The Demon Slayers

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The Demon Slayers

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Tag Team Name:
The Demon Slayers

One Player or Two Player:
2 Players

Team Style:
Lucharesu (Morales)
Technical/Submission/Aggressive (Carter)



A.J. Morales

Minka Carter

Billed From:
Sunnydale High

Combined Weight:
317 lbs.

Team Accolades:
XWA World Tag Team Championships (Both, 1x, current)
XWA Hardcore Championship (Both; Morales 7x, Carter 1x)
XWA 2017 Piledriver Award - Hardcore 24/7 Match of the Year for "Battle at a Las Vegas Casino" (Morales)
XWA 2017 Piledriver Award - Storyline of the Year for "The Rise of Minka" (Carter)
XWA 2017 Piledriver Award - Breakout Star of the Year (Carter)
XWA 2017 Piledriver Award - Best Social Media Presence for "@MinkaCarterXWA" (Carter)
XWA 2018 Piledriver Award - Hardcore 24/7 Match of the Year for "Everywhere But the Ring" (Morales)
#1 Ranking on the XWA Top Ten (Morales, 2x)
Retired Diamond Jack Sabbath at XWA Legends 2017 (Morales)

Bio and Comments:
After almost two years as mortal enemies, A.J. Morales and Minka Carter's relationship changed forever at XWA Legends 2018, when they stepped into the Hellmouth bent on killing each other, but by the end of the night, ended up saving each other from their respective demons. A few months later, XWA owner Bella Quinn acted on a hunch and put the two together with a shot at #1 contendership to the XWA World Tag Team Championships, and while the two were unsure about it at first, they soon discovered that all that time fighting each other made them a deadly team from the jump.

Like so many great tag teams before them, these two Buffistas form a powerful stylistic yin-yang--Minka brings the technical wizardry, while A.J. slays with high-flying and strikes. And between Morales's run as the greatest XWA Hardcore Champion of the 24/7 era and Carter's tendency to momentarily snap into psychotic "DEMON!" mode when pushed too far, they only get more dangerous the looser the rules become.

Entrance Theme:
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme" by Nerf Herder


The crowd begins to cheer as the theme from Buffy the Vampire Slayer kicks in. The stage lights turn a dark blue, and the XtremeTron fills with a frenetic assault of imagery—shots of the Moon in the sky, pages turning, crosses, vampires, you get the idea—before highlights of A.J. Morales and Minka Carter start to play. After a few seconds, the two walk through the curtain, with A.J. headbanging and playing air guitar with the music while Minka takes in the scene.

Making their way to the ring...from Sunnydale High, at a combined weight of 317 pounds...A.J. Morales! Minka Carter! THE DEEEEEEEMOOOOON SLAYERRRRRRRRS!

The pair give out high-fives to the fans all the way down the ramp, and once they reach the ring, A.J. climbs onto the apron and somersaults over the top rope, while Minka slides in under the bottom one. The two cycle through each side of the ring, hitting signature poses to pop the crowd, until they’ve reached everybody, at which point they get to their corner and make one last strategy check before the match.

Team Spots:
Diamondback's Bite (team finisher): Simultaneous Snake Strike (jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick) by Carter and Diamond Killer (top rope spinning heel kick) by Morales to one opponent's head

Buffy & Willow: Fuckin' Slayerrrr (superkick) by Morales, followed by a shining wizard by Carter

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