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Michael Swift

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Michael Swift

Real Name: Michael Swift

Attitude: Tweener

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 240 pounds

Biography: Growing up, Michael Swift knew he wanted to be a wrestler. From the age of six, when he first saw the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, he desired to be in the ring, roughing it up with the rest of them. He begged his parents to take him to amateur wrestling studios and boxing gyms, convinced that having strong mat wrestling and fighting skills were what he would need to excel. Even when he entered high school and figured that professional wrestling was all fake like his friends had been saying, he still wanted to follow his idols growing up, and once he graduated, immediately signed up to a local indy wrestling company so he could begin his new career in pretend fighting. He completed his requisite training period in record time, aided by his experience in fighting, and was allowed a spot on the main roster.

Since those days, Swift has been involved in fighting three different demons, a vampire, a team of robots, various felons, a literal bear, a mad scienist, a Pharaoh, a Goblin, three monsters destined to destroy the planet, an evil dentist, and most terrifyingly of all, a straight edge furry. The business he had believed to be acting and fake fighting, was turning out to be very real. While clearly uncomfortable around some of his new found coworkers, and never quite understanding their actions, Swift was not one to back down from a challenge, and he had spent his whole life trying to be among the wrestling world, that a few freaks weren't going to make him quit. As Swift picked up victory after victory, he found himself rising to the top of the card.

However, it was only a local indy company, and Swift found himself being passed over again and again by major promotions, which after six years, was beginning to wear thin on the boy. He could only take so much of earning peanuts for fighting monsters and psychopaths, and he hated his valet day job. He was just about to quit, when he received word that XWA was looking into giving him a try-out. Swift immediately quit his day job, and drove on out to XWA headquarters. Impressed by his hunger, he was given a chance to try out among the others invited for a shot at making the roster. While not a flashy wrestler, Swift made waves by being incredibly technical and moving fast for a man of his size, being the only one to go undefeated during the try outs. It was two weeks later that Swift was offered a provisional contract, which he quickly signed, eager to begin wrestling in the big leagues.

XWA Achievements: N/A

Previous Achievements: N/A

Style: Michael Swift is known for his fluid style, fighting comfortably with both strike heavy and submission based styles. Against larger and grappling based opponents, he aims to make use his speed aggressively close with his opponent and overwhelm them with flurries to knock them off their feet, after which he looks to keep them grounded with holds and submissions. When fighting smaller and faster foes however, he uses an out-boxer style, constantly trying to stay out of his opponent's reach to tire them out and force them to over commit so he can punish them with a strike or take down, which he will attempt to turn into a grapple or submission. Ultimately, Michael is looking to force his opponent into situations where their strengths are nullified and he can take advantage of their mistakes. While able to do the part of strongman and hardcore wrestler in a pinch, he refuses to go to the top rope.


While tall for most people at 6'3", Michael is not a giant, and for his weight has an incredibly silm build. Some of the bulkier wrestlers might even call him lanky, as his muscle definition is incredibly slight when he isn't flexing. His skin is a pale white, though not completely without sun. His eyes are a bluish color, and his hair a straight short blond. Sometimes, he grows out a bit from blond scruff on his chin, though he never lets it get too long before he just shaves it off. In terms of in ring attire, he prefers MMA shorts, blue ones to be exact. While a bit looser than the usual wrestling gear, he finds them comfortable and easy to move around in. He also wrestle barefoot for similar reasons. Outside of the ring, Michael is usually seen in slacks, a t-shirt, some nondescript sneakers, and a "Blood For Mercy" jacket.

Board Picture Base: Viktor Pesta

Wrestler Stats

Agility: 4

Brawling: 9

Durability: 6

Intelligence: 5

Speed: 7

Strength: 6

Technical Skill: 9


Entrance Music.

Regular: Hadouken by Zeds Dead

Champion: Feel The Fire by Pluto x ye

Major Shows: For The Thrill by Yellow Claw ft Becky G

Entrance Text:

The sounds of Hadouken blast through the speakers as the main light begin to dim and the strobe lights flare up in time with beat. From the back, Michael Swift emerges onto the entrance ramp, the crowd roaring a mix of boos and cheers. Swift does a quick view of the crowd before doing a bit of shadow boxing at the top of the ramp.

Hana Ramirez
Coming to the ring, from Las Vegas Nevada, weighting in at two hundred forty pounds...

Swift begins to make his way towards the ramp, ducking, weaving, and throwing out little jabs as he moves towards the ring. When he reaches the apron, he reaches up and grabs the second ring rope before pulling himself onto the apron. He steps into the ring from underneath the second rope, cracking his neck once he is inside.

Hana Ramirez

Swift does a quick wave to the crowd before walking into the corner, where he hammerfists the top turnbuckle before turning to the center of the ring and leaning upon the turnbuckle.


Submission. Some Assembly Required(Standing Kimura Lock flipped into an Grounded Kimura Lock using a Knee Lift)
Striking. Critical Hit(After throwing an opponent shoulder first into the ring post between the turnbuckles, Michael gets on the ring apron and drives their head into the ring post with a Running Single Leg High Knee)
Grappling. Mass Effect(Half nelson lifted and dropped into a bridging Olympic slam)

Signature Moves
01. Heavy Rain(Spinning Side Slam into Arm Triangle Choke)
02. Harsh Lesson(Left Leg Low Kick, Left Arm Hook Punch, Right Arm Uppercut, Spinning Backfist Combo)
03. Violent Buffalo(Jab into alternating Uppercuts combo, forcing the opponent into the corner before they collapse)
04. What Bar Is *INSERT NAME OF OPPONENT HERE*?(Fujiwara Armbar)
05. Monster Hunter(Sling Blade)
06. Reverse Polarity(Pop up Emerald Flowsion)

01. Cross Armbar
02. Single Leg Boston Crab
03. Kneebar
04. Sleeper Hold
05. Side Headlock
06. Ankle Lock
07. Grounded Hammerlock
08. Grounded Abdominal stretch
09. Biceps slicer
10. Dragon Sleeper

01. Snap Suplex
02. Capture Suplex
03. Northern Lights Suplex
04. German Suplex
05. Double Underhook Suplex

Drivers, Slams, and Takedowns
01. Headlock Takedown
02. STO
03. Flapjack
04. Kneeling Fireman's Carry Takeover
05. Kryptonite Krunch
06. Japanese Arm Drag
07. Over the Shoulder Arm Drag
08. Scoop Shoulderbreaker
09. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
10. Argentine DDT

01. Elbow Smash
02. Knee Lift
03. Shoot Kicks
04. Push Kick
05. Spinning Sole Kick
06. Crooked Arm Lariat
07. Left Jab, Right Straight Combo
08. Low Kick, Jab combo
09. Baseball Slide
10. Stomp to the arm
11. Overhand Punch
12. Hook Punch after slipping out of a collar tie up
13. Jab, Overhand Combo
14. Straight Knee Strike from a collar tie up
15. Hook Elbow Strike from a collar tie up

Match History
(Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)
Winner: (Wrestler)
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)
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