Logan Wilson

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Logan Wilson

Postby GiggityGopher » Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:21 pm



NAME | Logan Wilson
HOMETOWN | Columbus, Ohio
NICKNAME/S | "The Grizzly Cheetah"
DATE OF BIRTH | March 19th, 1988
HEIGHT | 6'5"
WEIGHT | 241
GIMMICK | Your typical badass who lets his actions (and manager) do his talking for him.
MANAGER GIMMICK (IF APPLICABLE) | Captivating, Bryce is able to get an entire arena for or against him at the drop of a dime. He’s all about hyping up Logan, even though he knows Logan’s wrestling ability is all the hype he needs. So, basically ... Paul Heyman. Just fucking Paul Heyman.


THEME SONG | 50 Cent – “Ready For War (HBO Instrumental Edit)”
EXAMPLE OF ENTRANCE | Bryce Baker makes his way onto the stage, with a microphone in hand, to a lack of music and any effects.

Bryce Baker: “Ladies and gentlemen, introducing, from Columbus, Ohio, standing at an incredible six foot five and weighing in at an astounding two hundred and forty-one pounds, he is ‘The Grizzly Cheetah’, my client, Logan Wilson!”

The HBO instrumental edit of 50 Cent’s “Ready For War” hits, as red, gold and white lights surround the arena. While Bryce steps to the side of the stage, Logan walks through the curtain with his arms spread wide, his face looking up, as he slowly spins around, stopping in the immediate center of the stage, facing the ring. He lowers his head to turn his focus on the squared circle and begins his march to it, with his manager by his side. As they make their way down the ramp, Bryce goes over the strategy for the upcoming match, inaudible to the cameras, as Wilson does some stretches and shadow boxing. Upon reaching the ring, Baker walks up the steel steps first, with Logan following behind him. He pushes down on the middle rope with his leg whilst pulling the top rope up to make it easier for Logan to enter the ring and then he follows in after him. In the ring, Wilson heads to the center of it and faces away from the ramp, again putting his arms out and looking up as Baker applauds him with clapping.


PICTURE BASE | Dean Ambrose
GENERAL DESCRIPTION | Logan is tall, with a good physique, but he’s not as muscle-bound as many at his height, though his strength would lead you to believe otherwise. He has medium-length, messy blond hair and typically has a light goatee.
ATTIRE | Black jeans with a red belt, black boots with red laces, red wrist and hand tape and a black tank top with his logo on it. For Pay Per Views, he switches the red with gold.


STYLE | The song “Anything You Can Do” comes to mind, when thinking about Logan’s wrestling ability. He’s deceptively strong for his size, being able to lift heavy opponents with relative ease, while also being as speedy as a cruiserweight, earning him the nickname “The Grizzly Cheetah”, due to his Grizzly Bear-like strength and Cheetah-like speed. He mixes these traits in with exceptional technical ability and an uncanny tolerance for pain. Essentially, mix Neville and Cesaro and you’ve got Logan.
FINISHER (MAIN) | Powerbomb Xtra (Ricola Bomb)
FINISHER (SECONDARY; IF APPLICABLE) | Unnecessary Violence [Rolling Chop to the face/back of the head, sometimes running, usually precedes the Powerbomb Xtra]
FINISHER (TERTIARY; IF APPLICABLE) | Aerial Assault [Phoenix Splash; Rare]
Columbus Crab [Giant Swing transitioned into a Boston Crab]
Columbusplex [Superplex carried over into a Brainbuster]
Deadlift German Suplex
Running Somersault Leg Drop
Slingshot Ace Crusher
Somersault Suicide Dive
Stalling Suplex (w/ Squats)
Standing Moonsault directly followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press
Toss-Up Throat Thrust


XWA RECORD | 0-0-0

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