"The Laughing Giant" Carnage

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"The Laughing Giant" Carnage

Postby DaveyBoy » Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:15 pm




| Ring Name -
| Birth Name -
| Nicknames -
"The Laughing Giant"
"The Big Guy"

| Pic Base -
DOC Gallows (no face paint, with long beard)
| Date of Birth -
| Debut -
| Billed Height -
| Billed Weight -
356 pounds
| Nationality -
| Born -
New York City, NY
| Hometown -
New York City
| Billed From -
New York
| Catchphrases -

| Alignment -
Chaotic Face
| Wrestling Style -
| Match Specialities -
| Stable/Team -
with David Michaels
| Relationship Status -
| Manager -
| Previous Teams/Stable -
D-Volution (with David Michaels, JHalc, DC Hennig and Nova)



| David Michaels-
Carnage was brought into professional wrestling by David Michaels and was part of the D-Volution stable in the XWA(ssociation). Although the group lasted only about a year, Carnage always remained loyal to David and with his return in 2020, who knows how far he is willing to guy to help his buddy.

| JHalc-
Much like Carnage’s association with David, he feels the exact same way with JHalc; he’s best friends with him. Carnage credits his career to both David and JHalc and will always have Jay’s back, no matter what.


| No One-
If it isn’t David Michaels, JHalc, or one of his own friends, Carnage doesn’t respect anybody. Then again, he probably doesn’t even know what respect means...


| Everyone who isn’t David Michaels or JHalc-
If it isn’t David Michaels, JHalc or one of his close friends, Carnage hates them. He’s like that.


| Head-
Carnage has a completely bald head, which he keeps clean shaven. He also has his black beard grown out fairly long, which can be tied up in whatever whacky design he feels like doing that night.

| Upper Body-
Carnage can wear many variations on the upper body, but it will always consist of a tank top (ranging in colours) and a unbuttoned shirt of some variety. Often it will be an XWA branded T-shirt, which he has decided to rip in half because reasons.

He also wears plain black arm pads and white wrist tape.

| Lower Body-
Carnage will either wear black or blue ripped jeans, or cargo trousers/pants. He wears knee pads under these, which are never seen, and also wears black boots on his feet.

| Outside the Ring-
Outside the ring, Carnage wears pretty much what he does inside the ring minus the arm pads and wrist tape. He will often be seen wearing a beanie and a bandana around his neck, however.

| Entrance Gear-
Carnage will wear the above ‘outside the ring’ gear and sometimes some shades, depending on how cool he is feeling that day.


| A Laughing Mess-

Carange is giant. Carnage laughs. Carnage is life.

Or so he will tell you, anyway. As the nickname ‘The Laughing Giant’ might suggest, Carnage is a crazed individual who is always ready for chaos. He lives life on the edge, not worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow due to his actions. Carnage is utterly unpredictable during any situation, even to the likes of David Michaels, who will often question (jokingly) why he runs with him! He loves to surprise and bring the shock factor, causing sheer chaos along the way. The XWA cameras will struggle to ever find this man not in the highest of spirits, even in the darkest of times, always able to find a silver lining, which is a quality that he is loved for by his buddies.

Of course, the majority of this persona is an act and Carnage is actually a pretty intelligent man, knowing full well what he is doing. He has a heart of gold and is fiercely loyal to his friends and will protect them at any cost.

‘The Laughing Giant’ likes the party, drink and is a huge video game enthusiast, always carrying around his Nintendo Switch backstage or the latest console in his specially built suitcase. Sometimes he can be very easily distracted by these and miss important aspects of a promo, storyline or even a match (that he isn’t competing in), but will be sure to catch up and make up for anything he has missed with chaos and rage.

Carnage comes from the city of New York and has a broad New York accent, which he is proud of. He takes insults to his accent very seriously and can react to them with, you guessed it, utter chaos.

Carnage knows he is not the best wrestler and will never aim to be, knowing full well that his role is to protect David Michaels no matter what. This doesn’t mean that he is used like the ‘idiot big man’ that happens throughout pro-wrestling. Carnage is treated as an equal by his running mates and is respected for his role by David, seen as a vital piece in a much larger puzzle.


| Entrance Music-

’You Better Run’ by Motorhead

| Entrance Description-



| Wrestling Style-
Carnage is your classic powerhouse type of wrestler, with incredible strength that he will always use to his advantage. Due to his enormous size, he is not the fastest of competitors, meaning he is susceptible to even the most averaged-of-paced wrestlers.

Carnage also isn’t the brightest of people, meaning he hardly ever has a game plan other than to try and beat the hell out of his opponent, so working on a body part throughout a match is a no-no. He simply tries to hit his big moves and get the pinfall after doing so.

Carnage’s temper can also be an issue at times, easily getting frustrated and trying to intimidate the referee when he doesn’t pick up a win from a move, for example.

Oh and Carnage claims to be the ‘Master of the Shooting Star Press’, regularly claiming he hit this once about 4 years ago. Of course, nobody has ever seen evidence of this. He will climb to the top rope during matches, suggesting he is about to hit this devastating move by a seven foot plus giant, but will always chicken out and climb back down into the ring. He is the master of it. He swears.

| Finishing Moves-
01 - High Spirits (Muscle Buster)
02 - Shooting Star Press (will attempt this, but will 100% chicken out and climb back down)

| Signature Moves-
01 - Chokeslam
02 - Running Powerslam
03 - Jacknife Powerbomb
04 - Snake Eyes

| Aerial/Top Rope Moves-
01 - Lolno

| Striking Moves-
01 - Forearm Smash
02 - Clubbing Blows to the Body
03 - European Uppercut
04 - Big Boot
05 - Knee to the Gut
06 - Repeated Corner Elbow Strikes

| Grapple Moves-
01 - Side Slam
02 - Gorilla Press Slam
03 - Leg Drop
04 - Samoan Drop
05 - Double Handed Lifted Choke
06 - Fallaway Slam
07 - Full Nelson Slam
08 - Running Corner Splash
09 - Flapjack
10 - Thrust Spinebuster

| Submission Moves-
01 - Anything simple, when he needs a rest

| Running/Rebound Moves-
01 - Clothesline


- XWA: Xtreme Wrestling Alliance -


| Massacre | TV
#??? | vs. ??? | ???

| ??? | PPV
vs. ??? | ???


Total Record

Xtreme Wrestling Alliance Record
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Re: "The Laughing Giant" Carnage

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