Ethan Hagan

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Ethan Hagan

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Wrestler name: Ethan Hagan 
Nickname: The Show, The Prodigy 
Billed from: London, England
Billed height and weight: 6'1. 210lbs 
Pic base: Jeff Hardy


Alignment: Heel

Entrance : The audience buzz with excitement for the next lot of action, flashes from cameras and phone lights can be seen when the lights dim down. Duality- Slipknot blares through the speakers and the fans unanimously boo. The lights strobe and spin around the room illuminating the place green. The music stops only to be replaced with a loud bang of a fire work that explodes at the top of the ramp leaving a large cloud of smoke, the music returns. Behind the smoke green lazer lights dance between the waves, as the smoke starts to clear Ethan Hagan appears, he is in a seated position rocking back and forth with his eyes glazed over looking at nothing in particular.

A few moments pass he then rocks all the way forward and ends up on all fours, he then makes his way down the ramp like some sort of animal never once looking up. He manages to stop just before the ring and as quick as you can see he is up and in the ring. He remains low and crawls to the centre of the ring and awaits his opponent.

Wrestling gear: His wears wrestling tights which are a sandy camouflage colour, his boots are a metallic black which come up half of his calf muscle. He also has small knee pads on each leg mainly black with on the center being green. Ethan doesn't wear a shirt but he has a thin black biceps bands, a green and white bandanna on his right wrist and finger tap on his left hand.  
When not in the ring he wears the same but has an added leather sleeveless jacket with writing on the back 'The Chosen One' in big green letters. 

A guy who is a little unhinged and weird. One moment he can be fine then the next he could be off the rails, he has a wildly unpredictable personality. His only aim is to reach the top of the game and stay there for as long as possible. He is known to go to the extreme to achieve what he wants. He tends to like the darker side of things but isn't necessarily a dark person, he is loyal and will help people who need it, although he likes to be a loner he can work well with others if they are willing to give as much as he does. 

Wrestling style: 
Brawler/Puroresu/High flyer 

Move set:
Strike Attacks: 
- Head Punch
- Spin Kick
- Spinning Back Kick
- Body Punch
- Elbow Smash
Front Dropkick
- Mule Kick Reversal
Front Facelock 
- Elbow Smash
- Anaconda Vise
- Running Dropkick
- Suplex
- Reverse Atomic Drop
- Scoop Slam
- Snapmare & Dropkick
- Sit-Out Jawbreaker
- Shoulder Arm Breaker
- Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker
- Chop Block 2
- Silver Spoon DDT
- Reverse STO
- Russian Leg Sweep 3
- Short-Arm Clothesline
- Back Suplex
- Flashback
- Back Side Slam 1
- Alley Oop Facebuster
- Front Slam
- Codebreaker
- Saito Suplex
- Front Dropkick
- German Suplex
- Right Forearm Club
- Enzuigiri
- Dropkick
- Powerbomb
- Back Dropkick
- Standing Leg Drop
- Double Leg Drop to Groin
- Front Dropkick
- Elbow Drop
- Knee Slam
- Low Dropkick
- Armcrusher
- Leg Stomps
(You should get the drift of it from that)

Electric chair drop (Electro Therapy)
Full nelson driver 

Straight jacket DDT. (Psycho shut down)

Back story:
Ethan comes from a happy family life, his parents are respectable people with normal respectable jobs; Ethan on the other hand is far from that sort of life, some could say he is a spoilt child who never got the tanned backside he deserved, while others just think there is a screw missing, either way Ethan has a reputation of being a little unpredictable, crazy and at times evil.
All his life he has loved wrestling and as a child that is all he wanted to be, he got bullied for it at school as he would go in dressed as he favourite wrestlers. None of that got to him though and almost seriously injuring one of the bullies by copying a move he saw of the telly finally put an end to all the mocking and taunting. He has never taken kindly to people in authority or people who think they have authority and this led him to 4 years in a juvenile prison for assault with a weapon and intent to maim. While in prison his passion for wrestling soon turned into a passion for fighting, the fact that he was good at it only made this passion worse. He learnt how to throw fists and how to fight dirty, his love for wrestling never died though as he'd often use moves in his fights which turned out to be very effective. He got a lucky break while in prison as the head of the guards was actually a pro wrestling coach, he had watch Ethan in the yard when he got involved with a fight and saw potential in him.
After getting out of prison the guard made sure he was his probation officer and when he felt the time was right asked Ethan if he could train him and guide him on a career to be a pro wrestler. Ethan agreed and this was the first step in his career as a pro wrestler. 4 years of hard training and discipline has gotten Ethan to a point where he can compete.

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