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Postby Vespertine » Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:16 am

Name: Vespertine

Nicknames: Asian Invasion, Well Rounded Fighting Machine, Elegance Personified

Age: 25

Alignment: Tweener

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 lbs

Hometown: San Francisco, Ca

Biography: She has wrestled everywhere. Britain, Mexico, Japan, and US and has made many friends, enemies and rivals over the years. She comes from a weathly family. Her father owns the PF chang's restaurants and her mother is the VP of Marketing for Apple. She was born in Seoul, South Korea but her parents came to the states when she was 2 and she currently lives in San Francisco, Ca. She is a no nonsense get it done type of person. And she isn't afraid to break bones or bleed if it gets a reaction from the crowd. She loves flying and performing and trys to outdo what she did in her last match. Her parents don't approve of her lifestyle choice but she doesn't care. As she says: "You either love me or you hate me. If I get any reaction anywhere in between, then I'm not doing my job correctly."

Championship and Accomplishments:
- VCW 1x hardcore champion
- VCW 3x Light Heavyweight Champion
- VCW 1x Tag Team Champion (w/ Munchkin)
- VCW 1st female double champion
- VCW 2009 Battlegrounds Winner
- VCW 1x World Champion
- VCW Hall of Famer
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion 2x
- WCW: Hardcore Champion 1x
- WCW: Light Heavyweight Champion 2x
- WCW: Women’s Champion 3xs
- WCW: Tag Team Champion (w/ Ms. Alison)
- WCW Hall of Famer
- IIW Women’s Champion
- WTF Pure Star Champion
- UWF X Treme Champion (5x)
- BWF International Champion (1x)

Teams and Alliances:
- In AWF joined the Corporation. Stable included La Envidia Mata and Chris Wrestling
- In WCW joined Pain Inc. Stable included Venom, Widow, Johnny Blaze
- In WCW, headed AWW (Awesome Women Wrestlers). Stable Included Angel of Darkness (from Dark Alliance), Widow (from Pain Inc)

Pic Base: Dichen Lachman (from Dollhouse) Image

Ring gear: She wears black leggings with the words "Death" up the right side" and "By Diva" down the left side, she wears a purple sequined top, black wrestling boots, black elbow pads and knee pads.

Entrance gear: Same as ring gear but she wears a black trenchcoat duster to the ring, black sunglasses.

Street/backstage gear: Usually nightclub attire. Very sexy and very open and very small. Or just jeans and a tight fitting baby T shirt with high heels.

Entrance Theme: "Undefeated" - Skillet

Entrance: (the sound of a Japanese flute starts out playing quietly over the loudspeakers and the lights go down. The Tron comes up and we see two armies standing face to face on a battlefield. The flute plays louder and quicker and the camera on the Tron gets closer to the two armies. The camera cuts scene...

(the camera cuts back to a scene of two armies. The Japanese flute plays louder. Both armies are huge and they are an army of shogun, ronin, and samurai. As the army walks forward a single figure comes into view and emerges from the line and climbs up onto a boulder. The figure raises their sword and as one the entire army stops. The camera goes over their shoulder and we see the other army standing as a wall in the distance. The figure/leader takes off their helmet and long black hair tumbles out from it and flows all around, sometimes waving and weaving in places where the wind catches it. The figure turns and looks at the army behind her and we see it is Vespertine. She raises her sword and roars in fury. Camera cuts scene and the Japanese flute stops. Japanese drums start beating rapidly at march rhythem)

(camera cuts back to scene of her army raising their own swords and shouting in fury. The camera pans back quickly and she does the motion of "go forward with her sword and the camera goes up and we see her entire army run forward to join in the fray below and clash with the wall of men below them. The camera then cuts to various shots of her wrestling as she makes her way to the ring...)

(The drums stop suddenly and "Undefeated" starts up and a single spotlight in the arena come up and we see a lone figure standing at the top of the ramp. One arm is raised and we see it is Vespertine and she is standing facing the entrance curtains. She spins around rather quickly and at the end of the turn she points at the audience where upon a couple of pyros go off on each side of her. She stands at the top of the ramp looking around at the audience. Then suddenly she reaches her hands out to them as if to encompass their souls and fire pillar pyros go off behind her. She saunters on down to the ring, stepping in time to the music. She wears black wrestling shorts, a black wrestling sports top with purple sequins which reveals her midriff and abs, black wrestling boots, her black trenchcoat duster and black sunglasses. She slides in underneathe the ropes, takes off her sunglasses and looks around at various spots in the audience with a narrow feral cat like look in her eyes and slightly licks her lips. She has on heavy glitter around her eyes and a heavy dark turquoise black (or other color) eyeliner. She crawls seductively like a cat to the other side of the ring and then suddenly jumps up and spreads her arms out and lands in an X like pattern where upon at each corner of the ring, showers of golden sparks come flying out. As this goes on, she screams (Melina style) at the top of her lungs.) She then looks around, and takes off her trenchcoat duster and sunglasses and and gives it to a person outside the ring and goes to sit on the turnbuckle facing the ring entrance until the match starts (or dances and stretches a little bit waiting for her opponent)

Wrestling Style: Goes for moves that take risk. Big on respect and will show it in the ring if shown to her. But not above cheating to win sometimes. Likes to do a lot of aerial moves. But is also a great mat technician.

Common Moves:
1. Arm drags of various kinds
2. Asai Inverted DDT
3. Tilt A Whirl Arm Drag
4. Reverse Bulldog
5. Slingshot Bulldog
6. Ninja Suplex
7. Float Over DDT
8. Headscissors DDT
9. Tilt A Whirl DDT
10. Hurricarana Driver
11. Over the rope one leg drop (Mysterio style)

1. Diving Reverse Elbow
2. Shooting Star Press
3. Dragonana
4. Springboard Hurricarana
5. Moonsault Leg Drop
6. FLying Spinning Heel Kick
7. 450 Senton
8. High ANgle Senton Bomb
9. Shirunai
10. Crucifix Head Scissors
11. Lionsault
12. Whisper in the Wind
13. Flying Head Scissors
15. Step Up Enzigurai

1. Crossbody Block
2. Melina type punches and kicks
3. Tilt A Whirl Cross body
4. Kesagiri Chop
5. Flying clotheslines
6. Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop
7. Knee Drop
8. Discus Back Elbow
9. Shining Wizard (usually done when opponent is tied up in the ropes)
10. Dragon whip kick
11. Axe kick
12. Round house kick
13. Galopante Strike
14. Capeoria Handspin Leg Drop (John Morrison style)
15. Off the tope rope rebound cross body block

Technical Moveset:
1. Crippler Cross Face
2. Reverse Bow and Arrow Lock
3. Spider's Web
4. Golgata
5. One Leg Sharpshooter
6. Inverted Surfboard
7. Bridging Reverse Chinlock
8. Ring post figure four leg lock
9. Koji Clutch
10. Keymura Lock

"Breaking the bank"- A Code breaker (to the back after which she holds on and makes it a reverse bow and arrow lock or Surfboard)
"Death by Diva" - An Osaka Street Cutter
You will feel death... by... Diva

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