Kaylee Mills

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Kaylee Mills

Postby Dan » Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:27 am

Kaylee Mills

Real Name: Millicent Kayleigh Thibodeaux

Nickname: Lightning

Attitude: Face-leaning

Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 135 pounds

Birth Date: December 5th, 1995

Biography: Coming from the formerly-XWA-associated Genesis Wrestling, she is making the jump to the big leagues to test her mettle against the best of the best.

Will expand later.

XWA Achievements: n/a

Previous Achievements: n/a

Style: Fast. Very fast. And very acrobatic. Lots of flying around and throwing whatever weight she has at her opponents.


Board Picture Base: Chalene Johnson

Her general appearance is that of a younger Chalene Johnson, except she has Deep Pink highlights. Very toned and in shape, but not bulky or overly muscular.


1. Main wrestling attire –
Black Low Cut Short-Sleeved Midriff-Revealing Latex Top
Small Deep Pink Elbow Pads
Black Latex Boyshorts
Deep Pink over-the-calf Wrestling Boots
Black Kickpads

2. Alternate attire 1 –
White Cloth Tanktop
Black Sports Bra underneath
Blue Denim Short-shorts
Black Leather Belt
Black over-the-calf Wrestling Boots
White Kickpads with a Deep Pink X across the front

3. Alternate attire 2 –
Black Low-Cut Tee-Shirt with either a clothing brand name or logo on it
Navy Blue Levi's Vintage Jeans
Deep Pink Wrestling Ankle Boots
Black Kickpads

4. Formal outfit (Formal Events ONLY) –
Red Sparkling Mid-Thigh-Length Form-Fitting Dress
Red Stiletto Heels
Silver Bracelets with Small Ruby Gems
Silver Earrings
Silver Chain Necklace with a Ruby Heart Charm

5. Casual outfit 1 –
Black Low-Cut Tee-Shirt with either a clothing brand name or logo on it
Navy Blue Levi Vintage Jeans
Black Jimmy Choo Melba Boots with Gold Buckles on the side

6. Casual outfit 2 –
Johnny Gaudreau Jersey, Calgary Flames
Blue Wrangler Jeans
Tan Calgary Flames Cuce Boots

7. Casual outfit 3 –
Any Secondary Color (Orange, Green, Purple) Translucent Long-Sleeved Shirt
Black Bra Underneath
Black Yoga Pants
White Pumps with Small Black Ribbons on the top of both

Wrestler Stats







Technical Skill:8


Entrance Music.

Regular Match - Dirty Little Thing, by Velvet Revolver

Big Match - I Am The Fire, by Halestorm

Entrance Text:
(Write a description of your character's entrance. This is what RolePlayers will more than likely be using in their matches for when you come out so try and make it as detailed as you can.)



Lightning Strikes
(Spinning Back Kick to the gut to double them over, then stand over their head facing away from the opponent and jump into a Poisoned Hurricanrana. Quicker version is just a Poisoned Hurricanrana)

Mills Kills
(Figure Four Neck Lock with Bridge on prone opponent)

Gaze of the Phoenix
(Top-Rope Phoenix Splash into pin)

Signature Moves
01.Springboard drop kick
02.Diving 450 splash
03.Handspring phoenix splash
04.Pele kick
05.La Filomina (Spin Kick)

01.Running octopus stretch
02.Back handspring knee drop
03.Shooting star splash
04.Jumping calf kick
05.Running forearm smash
08.Tope atomico
10.Shining Wizard

Match History
(Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)
Winner: (Wrestler)
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)

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