A Rare Television Appearance

Hutton Brown competes in an XWA ring for the first time in four years, Lx-Tim's dominance continues and the Tarmogoyf makes a rare Television appearance!
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A Rare Television Appearance

Postby Johnny Coolbreeze » Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:36 am

Following the events of Massacre #4, the Battlezone were treated to special appearance, a Massacre Television debut, even as...

the instrumental remix of MIMS' 'This is Why I'm Hot' kicks on, prompting a more shocked and confused look around the Battlezone from the faithful as the lights dim. Soon, a bright spotlight takes the stage until our guest of the evening - Bob, the Confidant - steps into the glow, basking in the bright light. His suit crisp (as crisp as cheap polyester can be), his fedora angled downward so as to see only the bottom half of his face. His eerie laugh pierced the music as he slowly raised his mic.

Bob, the Confidant: Ladiessss...and gentlemen...eh eh eh. My name, my name is The Confidant. Bob, the Confidant to be precise...and for those who haven't watched, I am the translator for the most ruthless. Most destructive. Most chaotic force, to ever run through the Battlezone! What some have dubbed the 'man monster', others still the 'Eater of Souls'...and now, the man who plucked the very...Beating Heart...out of the Battlezone itself. Introducing.....my client.

The lights go pitch black as the slow, brooding organ of Ozzy Osbourne's "Mr. Crowley" starts up. Slowly, a green laser light begins to strobe around the stage.

~Mr Crowley, what went on in your head?
Oh Mr Crowley, did you talk with the dead?
Your lifestyle to me seemed so tragic...with the thrill of it all...~

The Confidant finally, suddenly even, shoots his head up, his face now illuminated in the laser lights as he makes the announcement.

Bob, The Confidant: Introducing, standing 6' 6" and weighing in at 295 pounds! Being accompanied to the ring by ...your's truly, ha ha ha...and hailing from The Verdant Catacombs.........

~You fooled all the people with magic;
Yeah you waited on Satan's call.~


Suddenly, a slow lift elevator platform begins to rise from under the stage, once it peaks the cameras zoom in and a bright flash of green finally illuminates the figure - the hulking, brooding monster of a man - known only as The Tarmogoyf. The man-creature looks around, before finally resting his eyes on his translator, who points to the ring, slowly balling his fist as if to say "crush". The man creature gives a slow nod, followed by a brooding walk to the ring as the guitar solo goes on...

Bob remains ringside as the man monster takes it upon himself to enter the ring. He grabs the ropes, violently shaking them once there, before making his way to the centre of the ring where he turns and points to The Confidant. Bob in turn drops to a knee, as if presenting the creature with some sort of offering. The Tarmogoyf points at the "offering", and then up to the ceiling as the music fades, lights returning to normal.

Sanction: What a spectacle watching this guy is!

Tempest: The man-monster, fresh off a 'match', with DJS himself, and live on Massacre for the first time ever. What could he possibly want?

Bob, the Confidant: My monster, debuted just five months ago...June, twenty-sixteen. The Battlezone's own On a Pole event. And, in just those five months, my monster has competed in Lord of the Ring and on an exclusive Pay-Per-View deal, culminating with a match with veritable icon, a man whom, totes himself...as the Beating Heart of this company. Diamond Jack Sabbath.

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction. They clearly don't approve of all of Jack's actions (or any of them). But, they can't really get behind the monster either.

Bob, the Confidant: Yessss. Show your contempt, it only drives my monster fiercer. Eh eh eh.....

The Tarmogoyf snarls at the jeers.

Bob, the Confidant: I'm authorized to be here to deliver a message, on behalf of my client. After the resulting aftermath of Faceoff, where my monster brutally ripped apart the beating heart of this company - in fact, roll the footage!

The Battlezone tron lights up with the recent Faceoff Pay-Per-View event, the DJS Open Challenge with the long-lasting veteran battling the new monster, The Tarmogoyf.
The Tarmogoyf glares at referee Tommy with nothing but pure malice burning in his eyes, before directing said malice down at DJS. The Goyf begins to stand, pulling DJS up with him by his short hair. He levels him with a savage toe kick doubling him over. The Goyf quickly looks out into the crowd, then with an evil smirk, lifts DJS up in piledriver position, holding him there…

Still holding…

Still holding…

Still holding…


Steel: !!!

Sanction: Oh my God!
The Confidant grins mischievously at the heinous act. The Tarmogoyf stares at the video's end, stoic, cold, and remorseless. The Battlezone meanwhile, has their minds made up. They did NOT like what they just saw!
Bob, The Confidant: My monster, The Tarmogoyf has instructed a decree that must be handed down to the Battlezone!

The Tarmogoyf hovers over the mic held by The Confidant, barking a raspy voice into the equipment.

The Tarmogoyf: "He destruido el corazón, de esta zona de la batalla! Estoy al monstruo, COMEDOR DE ALMAS! Yo demanda, la competencia y el comando MIEDO! GANO, recompensa. SUPREMO. CAMPEONATO."

Sanction: Okay, what exactly did he say? I don't know Spanish...

The Confidant brings the mic back to himself to clarify.

Bob, the Confidant: The Tarmogoyf says, AND I QUOTE;


Tempest: Whoa! He just...he just called out the current reigning XWA Supreme Champion, Rob Chapman!

Sanction: He can't do that! He's jumping the shark! You know how many other people that should be in line for a title shot before him?! He didn't even BEAT Jack.............

Tempest: You gonna tell him why he can't?!

Bob, the Confidant: The Battlezone has been a desiccated husk of life since the Whisper's War, clinging to life support only as long as it's heart continued to beat. On Sunday, that heart beat...flatlined. Died. The Beating Heart heard the Night's Whisper......and can no longer grow. And that which doesn't grow, will die.........

The camera takes a long, slow zooming shot from The Tarmogoyf's feet up to his face.

Bob, the Confidant: And all that dies...grows The Tarmogoyf!

The Tarmogoyf stands with his arms crossed over his chest, with The Confidant posed the same way, standing in front of the Eater of Souls.

Sanction: The Confidant just put the Champion on notice, and he doesn't care who he offends. How will this sit with the new management? The rest of the locker room?

Tempest: I don't know if I can answer that.

#ooc: If someone wants to come out and refute the claims, be it Jack, Rob, or anyone else, that's cool. If not, that's fine too. I'm really open!

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