Angelica Vaughn

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XWA World Television Champion
XWA World Television Champion
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Angelica Vaughn

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Basic Info

Angelica Vaughn


Alignment: .

Billed From:.
Vancouver, BC, Canda

The Vaughnemous One
Leggy Blonde

~140 pounds


Angelica Vaughn is a young wrestler who grew up as an only child in a very religious family in Vancouver, Canada. Rebelling at the age of 17 and having grown fascinated with wrestling due to a local wrestling company, she decided to take up the art itself.
This was not to the liking of her parents (who considered wrestling to be satanic), who threw her out of the house, leaving her homeless. After wandering aimlessly she found employment at a starting company who offered to give her a shot. Here, she met her first mentors Ashley Williams and Michael Kelly, who trained the inexperienced leggy blonde who had zero amount of combat experience.
Slowly but surely her skills developed, her style built around her strong kicks and lower body strength due to her experience as a high school soccer player (the only hobby she was ever allowed to practice outside of church-related stuff).
After her original company folded, as well as some others along the way, she finally found relatively steady footing. At LAW, she met the people who would become her friends: Sarah Lacklan, Kenzi Grey, Roxy Cotton and Milisandre Crowthorne. Even though the bubbly, cat-loving and sexually underdeveloped Angelica couldn’t be more different from them, they bonded instantaneously and together formed a faction called the Cool Kids. Alongside them, she has gained fame and success, but without ever compromising who she was deep inside: a sweet though naïve girl with a big heart and a passion for all things cutesy.
She has joined other companies like ACM, where she is a one-time ACM Champion; Rose City Wrestling, where she is constantly fighting at the top of the card; and F2W, an unconventional fighting federation to help her toughen up.
She has recently cut ties with LAW due to her tag team partner Ash Williams leaving over contractual issues and has signed contracts with UGWC and XWA, which she has always regarded as one of the greatest federations in the world, that houses some of the best talent on the scene.

Championships and Accomplishments
XHW Medal of Honor
ACM Champion (2x)
Rose City Queen of Roses (1x)
UGWC Co-Op Champion (2x)
XWA World Television Champion (1x)
UGWC 'Face of the Year' 2018
Winner of her High School's 'Most Likely to end up a Crazy Cat Lady' Award (6x)

Teams and Alliances.
Cool Kids: Sarah Lacklan, Kenzi Grey, Roxy Cotton
Cincy HitGirls

Other Promotions And Tenures
Alianza Campeonato Mexicano
Rose City Wrestling
Unified Global Wrestling Coalition
Fight2Win (closed)
Ladies Allstar Wrestling (closed)
XHW (closed)
Monkey Business (closed)


Pic Base


Elle Fanning

Ring gear:

Street/Backstage Gear:
Latest T-shirt:


Entrance Theme:
"Vaughnemous" - Booby Roode's theme customized for Angelica. With some imagination, 'Glorious' becomes 'Vaughnemous'

Entrance Text:
Description of entrance here: (TBA after debut)

In Ring
Wrestling Style.
What sort of style does your character wrestle? Also any notes on HOW they wrestle and things about them others writing your character will need to know.
Angelica has based her style on the experience she built up in high school as a soccer player. Using a multitude of kicks, she tries to wear them down before either finishing them off with a shot to the face or a submission maneuver to choke her opponent out.
Her regular striking games is very solid as well, having been taught by one of the most renowned strikers in the game. But she uses her long, powerful legs that generate surprising speed and power (also in lifting/squatting), as her primary weapons.
She will rarely if ever use high flying moves. First of all because she's not very acrobatically talented. Secondly because she's not a fan of heights. At all.
SHe will try to engage the crowd as much as possible, always trying to make sure they're enjoying themselves. Before a amtch, she will often offer her hand for a handshake, starting the match off sportingly and she will fight the rest of the match in the same fashion. Cheating is not in her playbook.
Angelica loathes weapons and will only use them in the most desperate of situations, and certainly only when it's legal (also see note about cheating earlier).

Main- "VAUGHNEMOUS" ((Running) Soccer Kick to the face)

Secondary (optional)- "EW!" (Mandible Claw)

(Bear in mind, you are NOT limited to FIVE moves, you can add/chop/replace sections as you choose just so long as there's enough of a move set for others to work with)

Signature Moves
01. Rear Naked Choke
02. Triangle Choke from Mount
03. Sick Kick
04. Bicycle Kick
05. Scissor Kick
06. OBVS! Kicks (YES! Kicks)

Rebound/Running Moves
01. Sick Kick (also signature)
02. Chop Block
03. Double Axe Handle
04. Big Boot
05. Basement Dropkick
06. Cannonball

Strike Moves
01. Multitude of Muay Thai Knees
02. Palm Strike
03. Elbow Jab(s)
04. Flying Clothesline
05. Mule Kick
06. Roundhouse Kick
07. Backhand Chop

01. Abdominal Stretch
02. Bow and Arrow
03. Mexican Surfboard
04. Sleeper Hold
05. Side Headlock

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