XWA Massacre Tag Team Classic Round 1: Blake Archer & Luis Jacinto vs. Cortez Columbus & Richard Head

The second-ever Tag Team Classic tournament kicks off. There are a few welcome surprise returns. And some not-so-welcome surprise returns, too...
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XWA Massacre Tag Team Classic Round 1: Blake Archer & Luis Jacinto vs. Cortez Columbus & Richard Head

Postby Michael Swift » Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:36 am

It's that time again...

LIVE! From the XWA BattleZone in Chicago, Illinois (1500 Capacity)
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience!

Tag Team Classic First Round Match!


Blake Archer & Luis Jacinto vs. Cortez Columbus & Richard Head

Our last match of the tag Team Classic on the card features two surprising teams! On the one side is Blake Archer & Luis Jacinto, two outstanding singles wrestlers who look to put their individual talents to use to make their way through this tournament. On the other, Cortez Columbus and Richard Head, two practitioners of outlandish styles. Will Blake and Luis be able to coexist long enough to use their raw talent? Or will Cortez and Richard be able to keep them off balance long enough to pick up a win?


Deadline for matches is 2nd March 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 7th March 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Massacre Tag Team Classic Round 1: Blake Archer & Luis Jacinto vs. Cortez Columbus & Richard Head

Postby Archer » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:11 am

Cameras comeback to Massacre. Already in the ring are Cortez Columbus and Richard head as announced by Hana Ramierez The fans boo this Chicago crowd has little love for these two.

Their boos quiet as ♫
Reach out and touch faith.
Your own, Personal Jesus.
Someone to hear your prayers.
Someone who cares.
Your own Personal Jesus.
Someone to hear your prayers.
Someone who's there.

Archer steps out from behind the entrance. He holds his fist up above his head and than precedes to make his way towards the ring. Over his right shoulder he carries the pride and joy of the Global Wrestling Promotion. He reaches his hands out to his sides touching finger tips with those stretching out to touch him.

Hana Ramierez: From Canton, Ohio weighing in at 295 lbs. and standing at 6' 9'' inches tall. The King of Canines, Blake Archer!"

Feeling's unknown and you're all alone
Flesh and bone by the telephone
Lift up the receiver
I'll make you believer. ♫

He stops and hits the steel rings steps than climbs them to the ring apron and stepping over the top rope into the ring. His charming smile is on his face while he poses for each side of the ring striking a reaction out of the fans. People seem excited and they rise to their feet while Archer stands with his eyes on Richard and Cortez who are whispering to one another.

Mark Sanction: "We haven't seen a whole lot out of Archer since his match against Emery Layton at Homecoming, but he could be set for a good showing in this tag team classic with his partner Luis Jacinto."
Tempest: "We is very talented, bit of an ogre if you ask me, but he has spurts of agility here and there that is impressive."

The punishing opening passage of Converge's killer track "A Single Tear" rips out from the arena's PA system, and accompanying the opening guitar shredding and drum pounding is a burst of pyro from the top of the stage. As the loud pop from the stage pyro reverberates throughout the Battle Zone, Luis Jacinto races through the curtain and jumps through the smoke, visibly excited to demonstrate his worth in the ring. He begins headbanging to his hardcore opening theme until Jacob Bannon's punishing vocals bellow out a poetic lyrical masterpiece about his worldview changing with the birth of his child, a story mirrored by the competitor who uses his song. With this cue he vigorously skips down to the ring, slapping some of the fans' hands along the way.

Hana Ramierez: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in tonight at 195 pounds, Luis Jacinto!

A final sprint allows him to effortlessly slide into the ring, his youth visible as he leaps back onto his feet and throws his shirt into the crowd. With his emotions pouring out, he heads to the corner to settle down and prepare for his next fight.

Luis and Archer talk in the corner about who should start the match, but before they can decide Richard Head and Cortez Columbus attack them from behind! The fans boo. Richard is swinging wildly at Blake, but the big guy puts his long arm on his head and shoves Richard backwards across the mat. He grabs Cortez, but Richard frantically kicks Archer in the back of the leg. He hits him right in the back of the knee the force shoving Blake down to one knee. Cortez capitalizes by hitting an enziguri! The big man wobbles while trying to stand up. Luis turns Cortez around striking him with a series of right hooks. Cortez is sent spinning around and Blake puts his hand around the luchadore's throat. He pushes him high in the air dropping Cortez right away with his signature chokeslam. Wayne Johnston tries to gain control of the situation as the bell has yet to ring.


Mark Sanction: "It's official! Nice incentive by Richard and Cortez, but it seems the King of Canines is just too strong for the two of them with a headstrong strategy like that. Blake hits The Mark on Cortez, he is looking strong right off the bat. Luis might not even need to get involved as Official Wayne Johnston ushers him to his corner."
Tempest: "I have to agree with you Mark. Their plan didn't work, but Cortez Columbus and Richard stil need to get in some effective offense or this will be over fast."

He turns around glaring at Richard, who doesn't seem to want any part of Blake after watching the previous move nearly turn his partner inside out. He laughs it off with the big guy and proclaims they could be friends offing his hand in a friendly shake. He backs out to his corner with Blake talking smack. Richard keeps him in pursuit half exiting between the ropes. Luis is already out on his corner on the opposite corner keeping his eyes on Cortez who is shaking his head trying to get rid of his dizziness caused from the impact of the chokeslam. Blake takes a swing at Richard who hops off the ring apron just in time to avoid him giving the most annoying laugh ever heard on Earth feeling proud of how he lured Archer into a miss. The fans boo him and he tells them to shove off! Blake right away caves to his aggravation and grabs Richard from over the top rope. This doesn't just shock Richard who begin sot frantically kick and shout for mercy as Archer yanks him to the ring apron by the collar of his shirt, but the crowd themselves seem taken back. Official Wayne Johnston gives a warning to Blake about the rules of a tag match.

Mark Sanction: "The big guy doesn't want to play, and he tossed Richard into the ring over the top rope."
Tempest: "Why does he want a two on one match?"
Mark Sanction: "Maybe he does Tempest, who knows what goes on in that big crazy mind of Blake Archer. It is a good thing that Johnson is able to clarify for him."

Blake turns and looks where the official points him. He grabs Cortez who is still holding his throat, but the smaller guy gets a bit of pep in his step having found his feet. He kicks Blake hard in the knee and than on the other side, he rushes back against the ropes trying to gain momentum only for Blake to hit him with a big boot!

Mark Sanction: "well that lasted long."
Tempest: "Haha! WOW! That sounded like a homerun cracking off a bat!"

Blake circles Cortez while Richard shouts at his teammate from their corner. Blake waits for him to get to his knees and lifts Cortez back up to a vertical base easily. He strikes him hard across the jaw sending him back into the upper left corner. Blake grabs him by the arm and Irish whips him hard across the ring into the turnbuckles, but as Blake runs at him Cortez ducks out of the way! Blake puts his foot up and hands grab the top rope preventing him from slamming into the corner. Luis can see Blake getting frustrated and hollers over for his partner to tag out. The rowdy Chicago fans are shouting loudly as Blake starts to see red from how Cortex keeps evading him.

Mark Sanction: "He is dominating Cortez, but still seems to be getting frustrated as Cortez keeps finding a way to evade him."
Tempest: "Cortez is a prime athlete, the big guy might be overlooking his quickness."

Cortez is trying to inch closer to his tag corner, but Richard hops off the ring apron. He shakes his head and claps his hands cheering on his partner insisting he is doing a good job. Cortez looks confused slowly standing up. Before he can react Blake grabbed him Belly to back takedown, but Cortez is fast enough to counter with a wrist lock transitioned into a hammerlock. He hops up quickly in the air and latches his arms around Blake's head bending the big man down with a sidehead lock. Blake with his power is able to reverse this as he elbows Cortez and swiftly lifts him up onto his shoulders. The fans cheer impressed with the sequence, Cortez quickly wiggles his weight around to land on his feet behind Blake before he can hit a move from the position. Cortez runs and slides on the mat between Blake's legs and kicks him hard into the gut.

Mark Sanction: "Seems Cortez's speed is a little more than The big guy can handle like you said Tempest."
Tempest: "This is just mosquito bites, it is not over until that Ref counts to three."
Mark Sanction: "The King of Canines is explaining large amounts of stamina to keep the pace up with Cortez, he might need to start thinking about getting a tag to Luis fresh on the outside."

Blake is backed into the corner, and Richard Head gabs his ankles. Blake is distracted and Cortex is able to hit another enziguri! The wind seems taken out of the crowd as the shot echos into the seats. Cortez rolls over to his corner before Blake even has a chance to look up after the striking blow. Blake's long body is already stretched out and reaching for Luis' outstretched hand. Fans get excited beginning to chant.


After Cortez tags out to Richard Head he rushed in. He hops over Blake who shakes his head to get out the cobwebs. Luis is full of energy on the ring apron hearing how hyped the fans are. Luis can't see him coming Richard rushes for Luis forearming him off the side of the ring. Fans boo the dirty move and Richard looks proud of himself striking a pose almost like he hears cheers instead of boos. He walks over to Archer stomping hard on his shoulder and back rib-cage area. The grounded Blake Archer flops around like a fish out of water trying to predict where Richard is going to kick him next, but unable to dodge.

Mark Sanction: "Richard with a cheap shot to Luis to keep his team's momentum. He could just work this team up though."
Tempest: "Richard is just confident. Guy who uses his head, the bigger guy is down, he is winded. So keep him down and keep him gasping for air."
Mark Sanction: "Are you defending his actions?"
Tempest: "No, but I am trying to remain positive Mark. Right now to me it looks like Blake might have used more stamina than he intended on Cortez, and that is a plus for their team."

Richard racks his foot across Blake's face, and than tags in Cortez, the two of them each grab and arm and a leg of Blake having to use all the strength to toss him to the corner than both of them double team him with a corner foot choke. Official Wayne Johnson gives them a four count, but breaks it up threatening to disqualify them. Richard and Cortez tag again with Blake in position. Richard climbs the turnbuckle taking moments to rile up the crowd into a frenzy of boos. He leaps back attempting his Special Edition, but Blake rolled out of the way!

Mark Sanction: "He managed to move!
Tempest: "Richard can feel that too! Ouch!"

The fans again get loud with excitement as they can scenes the tag Blake needs to make. Luis is back on the corner, he holds his head where Richard took the cheep shot. This time he sees Blake with the opening, the roar of the crowd defying out his calling out for his tag team partner. Blake sits up, and he crawls on his hands and knees while Richard is still rolling in pain from missing his atomic drop. Blake falls over in the corner and Luis tags in! He hops up over the top rope and rushes at a bent over Richard head he leaps up using his foot to slam Richards head into the mat with a Curb Stomp!

Mark Sanction: "Curb Stomp on Richard Head!"
Tempest: "Here comes his partner though!"

Cortez comes in illegally rushing to get to Luis before he attempts a pin, but Blake cuts him off with his last gasp of breath slamming his shoulder nearly through the luchadore hitting The Silver Shot! Luis rolls over Richard Head hooking his leg while Johnson counts.

... Two!
... Three!


Hana Ramierez: You're winners advancing to the next round in our Tag Team Classic. Luis Jacinto and Blake Archer!

Mark Sanction: "Things looked dire there for a moment didn't they? Great showing for this team as they continue through this tag team classic in their infancy."
Tempest: "We'll have to see how these two improve after their first tag team match together. My opinion they need some polishing especially when they go up against an of the other teams in this tournament."
Mark Sanction: "Archer has challenged the Supreme champion and Luis is challenging Smith Jones for the TV Title later tonight, I have no doubt they have more than enough talent to go far in this tag team classic."

Luis walks over to Blake and helps him up before the Ref raises this arms symbolizing their victory and the two play it up to the ecstatic fans.
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Re: XWA Massacre Tag Team Classic Round 1: Blake Archer & Luis Jacinto vs. Cortez Columbus & Richard Head

Postby Archer » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:14 am

ooc- Some know. I've been helping my cousin since Thursday off and on, I seen we still needed to post so just posted what I have. If Luis disagrees with this I am deeply sorry, will improve on the next match if this match counts. I just hate not putting something up. :-/

good luck to everyone!

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