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Name: Vespertine

Nicknames: Asian Invasion, Well Rounded Fighting Machine, Elegance Personified, Pretty Little Poison

Age: 25

Alignment: Tweener

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 lbs

Hometown: San Francisco, Ca

Biography: She has wrestled everywhere. Britain, Mexico, Japan, and US and has made many friends, enemies and rivals over the years. She comes from a weathly family. Her father owns the PF chang's restaurants and her mother is the VP of Marketing for Apple. She was born in Seoul, South Korea but her parents came to the states when she was 2 and she currently lives in San Francisco, Ca. She is a no nonsense get it done type of person. And she isn't afraid to break bones or bleed if it gets a reaction from the crowd. She loves flying and performing and trys to outdo what she did in her last match. Her parents don't approve of her lifestyle choice but she doesn't care. As she says: "You either love me or you hate me. If I get any reaction anywhere in between, then I'm not doing my job correctly."

Championship and Accomplishments:
- VCW 1x hardcore champion
- VCW 3x Light Heavyweight Champion
- VCW 1x Tag Team Champion (w/ Munchkin)
- VCW 1st female double champion
- VCW 2009 Battlegrounds Winner
- VCW 1x World Champion
- VCW Hall of Famer
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion 2x
- WCW: Hardcore Champion 1x
- WCW: Light Heavyweight Champion 2x
- WCW: Women’s Champion 3xs
- WCW: Tag Team Champion (w/ Ms. Alison)
- WCW Hall of Famer
- IIW Women’s Champion
- WTF Pure Star Champion
- UWF X Treme Champion (5x)
- BWF International Champion (1x)

Teams and Alliances:
- In AWF joined the Corporation. Stable included La Envidia Mata and Chris Wrestling
- In WCW joined Pain Inc. Stable included Venom, Widow, Johnny Blaze
- In WCW, headed AWW (Awesome Women Wrestlers). Stable Included Angel of Darkness (from Dark Alliance), Widow (from Pain Inc)

Pic Base: Dichen Lachman (from Dollhouse) Image

Ring gear: She wears black leggings with the words "Death" up the right side" and "By Diva" down the left side, she wears a purple sequined top, black wrestling boots, black elbow pads and knee pads.

Entrance gear: Same as ring gear but she wears a black trenchcoat duster to the ring, black sunglasses.

Street/backstage gear: Usually nightclub attire. Very sexy and very open and very small. Or just jeans and a tight fitting baby T shirt with high heels.

Entrance Theme: "Undefeated" - Skillet

Entrance: (the sound of a Japanese flute starts out playing quietly over the loudspeakers and the lights go down. The Tron comes up and we see two armies standing face to face on a battlefield. The flute plays louder and quicker and the camera on the Tron gets closer to the two armies. The camera cuts scene...

(the camera cuts back to a scene of two armies. The Japanese flute plays louder. Both armies are huge and they are an army of shogun, ronin, and samurai. As the army walks forward a single figure comes into view and emerges from the line and climbs up onto a boulder. The figure raises their sword and as one the entire army stops. The camera goes over their shoulder and we see the other army standing as a wall in the distance. The figure/leader takes off their helmet and long black hair tumbles out from it and flows all around, sometimes waving and weaving in places where the wind catches it. The figure turns and looks at the army behind her and we see it is Vespertine. She raises her sword and roars in fury. Camera cuts scene and the Japanese flute stops. Japanese drums start beating rapidly at march rhythem)

(camera cuts back to scene of her army raising their own swords and shouting in fury. The camera pans back quickly and she does the motion of "go forward with her sword and the camera goes up and we see her entire army run forward to join in the fray below and clash with the wall of men below them. The camera then cuts to various shots of her wrestling as she makes her way to the ring...)

(The drums stop suddenly and "Undefeated" starts up and a single spotlight in the arena come up and we see a lone figure standing at the top of the ramp. One arm is raised and we see it is Vespertine and she is standing facing the entrance curtains. She spins around rather quickly and at the end of the turn she points at the audience where upon a couple of pyros go off on each side of her. She stands at the top of the ramp looking around at the audience. Then suddenly she reaches her hands out to them as if to encompass their souls and fire pillar pyros go off behind her. She saunters on down to the ring, stepping in time to the music. She wears black wrestling shorts, a black wrestling sports top with purple sequins which reveals her midriff and abs, black wrestling boots, her black trenchcoat duster and black sunglasses. She slides in underneathe the ropes, takes off her sunglasses and looks around at various spots in the audience with a narrow feral cat like look in her eyes and slightly licks her lips. She has on heavy glitter around her eyes and a heavy dark turquoise black (or other color) eyeliner. She crawls seductively like a cat to the other side of the ring and then suddenly jumps up and spreads her arms out and lands in an X like pattern where upon at each corner of the ring, showers of golden sparks come flying out. As this goes on, she screams (Melina style) at the top of her lungs.) She then looks around, and takes off her trenchcoat duster and sunglasses and and gives it to a person outside the ring and goes to sit on the turnbuckle facing the ring entrance until the match starts (or dances and stretches a little bit waiting for her opponent)

Wrestling Style: Goes for moves that take risk. Big on respect and will show it in the ring if shown to her. But not above cheating to win sometimes. Likes to do a lot of aerial moves. But is also a great mat technician.

Common Moves:
1. Arm drags of various kinds
2. Asai Inverted DDT
3. Tilt A Whirl Arm Drag
4. Reverse Bulldog
5. Slingshot Bulldog
6. Ninja Suplex
7. Float Over DDT
8. Headscissors DDT
9. Tilt A Whirl DDT
10. Hurricarana Driver
11. Over the rope one leg drop (Mysterio style)

1. Diving Reverse Elbow
2. Shooting Star Press
3. Dragonana
4. Springboard Hurricarana
5. Moonsault Leg Drop
6. FLying Spinning Heel Kick
7. 450 Senton
8. High ANgle Senton Bomb
9. Shirunai
10. Crucifix Head Scissors
11. Lionsault
12. Whisper in the Wind
13. Flying Head Scissors
15. Step Up Enzigurai

1. Crossbody Block
2. Melina type punches and kicks
3. Tilt A Whirl Cross body
4. Kesagiri Chop
5. Flying clotheslines
6. Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop
7. Knee Drop
8. Discus Back Elbow
9. Shining Wizard (usually done when opponent is tied up in the ropes)
10. Dragon whip kick
11. Axe kick
12. Round house kick
13. Galopante Strike
14. Capeoria Handspin Leg Drop (John Morrison style)
15. Off the tope rope rebound cross body block

Technical Moveset:
1. Crippler Cross Face
2. Reverse Bow and Arrow Lock
3. Spider's Web
4. Golgata
5. One Leg Sharpshooter
6. Inverted Surfboard
7. Bridging Reverse Chinlock
8. Ring post figure four leg lock
9. Koji Clutch
10. Keymura Lock

"Breaking the bank"- A Code breaker (to the back after which she holds on and makes it a reverse bow and arrow lock or Surfboard)
"Death by Diva" - An Osaka Street Cutter
You will feel death... by... Diva

Opponents Defeated
- Richard Head
- Lynx
- "Gokuda" Kaida Kagome, Matriarch of Clan Kagome

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Characters Handled: Vespertine

Vespertine wiki

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Vespertine (born Oct. 21, 1988, real name: Kimber Le) is a Korean born, Asian American citizen and (mixed) martial artist, model, actress and professional wrestler currently signed to XWA (Xtreme Wrestling Association). Vespertine made her singles debut in wrestling in 2007 and made her managing debut in 2010.

Career (s)
Early Life (before wrestling)
Vespertine grew up in San Francisco, Ca. She is an only child. Her father owns the Benihana and PF Chang’s chains of restaurants and a casino in Las Vegas, her mother is the Marketing VP of Apple. Before going into wrestling, she was a model and an actress in Hollywood. She competed in martials arts and cheerleading in high school, Lowell High School in the Sunset District of San Francisco, Ca.

At the age of 8, her father put her into some karate classes, in the hopes this would teach her self defense if she ever were attacked on the streets of San Francisco. Over the years she has learned and trained in several different places in the world and has learned many different forms of martial arts. She trained in a Dojo in San Francisco to study in the Japanese martial arts. She went to Korea to study Korean Martial arts and Muay Thai kickboxing. Her instructor was a famous Kickboxer having trained in Thailand for many years. He taught her not only Tae Kwon Do but kickboxing as well.

College and Wrestling Break in.
She went to UCLA and got a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications. From there she got into modeling and did a stint or two in the movies.

She was watching WWE on TV one day, and fuming over the fact that she had just been dumped by her boyfriend of 6 months when the thought hit her that she should go into wrestling to get out her pent up aggression and anger. She then visited a house show at a regional promotion and was introduced to Melina and Gail Kim. At this show, Gail told her about a teacher that could train her in Mexico. So she moved to San Diego to a little suburb called Temecula, Ca and went over the border each day to train in wrestling. In Mexico she trained in the luchadore style of wrestling under the tutelage of Rey Misterio Sr. While she trained under him, she also did more modeling work doing photo shoots and some acting work for Hollywood. This paid for her wrestling schooling.

- WCW (Western Championship Wrestling) Career: 1st Run
WCW was her entrance into the wrestling world. She was scared and green. She quickly overcame both by getting into feuds with Widow, Alison, and Nightelf, three of WCW’s top women. She soon made a name for herself by beating every one of those three woman and almost everyone she stepped into the ring with. There were highs and lows for her in the WCW but through it all, she was always happy to be there. As she has said many times: this was her first home (for wrestling) and one she won’t ever forget. In her first run she won the Women’s Title twice. The first time she won the Women’s Title it was against Ms. Alison who had won it only a month before. Ms. Alison would eventually lose it to Trinity thereby paving the way for Vespertine to face Trinity. She won the Women’s Title a second time by beating Trinity for it on Dec 24th. Vespertine would go on to become champion and Trinity would disappear. During this run in WCW, she would befriend another woman wrestler named Nightelf and Nightelf being an extremist would teach Vespertine everything she needed to know in and out of the ring about wrestling and extreme. Nightelf mentored Vespertine through most of her matches in WCW. It was in a Cage match against Widow where she was X factored off the top of the cage and broke her face in two but that was the start of her “extreme” calling.

Nightelf then introduced her to Jeffrey Vanders and they would date for a while before that sizzled into a little feud. Then Vespertine decided to join a stable called Pain Inc. Pain Inc had been a stable in the federation since the inception of WCW. Many had come into the stable and many had gone but throughout it all, a man named Venum was the rock of the stable and the leader. He let Vespertine join and in doing so, she teamed up with her stable mate Alison to write history. They would be the first female tag team to become the tag team champions beating the team of Doomsayer and Deathbringer, aka Dead Reckoning, from another large stable in WCW, Dark Alliance. Vespertine and Alison held the tag titles for months. They turned back every tag team thrown at them. But unbeknownst to her, turmoil was brewing between the two. Alison was jealous of Vespertine as she was her partner and women’s champion at the same time and Alison didn’t like the direction WCW was going under Vespertine. At the same time, Nightelf was also having trouble with Vespertine as she also didn’t like the direction WCW was going under her. So at WCW’s flagship PPV, Ms. Alison and Nightelf joined forces and turned on Vespertine. The team of Vespertine and Ms. Alison, A Class Act, disintegrated into dust that night. Vespertine would leave WCW soon after as she also lost the Women’s title on the same night to a woman named Hope Masterson. Alison would go on to become Women’s Champion and also team up with Vespertine’s mentor and now archenemy: Nightelf.

WCW Career: 2nd Run
This run would only last for a month. She came back hoping she would gain the Women’s championship title again. She discovered that not only was there no Women’s Title anymore, the federation had gone coed. Add to that the fact the hatred Nightelf built up inside of her against Vespertine and that was perfect for another chapter in their already long rivalry/history. The two fought by words long and hard weeks before the PPV aired, and neither backed down whenever they came face to face. It was going to be an extreme match where the winner would get a title shot of any title of her choice at the next weekly show, Tuesday Night Turbo. For Nightelf it was all about winning that shot and going after any title. For Vespertine it was about making Elf realize she was equal to her in every way. She wanted to destroy Elf and whether she won or lost, whether she bled or was broken, she was going into that match with one purpose: to destroy her rival/mentor/enemy: to destroy Nightelf. The PPV came and it was instantly clear that Vespertine had learned a lot since last being in the WCW. She dominated the match but still lost. Nightelf would win the title shot, win the rivalry but Vespertine knew that the war was far from over and that one day when Nightelf’s path would cross hers again, their feud will continue. Nightelf would go on to win the Ultimate X title, Vespertine would again fade away into oblivion after attempting to try and get in a feud with Chris Champion and Scabiosa and failing to do that.

Time away from the ring, an Indie Federation and WCW 3rd run.
At this point Vespertine claims to have gone back to Japan to meditate and become enlightened. She wanted to believe she could become a better wrestler and a better person. She was away for 9 months from WCW. During this time, she tried her hand in another independent federation where she became the Women’s Champion. But the women’s division fizzled out and she then went back to WCW. Here, this time, she started up a stable with two former rivals, Widow and Angel of Darkness. The group was known as AWW (Awesome Women Wrestlers) and was lead by all three. The theme: a trio of women bountyhunters. During this run, she was the US Heavyweight Champion which was the second highest title belt in the company. She beat Johnny Blaze for the title, an old stablemate of hers from Pain Inc. AWW was successful and while Widow and AOD were doing good she took one last step up in the company by getting into a feud with Johnny Extreme, the best WCW had to offer as he was 4x World Heavyweight Champion and the only Triple Crown champion of the company. At the company’s last PPV, she went against Johnny Extreme but didn’t win the title. A month later, WCW closed and in the process of it’s closing, they had a Hall of Fame induction and she was one of the last to be inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame.

Career in VCW (Virtual Championship Wrestling)
When WCW closed, she went looking around for another federation. She stumbled upon VCW, aka Virtual Championship Wrestling. She joined in January and it wasn’t long before she started rising to the top. She had a mission or two to achieve in VCW: 1. to go straight to the top and 2. to destroy Rock and Roll, VCW’s only face stable. A month after joining, she obtained the Hardcore Title. A few months before she arrived in VCW, a female wrestler by the name of Athena decided to do away with the Women’s Championship and in doing so, the women of VCW could now go after any title they so chose. The hardcore title was her first step. Over the course of the next 11 months to the end of 2009, she would lose the hardcore title and gain it back twice, become the Light Heavyweight champion 3 times, become VCW’s first ever female double champion and around the end of 2009 would become the VCW World Heavyweight Champion. Over the course of 9 months her feuds with the likes of Wolf, Athena, Sammy Zero, Zack Zero, Backlash, Kaster Troy, the GM Syco and Munchkin would start, take effect and eventually alter the direction of the entire VCW federation. It was her feud with The Wolf especially where both women traded titles back and forth many times. Both women were known for their aggressiveness and so because they could not contain their feud to any one single ring, both women were put in cage matches, Elimination Chamber matches, Hell in a Cell Matches, TLC matches and a tag team buried alive match. The last PPV would signal a new era for Vespertine... but not one for her. She was double champion and was on a quest to be VCW’s first ever triple champion. Her opponent for that PPV was Wolf who was the hardcore champion was also on a quest to become triple champion herself. This was mostly to take away Vespertine’s influence and power in VCW. It was another Hell in a Cell match between the two of them. Vespertine lost that match and Wolf became the first ever VCW triple crown champion. Wolf was celebrating with her husband Cody Black and the rest of Rock and Roll when she collapsed. Doctors said she overdosed on painkillers before the match. She was in a coma for the next 8 months.

Career in VCW
It had taken Wolf months to get back to where she was before. Wolf came back Mid April and her mission was to regain her titles, regain her status and continue her feud with Vespertine. After Wolf fell into a coma the titles were stripped from her via decision by then GM, VCW veteran Syco. A tournament was held to find out who the next World Heavyweight Title holder would be. Vespertine and Wolf’s rivalry was like no other, both women held each other in high respect and while Wolf was in a coma Vespertine visited her often in the hospital and talked with her husband and co leader of Rock and Roll Cody Black.

She was then paired with a man known as Munchkin and in their quest to become the tag team champions, they became lovers. In Mid January, the goal was achieved for the two of them: Vespertine had now become Tag Team champion with Munchkin. This cemented her legendary status within the federation because she had gained all the belts that were available to her and had put down every superstar that was thrown in her path: Silver/Gold, Wolf, Athena, Kaster and Pollox Troy (aka the Regulators), Syco (who at their first time meeting would be the GM of Monday Night). At the last PPV, End of Days, Vespertine lost the Light Heavyweight Belt. A month or so later, early November, VCW went out of business.

Career in ACW (American Championship Wrestling)
Since it looked as if VCW would be dangerously close to closing its doors, she started looked for another federation and finally found one in the form of ACW, American Championship Wrestling. Her first two matches in were successful taking on the likes of ACW veterans: Ashley “Daisy” Davis and Cynthia Cross. Surprisingly, ACW management saw something in her and decided to put her in a title match for the Survivor Title her third match in which was held, at that time, by Darren Iceman Moore. She lost but in that same night she joined a rather new and dangerous stable to ACW, the Corporation headed by two men, La Envidia Mata and Chris Wrestling. Since her debut in ACW, she has gained allies in the Corporation but has also gained many enemies in the process. Her enemies included Aurelei Jamison, Aurora Matthews, and Kaylyn Vaude. The Corporation were attacked by all sides from many different factions and wrestlers. Through it all, they stood tall and protected each other’s backs. Money talked in that faction and money was definitely a factor in Mata’s last win over ACW’s resident, evil doer and former World Heavyweight Title holder, David “Snake” Matthews. While she was there, several old “friends” from WCW had joined up in the forms of Johnny Blaze and Nightelf. It was in February when Nightelf and Vespertine would meet up again to continue their feud. Nightelf looked to continue it, Vespertine looked to finish it. It was a brutal match but in the end Vespertine would come out the winner thus finally putting an end to her feud and rivalry with her long time enemy/friend/partner/mentor, Nightelf. Nightelf would leave ACW soon after but Johnny Blaze stayed on. The Corporation would then be lead down a path toward another stable in ACW, a new one called Toxic Melody who was composed of Snake, his wife Aurora Matthews, Aurelei Jamison and Eric Donovan. These four have ruled ACW with an iron fist that year but the new stable Corporation was also looking to take over and dominate ACW and both stables were on a collision course that eventually came to fruition. Over the course of a few months both stables racked up wins and gained friends and enemies. In early June, The Corporation suddenly left ACW. They felt they were being overlooked so the stable minus Vespertine left the federation. Vespertine floundered within the federation for a few months not having a stable to watch her back and in early July, after a series of losses at the hands of Toxic Melody, Vespertine let her contract expire and moved on.

Career in WTF (Wrestling Turmoil Federation)
Vespertine had a good run in WTF, even gaining the Pure Star Championship Belt on their brand show Affliction. She got into a relationship with Bill Wheldon, a wrestler of WTF on their brand show Beatdown which lasted until she was let go from WTF. After she lost the Pure Star Championship, a week or so later she was let go from WTF for the sole reason that she and Precious, the WTF president, didn’t see eye to eye and Vespertine was sent packing.

Career in GZWA (Ground Zero Wrestling Assocation)
It was in this federation that her bisexuality came out. Vespertine had always been bisexual but never in front of the camera. She wanted to test it out to see if she could pull it off. So she began a relationship with another wrestler by the name of Amanda Cortez. She topped off that year with long feud with Molly Holly. Vespertine’s plans to go straight to the top and dominate the federation to make her own personal playground ended when Amanda broke up with her. She then got into a big feud with Amanda, via help from Molly Holly. After her feud with Amanda was over, she was given the pinkslip.

Career in EWE (Extreme Wrestling Entertainment)
She took some time off between GZWA and EWE to do some traveling and modeling. Her first match pitted her against EWE favorite Madelyn “The Shadow” Wright. She went against some tough EWE veterans such as Abby Addiction, Hollie Winder, Mickie James, Christy Chaos, and Dustin Jobber. In the annual PPV: Phase III, she met Amelia Pieterson for the EWE women’s Title. She lost that match but she quickly rebounded back with wins over Katie Lea and Micki James. This was all on the road to Wrestlemania. She would win over Katie and Micki in a tournament to meet the Divas Champion at Wrestlemania but first she had to face a newcomer Angela Fortin at the PPV Final Destination a month before WM, in Denver, Colorado. She lost to Angela and was put back down at mid card level. She then let her contract expire and moved on.

Career In UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation)
She didn’t get off to quite as a good a start in this federation as she lost her debut match at UWF’s flagship show Ultimate Showdown at a Cage/Ladder/Money in the Bank match. While she didn’t have any notable rivalries or feud’s, she traded the X treme Title back and forth with a man named Richard Garcia who has been the UWF World Champion. She was on her 5th X Treme title reign and was currently in the running to be UWF King of the Ring which got a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. In October, the company folded and closed and she moved on.

Career in PDW (Platinum Dynasty Wrestling)
As she claims, wrestling is in her blood so it didn’t take her very long to move on from UWF to a new federation called Platinum Dynasty Wrestling. She debuted in October and won her debut match. She had a shot at the Cyber Champion at PDW’s weekly show Undisclosed against Cyber Champion Diana Valentine. She lost the match. She won her next match against a virtual newcomer Katrina Leone but then lost another title shot match in an elimination type match. Fed up with the backstage politics, she left the federation.

Career in Redemption Wrestling: Jan 2013- July 2014
She did a little bit of modeling before getting the wrestling bug again. So looking around, she happened upon an organization run out of St. Louis, Missouri called RW or Redemption Wrestling. She debuted in Jan 2013 and won her debut match against Shan Harper. Since her debut she had been going strong even developing a feud with Redemption veteran Ryan Shane. The feud had been going for weeks and the culmination of it was at a PPV called Revelations. It was a regular match but Ryan was on borrowed time. See, he didn’t actually have a full contract, the GM of Redemption, Rochelle Robinson, wanted to see what he could do first before she would grant him a full contract. In order to get that full contract, he had to win at Revelations. Vespertine made sure he lost. His career in Redemption was short lived. For Vespertine, she then go into another small feud with another Redemption veteran by the name of Medea Jane. Their first encounter didn’t happen as Vespertine was paid to no show the match. By who? Vespertine claims it was Hunter, Medea’s sidekick. Medea claims she didn’t have any part of it. Hunter claims someone else locked Vespertine in her room before the match. After this, she got into a backstage altercation with the RW GM and was fired on the spot.

Retirement and other work: July 2014- Sept 2016
She swore she was going to retire from wrestling and she outright quit the business after RW. She went home to San Francisco and continued to model and worked at the local Dojo to train kids in the MMA style of fighting.

Career in XWA: Sept 10, 2016- Pres.
She still trains kids but her modeling career is on hold. The wrestling bug got back into her system so she looked at several federations before choosing XWA. She debuted against Richard Head and beat him at Massacre #36, fought and beat Lynx at Massacre #37 a huge behemoth of a man at 7'1, 360lbs. At her first PPV show, "On a Boat" she was put into a fatal four way, falls count anywhere, elimination match against Lynx, Buffalo Bill Deckersly and John Johnston. After forming alliances and breaking them all within the span of 30 minutes in the match, she finally held her hand in victory.

In Wrestling:
- Widow, Alison, Nightelf, Angel of Darkness, Doomsayer, Johnny Extreme and JA Sawyer the Working Man, Johnny Blaze

- The Wolf, Sammy Zero, Syco, Munchkin, Pollox and Kaster Troy, and Athena (usually teamed with Wolf to be "Beauty and the Beast").

- Aurelei Jamison, Aurora Matthews, Kaylyn Vaude, and Michaelina Summers.

- Molly Holly, Amanda Cortez

- Hollie Winder, Christy Chaos, Amelia Pieterson,

- Richard Garcia, Jeff Turner (mostly for the X treme title).

- Ryan Shane

- Currently none

- “My moves change every match. The moves I used on you last time, will not be the same moves I used on you this time.” (2004- 2007)
- “Death By Diva” (currently in use)
- “Dying is a day worth living for. (currently in use off and on)
- “I don’t settle for second best. I’m first or not at all (currently in use off and on)

Entrance Music
-“That Boy Is Mine” By Brandi and Monique (WCW)
- Instrumental to that Boy is Mine (WCW)
- “Just Close your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde (WCW, VCW)
- “Nemo” by Nightwish (ACW)
- “Cuz I Can” By Pink (VCW, ACW, WTF)
- “Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown (GZWA, EWE, and RW)
- “My Fatal Kiss” by Krypteria (PDW, UWF and EWE)
- "Undefeated" - by SKillet (XWA)

In Wrestling:

“Flying Diva Special”: An Osaka Street Cutter
“Breaking the Bank” : A Codebreaker which can be followed up by a reverse bow and arrow lock

Some signature Moves:
Galopante Strike
Capoeira handspin kick
Crucifix head scissors
Leg Stretch
Step Up Enzigurai
Ninja Suplex
Off the rope hurricarana
Bulldog from the Corner
Tarantula (a rope hung Boston Crab
A sling shot suplex followed up by a Jillian Hall elbow drop
450 Splash off the top rope
A crippler cross face

Trained by
- Rey Misterio Sr. in the Luchadore high flying style of wrestling
- Nightelf in the Extreme style of wrestling.
- Widow in the submission based and mat technical styles of wrestling.
- “Stick” and “O” in Kempo Karate and Jiu Jitsu
- Henry in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai kickboxing
- class train and self taught in Caporeira

Personal Life
- When she is between wrestling gigs she teaches martial arts to the local community.
- She is a non practicing Buddhist
- She has two white tigers for pets. One is called Kenji, the other is Geisha. Geisha is older than Kenji by some years. They are housed 40 minutes south of San Francisco, Ca on a large piece of property that is 5 acres, that Vespertine owns in a little town called Los Altos Hills.
- She has three cars, a silver topless BMW, a black Ferrari, and a canvassed topped red Mercedes SLK.
- Her martial arts include: Karate Kempo, Capoeira, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing
- Resides in San Francisco, Ca. Has also lived in Santa Monica, Ca while going to college at UCLA (BA communications), Temecula, Ca (near San Diego) while training to be a wrestler, Kyoto Japan to train for more martial arts
- Modeled for: Vogue Magazine, Black Belt Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue, WCW Legends Magazine, Elle, VCW Magazine, Playboy Magazine, FHM, Cosmopolitan Magazine
- Cites Lita, Melina, and Gail Kim as being her idols and what drew to her wrestling.
- Musical instruments she can play: Gibson V bass guitar, piano, violin, bass(fiddle).
- Currently in the band "Inner Darkness" (metal, goth rock) with band members include: Nightelf (drums), Bill Wheldon (Keyboards), Rae Rossi Black (guitar) Cody Black (vocals)
- Formerly dated Shinjin Shotowan off screen. He lives in Menlo Park and works as a Regional Sales Manager for Hewlett Parkard Co.
- Currently dating James Rodriguez. James is Vespertine’s real life off/on screen boyfriend. He works as an editorial writer for the Oakland Tribune and as a doctor/trainer/wrestler for a regional wrestling promotion called Bay Area Wrestling Association as he was a former wrestler for the BAWA. He was on his way to WCW when an in ring accident left him with bad back. James is 32 years old, latino/hispanic, lives on the border between Berkeley and Oakland. As he puts it, he has been watching her career well over the past 5 years and is her biggest fan.
- Off/on screen best friends include: Jaime Chung, Kimmora Lee Simmons, Lucy Liu and Gail Kim (will occasionally be included in her promos)

Outside of martial arts and wrestling, her hobbies include street racing her black Ferrari (usually Oakland, Ca), wakeboarding, snowboarding, kite surfing, music, nightclubbing, traveling, and acting/modeling.

Titles held
- VCW 1x hardcore champion
- VCW 3x Light Heavyweight Champion
- VCW 1x Tag Team Champion (w/ Munchkin)
- VCW 1st female double champion
- VCW Battlegrounds Winner
- VCW 1x World Champion
- VCW Hall of Fame Recipient
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion (2x)
- WCW: Hardcore Champion 1x
- WCW: Light Heavyweight Champion 2x
- WCW: Women’s Champion 3xs
- WCW: Tag Team Champion (w/ Ms. Alison)
- WCW Hall of Recipient
- IIW Women’s Champion
- WTF Pure Star Champion
- UWF X Treme Champion (5x)
- BWF International Champion (1x)

- The Well Rounded Fighting Machine
- The Asian Invasion
- Elegance Personified
- Pretty Little Poison

OOC: Pic bases used for her
- Ji In Cho (leader singer to metal groups Krypteria, As She Lay Dying)
- Jaime Chung
- Dichen Lachman
- Ziyi Zhang
- Angela Fong
- MIko Lee (yep the pornstar lol)

Updated as of 10/6/18
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You will feel death... by... Diva

Opponents Defeated
- Richard Head
- Lynx
- "Gokuda" Kaida Kagome, Matriarch of Clan Kagome

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Re: Vespertine

Postby Vespertine » Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:13 am

Outfit and entrance for Legends

She has on black wrestling boots, a purple sports bra type top, black wrestling leggings with the gold words "Death" up the right side, and "By Diva" down the left side and her black trenchcoat duster. She has a black tri corner pirate hat; black, round, steampunk type glasses, and a huge gold Spanish medallion hanging around her neck. She has a gold plated musket on one hip and a curved cutlass on the other. When she gets to the ring, she takes off the hat, the glasses, the gold medallion, the weapons and waits for the match to start.

Tron Entrance
We see a close up of her eyes which are staring intensely at the camera. The camera backs up and she is now in a full shot, standing alone, in the ring, in an empty stadium with one single spotlight on her. Then it cuts to various shots of her wrestling, taking the katana shots from Kaida, taking down Lynx, getting into a MMA style fist fight against Albion Gale and Angelica Vaughn, teaming up with Buffalo Bill to take out Lynx only to take him out a second or two later. Then the camera cuts to a shot of her in the ring, arms spread out and she is looking upwards. She looks back down and the camera zooms in on her eyes. The screen does a shimmer of some sorts and when it comes back we see what appear to be two cannons on the under portion of a three masted schooner of a ship. As the camera backs up to reveal it's a pirate ship with the sword and crossbones on its flag. Somebody yells fire, we see the twin guns fire and both of them are shooting flames at the camera, like flamethrowers. The screen explodes as the flames roar to life and then when they die down and when it comes back into focus, we see a pirate ship sailing off into the distance. Then we hear over the loudspeakers Vespertine's voice:)

VO: You be sailing my waters. This be my yard! Prepare to feel

Entrance song (only for Legends): Start out with the song from POTC: At World's End, "Hoist the Colors."

then subtly the song changes from that to "In The Air tonight" - Kelly Sweet version (instead of Phil Collins.)

The opening notes of "Hoist the Colors" start up over the loudspeakers. The arena lights go out and on the stage shines a single red spotlight. This goes for several minutes as the Tron comes up. Then as the song changes to "In the Air Tonight" by Kelly Sweet, blasts of air come from underneathe the stage as the song gets louder. Suddenly from below the stage, Vespertine appears dressed in black wrestling boots, a purple sports bra type top, black wrestling leggings with the gold words of "Death" up the right side, and "By Diva" down the left side, and her black trenchcoat duster. What's different is she is wearing a black tri corner pirate's hat; black, round, steampunk type sunglasses and a huge gold Spanish medallion hangs around her neck. On her right hip is a gold plated musket (the only color on her at the moment) and on her left hip, is a curved cutlass in his holster. Right now the gold doubloon is the only thing giving her a bit of color. She comes up and the lift stops and we she is crouched on the ground, both hand on the ground looking like she is ready to strike and pounce at any time. She slowly looks up and looks around at whoever is in the ring and at the audience. Then slowly she stands up tall and takes a step foward, takes out her gold musket and her curved cutlass, and roars in fury at the top of her lungs. As the music gets more into it, she shoots her musket into the air and we see small flashes of fake muzzle fire, streaks of blue light emanate from them and then small explosions go off over the ring, as if she shot towards the ring. She smirks lopsidedly and holsters both weapons and then struts down to the ring. When she gets to the ring apron, she goes up the ring steps, goes through the ropes rather seductively and goes to the middle of the ring, takes off her glasses, throws her hat to ringside revealing long stringy hair with silver streaks throughout. She takes out her cutlass, points it in the air, and screams feral like at the top of her lungs, upon which fire pillar pyros go off on each turnbuckle.

As the music dies down, we hear an old salty hand say: "And that, ye scurvy dogs, be the legend in these waters. The Legend of the Pretty Little Poison" She then gives her weapons, trenchcoat, and doubloon to a techie and then goes to a far corner and stretches while waiting for her opponents.
You will feel death... by... Diva

Opponents Defeated
- Richard Head
- Lynx
- "Gokuda" Kaida Kagome, Matriarch of Clan Kagome


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