Frank Lawson | LORD OF THE RING 2020

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Tyler Lawson

Frank Lawson | LORD OF THE RING 2020

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Ring Name
Frank Lawson

Birth Name
Francis Harold Lawson

"The Be-All End-All"
"The Zero Wolf"

Birth Date
April 27, 1998

Height and Weight
6'4" | 278 Lbs

Pittsburgh, PA

 + Leans face and appreciates the crowd
 - Has a mean streak and can tend to get brutal in the ring sometimes

Entrance Theme
"As the Pages Burn" by Arch Enemy

Think of the most bog-standard wrestling entrance you've ever seen. That's what Frank does. Not necessarily boring, he doesn't just walk to the ring and do nothing, but he basically doesn't deviate from your standard "look intense, pause on the ramp, walk to the ring, pose on the ropes, pose on the opposite ropes" setup. Think Steve Austin without the middle fingers.


Picture Base

General Description
Frank is tall and beefy, but not a super-cut bodybuilder type. He has a well-kept fade and a short beard.

Ring Attire
Frank has three singlets he cycles through:
 - One looks like the profile pic above with red and black camo (without the logo)
 - One is black with green trim
 - One is black with red trim
Standard black boots and pads


Frank Lawson is the cousin of former Xtreme Wrestling Association star Tyler Lawson. Frank was trained by his cousin and shows similar promise as an amateur-style technician, but due to his size has the added element of brute strength that gives him a whole lot of potential. Due to Tyler's connections with the likes of Razor Xtreme and Caleb Spires, Frank has landed an opportunity here in XWA and is hungry to prove himself.

Frank is a no-nonsense wrestler who tries to get clean wins and avoid any flashy taunts or other tomfoolery. However, he is hyper-competitive, and can sometimes let his anger get the best of him in the ring. He usually leaves referees alone, but will take to bending the rules when things aren't going his way or brutalizing an opponent in an attempt to put them away.

With Tyler now serving as his equalizer, Frank is torn between the fact that he cares about his cousin and appreciates the help and the fact that he doesn't want to be associated with the Tyler Lawson character.


Like Tyler, Frank Lawson is a power-based technician, employing a variety of suplexes and throws. However, he sets himself apart from his cousin by leaning a bit away from submission wrestling and more toward striking. The strikes especially come out when he starts to get more emotional and brutal toward his opponent. He still will target body parts and use submissions, but more often earlier in matches before the emotions begin to pick up. He never does dives, and will only occasionally come off the top rope.

(moves within a section are roughly listed in order of how much they are used)
(moves highlighted in ORANGE were passed down to him by Tyler)

Forearms/Elbows 60%
Chops 30%
Knees 10%

Standard Takedowns:
Vertical Suplex
Back Suplex
Various Arm Drags
Scoop Slam
Drop Toe Hold

Signature Setup Moves (do not end matches):
Overhead Butterfly Suplex
  [most common setup for the Toxic Spike]
Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker + Saito Suplex combo
Stalling High Rotation German Suplex
Modified Belly-to-Belly Suplex
  [over the shoulder rather than overhead]
Single Underhook Throw
  [from a front facelock]
Short-Arm Crossbody
  [often an Irish Whip counter]
Crucifix Rack Facebuster
  [he'll sometimes hold the Crucifix Rack as a submission before the facebuster]
Pop-up Forearm Smash
Pop-up Lariat
Texas Cloverleaf
Cross Armbreaker
Drop Toe Hold + Running Knee combo
Top Rope Rolling Crossbody
  [done without the roll if heavily fatigued]

Signature Moves (can end unimportant matches, neafalls in bigger matches):
Cyclone Drop (Spinning Argentine Backbreaker Slam)
Mutiny II (Arm Trap Pumphandle Powerbomb)
  [like the Riptide but with the arms reversed]
Disaster Driver II (Scoop Half Nelson Michinoku Driver)
  [preceded by a Half Nelson knee to the midsection, often a Lariat counter]
Tiger Driver (Tiger Driver '98)

Finisher (ends almost all matches it appears in):
Toxic Spike (Modified Spike Brainbuster)

Superfinisher (very rare, last resort only if finisher fails):
Reverse Toxic Spike (Stalling Inverted Brainbuster)

Career Record

Massacre 53 - vs Machado (W)
Massacre 54 - vs Seiji Shimuzu (W) no show
XWA On a Pole - vs Machado | AJ Morales | Jimmy Two-Scoop [XWA Hardcore Championship] (L) no show
Massacre 55 - vs Joey Miles (c) [XWA World Television Championship] [LotR] (W)
Massacre 56 - vs DJ Lewis [XWA World Television Championship] [LotR] (W) no show
Massacre 57 - vs Razor Xtreme [XWA World Television Championship] [LotR] (W)
Lord of the Ring - vs Troy Spencer [Lord of the Ring Finals] [Steel Cage Match] (W) no show


for reference:



Ring Name
Tyler Lawson

Birth Name
Tyler Jeffrey Lawson

Former Nicknames
"The Instant Classic"
"Lawless" / "The Lawless One"
"The Closet Gay" *see Character section

Birth Date
September 11, 1980

Height and Weight
6'5" | 230 Lbs (was 247 Lbs when active)

Pittsburgh, PA


Picture Base
Hurricane Helms (current)

Toxic Spike (Modified Spike Brainbuster)
Mutiny I (Double Underhook Double Knee Backbreaker)

Signature Moves
Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker + Saito Suplex combo
Steel City Special (Double-Arm-Trap Neckbreaker)
Texas Cloverleaf

Signature Setup Moves
Various Suplexes
Air Lawson (Running Side Leg Lariat/Hip Attack to a cornered opponent)
Big Boot

To sum up Tyler Lawson's career succinctly, he was a great talent saddled with a very unfortunate story for most of his tenure. Despite immense technical wrestling skill and a spot with one of the hottest stables around, Lawson was plagued with rumors from friend and foe alike that he was in the closet, and despite them being unfounded he unfortunately let them get under his skin on several occasions. The truth of how it started or who proposed the angle is lost to time, but the gimmick remained an albatross that plagued Lawson's career and prevented him from ever taking the next step into the main event scene. Now retired and working as a trainer, Tyler looks back at his old gimmick as being in bad taste and having not aged well, so he prefers not to talk about it. He's not necessarily ashamed of his career, but he knows he didn't reach his full potential and wants to help Frank achieve the things he never could.

He was also a Pirate once. People might reference that.

Career Record

Former Xtreme Wrestling Association International Champion (2011)
Former Xtreme Wrestling Association Rising Star Division Champion (2010)
Former Sudden Impact Wrestling Television Champion (2010)
Former Sudden Impact Wrestling Impact Division Champion (2009)
Former Total No Limits Wrestling Hardcore Champion (2011)
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Re: "The Zero Wolf" Frank Lawson

Postby Abdel » Tue Apr 28, 2020 5:22 pm

The Big Bad Wolf
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Tyler Lawson

Re: "The Zero Wolf" Frank Lawson

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Abdel dude. wrote:
Tue Apr 28, 2020 5:22 pm
The Big Bad Wolf
That would have been his nickname in New Japan.
Za Biggu Baddo Worufu

He could have teamed with YJ
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Characters Handled: Frank Lawson
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Re: Frank Lawson | LORD OF THE RING 2020

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all hail

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