The Guys With Masks

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The Guys With Masks

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TEAM NAME: The Guys With Masks
MEMBERS: Giselle von Wolf
Black Dragon
COMBINED WEIGHT: Giselle & Dragon: 408 lb.
Giselle, Dragon & T.K.: 663 lb.
GIMMICK: The Guys of Masks are a group of friends, largely brought back together by the fact that there's not a drop of actual sanity between the three of them. Having met while on semi-retirement and decided that they wanted to team up or something. They wear masks, except T.K., that’s the gimmick.

THEME SONG: Knights of Cydonia - Muse

PICTURE BASE: Super Dragon, Helge Stang/Delirious, Crimson
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: See individual profiles.
ATTIRE: Green themed clothing, Giselle only wears his mask while with Dragon

STYLE: High Risk/High Impact
TACTICS: Depending on the who is teaming on what nights, the style of wrestling can vary greatly. The most in sync pairing is Giselle and Dragon due to experience working with one another, as well as Dragon's calm demeaner countering Giselle's recklessness. Alternatively, the most volatile pairing is T.K. and Giselle due to T.K.'s quick temper and ego causing him to compete with his German ally in the ring. While powerful, the two are very open to mistakes as a result of their own actions. Finally, Dragon and T.K. are a balanced team, however years of hatred don't leave easily, and the occasional misunderstanding can cause issues mid-match.

As a trio, the group is at its strongest, as it has Dragon to counter the crazy and tempered ones, and Giselle keeps the brothers from bickering.
FINISHER (MAIN) Black Dragon hits the To Hell You Go [either variation works], followed quickly by Giselle's Fahrtwind 630 Senton.
  • Black Dragon hits his Dragon/Tiger/German Suplex Combo, and each time he does so, Giselle hits the victim with a drop kick.
  • Black Dragon hits Dragon's Fire followed by Giselle flipping through the air and smashing both feet into the head or chest of the victim with his Bard's Curse.

  • Black Dragon hits his Turnbuckle Powerbomb followed by Giselle's 450 Elbow Drop
  • Double Brainbuster
  • Black Dragon hits his Standing 450, while Giselle hits a springboard Leg Drop at the same time
  • Black Dragon nails a Discus Clothesline, while Giselle follows it up with a standing moonsault
  • Giselle hits the victim with a Neckbreaker over Dragon's knee

  • 1x XWA Tag Team Champions
  • 1x 2WWF Tag Team Champions

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