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Real Name: Not a matter of public record.

Attitude: Técnico

Hometown: Beyond the space-time continuum

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 185lbs

Biography: Journeyman luchador. It's rumoured that he's former Phoenix Wrestling Enterprise rudo RAGEQUIT (best known for walking out on his matches the moment things started going against him), with a new name, mask and fan-friendly attitude.

XWA Achievements: N/A

Previous Achievements: N/A

Style: Primarily a high flier, although he has some ability in lucharesu and broader junior heavyweight style too. Very high octane.


Description: Either Latino or white with a tan. Ripped, shaven body. No visible tattoos.

Ring Attire: Long tights and knee-length boots in colour A with colour B fractal design; full face mask in colour A with stylised 'V' design in colour B; black elbow pads.
A: Black / B: Pink
A: Black / B: Purple
A: Black / B: Royal blue
A: Black / B: Sky blue
A: Black / B: Silver
A: Pink / B: Black
A: Silver / B: Black
A: Silver / B: Gold (special occasions)

Board Picture Base: The Shard


Wrestler Stats

Agility: 10

Brawling: 5

Durability: 5

Intelligence: 6

Speed: 8

Strength: 6

Technical Skill: 6


Entrance Music: Obsidia - "Lost In Space"

Entrance Text:

Code: Select all

Vértigo runs straight onstage as Obsidia's "Lost In Space" hits the speakers, running back and forth frantically, pumping his fists and calling on the fans to give him energy. As the beat dies away he falls still, bowing his masked head and letting the stabs wash over the arena...

[b]~lost in space~[/b]

As the distorted bass slams in Vértigo leaps into the air, throwing his head back, then resumes his frenetic hyping of the crowd as he darts back and forth on his way down the aisle. He slides under the ropes and runs straight to a far corner where he throws up his arms in a giant V sign; a moment later a corkscrew backflip brings him back to the canvas, where he crosses to the opposite corner and poses again. As his music dies away, Vértigo spins and drops down, and begins limbering up for the match ahead.


Inverted Reality (Slingshot springboard corkscrew 450 splash)

Signature Moves
Dimensional Catflap (Backflip into huracanrana)
Exploding Star Press (standing corkscrew shooting star press)
Gravity Well (Cartwheel into backflip suicida over ropes)
Rubber Reality (Slingshot springboard dropkick)
Waveform Collapse (Kip-up koppu kick to diving or running opponent)

Bridging or release German suplex
Dropkick variants
Flying crossbody
Moonsault variants
Rolling front chancery takedown
Pumphandle powerbomb
Side thrust kick
Snap suplex
Spinning heel kick
Springboard knee
Stalling vertical suplex
Standing arm wrench into headscissors throw
Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
Tornado DDT

Match History
(Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)
Winner: (Wrestler)
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)
Hardcore Champion x3 | Gladiatorial Champion | World Heavyweight Champion | first Supreme Champion
Breaker of The Streak

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