoulders. Lance uses his dominating strength to clasp his hands together to secure the hold, making sure he doesn’t escape his grips. If all of this wasn’t enough to keep Rogers in place, Lance drops down and places Rogers in a Body Scissors, ensuring there is not escape from his clutches! Rogers writhes in anguish, screaming aloud, while Referee Tickles attends to the situation at hand, seeing if he is going to submit at any point.

Sanction: “Lance is much more technically sound than most people think, especially for one of the bigger guys on our roster.”

Storey: “That oaf using techniques like that worry me. You can seriously hurt someone doing that, which is usually fine with me, but I hope Lx-Tim doesn’t get caught up in that.”

Tempest: “RIght now Jake has nowhere to go. He is in a bad situation if he can’t get out of there, which also means bad things for Tim if he doesn’t come back into play.”

Jackson continues to apply pressure, doing his utmost in attempting to submit the Television Champion. Lx-Tim finally rolls back into the ring, digging into his trunks to pull out the very same Brass Knuckles he had used at No Man’s Land. He slips it on and since there isn’t any ways of disqualification, Tickles can nary do a thing about it. The King of XWA hurriedly storms to both athletes, driving the brass fitted fist into Jackson’s skull to force him to break the hold!

Storey: “That’s the ticket!”

Sanction: “Oh come on now! Tim’s using a weapon now! You can’t possibly think this is fair.”

Storey: “Who said anything about me thinking things should be fair?”

Tempest: “That’s a funny way of looking at it. Oh crap! Lx-Tim looks like he is about to go on a tirade!”

The History Maker backs up, waiting for Rogers to get to his feet, but sees him sputtering upward and using the ropes for leverage. The Puerto Rican charges forward, brass knuckles at the ready, but Jake intelligently pulls down the top rope to send Tim flying over the top rope and spilling to the outside floor! The crowd cheers and a small “ROGERS” chant breaks out. Jake sees Jackson on all fours, now rubbing his forehead massaging the pain and runs toward the parallel ropes. Using the momentum of speed to rubberband back toward Lancelot, who now finally reaches a vertical base, is decimated onto the canvas due to a swift Sling Blade! Rogers gets up afterward, beating his chest feeling the energy and adrenaline flowing through him. Deciding he want to take this match to the skies, Rogers exits onto the apron, ascending the nearest corner turnbuckle and looking to get this match to a close.

Sanction: “Here we go ladies and gentlemen! Rogers is in full force now!”

Tempest: “Jackson better look out because Jake is ready to fly like an Eagle!”

Storey: “Don’t you dare do it, damn you! Lx-Tim, get him!”

Finally reaching the top of the turnbuckle, Jake Rogers raises his index finger up showing he is ready to fly out and ride into the sunset afterward. At that very moment, Lx-Tim comes up from behind Rogers and fiercely pushes him from the back, causing him to crash to the outside floor! Lx-Tim rushes into the squared circle, where Lancelot is on a knee as he unleashes a devastating Superkick into his throat! Mark decides to take his headset, storming to the direction of Jake and begins stomping away at his downed body! Back inside the squared circle, The History Maker watches his adversary squirm and coughing up violently from the attack on his larynx. Lance makes the mistake of pushing to all fours, prompting the pugnacious Puerto Rican to dart forth, using Jackson’s back as a platform, before cascading down to pulverize Lance’s face with “The Cult Classic” Curb Stomp! The XWA fans begin to boo, whilst Lx-Tim immediately hooks the leg for a pin fall attempt.



Sanction: “Are you kidding me!? Lx-Tim is trying to steal this one!”

Tempest: “That is just like him! Tim proves he can be one of the best in the business, but then resorts to old tactics when it suits him!”






Ramierez: “Here is your winner, The Supreme XWA Champion, L! X! TIM!!!”

Sanction: "How annoying! Lx-Tim is back to resorting to old tactics."

Tempest: "To be fair, did you really expect anything less?"

Sanction: "I'd like to just think after a momentous night he had at No Man's Land, he would behave differently, but obviously I was wrong."

Charisma by Wasp smashes it's way through the public announcement system and Tickles Lx-Tim his Supreme and Tag Team Championship Belts. Storey grabs his championship belt, before entering the ring and joining his comrade in arms. Both clank Championship Belts like they were glasses of champagne, sauntering to parallel turnbuckles and ascending to raise their respective titles into the air. Rogers looks up in disgust and irritation, whilst Jackson remains laid out on the canvas. Both members of Storied History drop down and exit the ring, holding their belts aloft and celebrating once again as the show signs off.

(Wish I could have put a lot more into this, but I had family over today. Don't think the others are going to show anyway considering time is pretty much over anyway. Still, I hate not putting all I can into something. Hope you all enjoy it.)
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Re: XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Jake Rogers vs. Lx-Tim vs. Lance Jackson

Postby Michael Swift » Wed May 09, 2018 7:06 pm

This match is now open for feedback!
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Re: [CRITIQUE] XWA Massacre MAIN EVENT: Jake Rogers vs. Lx-Tim vs. Lance Jackson

Postby Michael Swift » Wed May 16, 2018 8:48 am

Winner: Lx-Tim!

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