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Postby Razer » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:07 am


Real Name: Peter Thompson

Attitude: Heel

Hometown: Liverpool, England

Height: 6 foot 4

Weight: 260lbs

Date of Birth: 29/01/1979 (36 years old)

Aliases/Nicknames: The Enforcer, One Man Army


cliff notes career
Razer started off as a teenage martial artist, reaching black belt status in Jiu Jitsu at 16. At the same time, he also discovered metal, partying and found he had quite the talent for fighting. Adapting his martial arts background to use what he had learned, combined with an absurd resilience, Razer decided to step into wrestling, and in 1999, at the age of 20, he joined UWF, fronted by 420 Mike and Mike E Clarke on the advice of long time friend and mentor Awesome Ant.

In 2002 he joined Vegeta's PWA and stayed there in an on-off capacity for 6 years, capturing the world championship twice as well as other lower card titles. He was most noted for his violent streak, earning him the status of a hardcore specialist and a high risk match competitor who wasn't afraid to take the risky spots if it would add more to the match.
In 2007 after taking a year out for personal reasons, Razer returned better than ever and more dominant this time in an "enforcer" role who single handedly tore through the roster, though he was beaten a few times along the way, he managed to capture the world title, only to lose it in his home country along with his career in 2008.

Coming back to active competition after a number of sporadic appearances over the past six years, Razer made an immediate impact in PRW, causing trouble and being a physically imposing presence as part of the all heel group "The Asylum", but as his time with them went on, he started to branch out for himself, eventually betraying them and taking them down single-handedly. As of this moment, in PRW, Razer is considered a face by many, but his attitude, actions and behavior still paint him as a heel to the fans who will never come round to him.

After hearing word of an upcoming tournament in XWA and being offered a chance to come over to represent PRW in the loosest sense of the word, Razer jumped at the chance to test his ability in a new scene and is looking forwards to getting the chance to fight new people.

Razer is normally a Heel, but he has turned face once or twice depending on his opposition or the way current events take him. When he fights another heel, he doesn't mind being cheered for, but it is not something he craves. He will only pay attention to the crowd if it mainly for taunting purposes or if getting them behind him is beneficial to his cause.

Razer is your classic "bad ass" Heel. He doesn't care for what others think, he just wants to get out there and fight. Over the years, he has honed his fighting instincts to the point where he is always in the combat ready frame of mind. Few people have fell foul of this when they call him out to talk shit, only to end up on the receiving end of a beat down.

He doesn't talk much (shoot segments, trash talking) compared to his PWA days, but when he does, it usually has a point to make and will make it whether anyone wants to let him or not. This sometimes involves cutting a promo in the ring, but he is more actions than words. Trashing a locker room, vandalizing property or a backstage blindside attack is his preferred method of communication and it fits well with his "Enforcer" attitude.

In ring, Razer hits fast and hard. His style can be summed up with this statement: "If it moves, hit it until it doesn't. Once it doesn't move, keep hitting it".
Razer rarely goes for the pin attempt unless absolutely necessary. He will let a match drag out, toying with his opponent in some cases and he will rile the crowd up at any and every opportunity he can get.

Usually, Razer can be found in the company of his girlfriend/manager, Bella Quinn. The two have a slightly dysfunctional relationship. Whilst they both clearly like each other, they spend most of their time when not in the ring, taking shots at one another, trying to rile the other up (Scousers and Glaswegians eh?).

XWA Achievements:
Gladiatorial Champion (current) - defeated Declan James [30th January 2015 - ??????]

Previous Achievements:

UWF (1999-2001)
US Champion x1
Televsion Champion x2
European Champion x1
Hardcore champion x8
LHW champion
Tag champion x3
Hardcore tag champion x2
Stable champion x3

PWA (2002-2008)
PWA Hall of Fame Member (Inducted November 2014)
PWA World Champion x2
PWA European Champion
PWA Million Dollar Champion x2
PWA Tag Champion x3
PWA Hardcore champion x2

Cyanide Champion x2 (winner of 2014-15 Cyanide Season)
Superbattle 2015 winner
Undisputed Champion x1 (won at Summerfest 2015. Current champion at time of editing information, 23/06/15)

Razer is more of a physical fighter than a grappler. He has a small array of go-to moves which usually target the head/chest/stomach region of his opponent but his main strength lies in his unorthodox style of combat. Razer isn't technically gifted in the sense of being a technician, but he is skilled at countering/reversing and improvising which makes him a dangerous foe to face. He has little time for submission moves, opting to pretty much forgo them completely. He may use a simple hold such as a sleeper or a hammerlock or a leg lock when needed just to control the pace of a match to get it more in his favor, but it is not an approach he routinely takes. Razer's preferred submission style is to just overwhelm the opponent with hard hitting moves, beating them into submission rather than making them tap out with a drawn out technique.

Razer's style is an all out offense. He will hit hard whilst trying to expose a weakness before he zeroes in on it and exploits it. He will often target the shoulders, ribs or lower back as opposed to the arms or legs of an opponent as softening those parts of the body up makes it easier for the opponent to hurt themselves executing a move or allows him a chance to counter one of their moves.

Razer won't go for the pin attempt unless he absolutely feels it is necessary. He has a sadistic streak in him so he prefers matches to go on far longer than they need to, just to give him his fill of violence. He will strike friend or foe down without hesitation and doesn't work well with others unless it helps him further his ambitions.

Razer will cheat/play dirty if the need arises. He won't go for the low-blow unless absolutely necessary, but he isn't averse to choking, using the ropes as a weapon, pushing a hold/beat down to the four-count.

Razer carries a sawn off lead pipe round with him in his leather jacket. Its roughly fifteen inches in length and is well used - covered in scratches and dried blood. Given the choice, Razer will usually favour this over any other weapon if it is readily available. His background in martial arts as a teenager has also gave him an affinity for the kendo stick which he can wield with ease and will more often than not twirl round in his hands. When using the lead pipe, Razer holds it at the base and strikes in a horizontal motion as opposed to a vertical one, usually targeting the ribs/stomach/sides/lower back and thighs with it. Whilst using the kendo stick, he uses it in a similar fashion to a katana - holding it in a proper stance which allows defence and offense.

He's also far from a coward, so please, try to keep that in mind. He's underhanded, he will cheat when he feels he needs to, but he won't play chickenshit in a match.


Razer has just past shoulder-length black hair. He wears a bandana on his head most of the time, with his hair loose behind him. He has cold greyish blue eyes and messy facial hair which is longer in the chin than on the rest of his face. He stands at 6ft4 and is well built. He isn't overly muscular, but he has some bulk about him, mostly in the arms and legs.

Razer often wears a black leather jacket to the ring along with black boots which reach the middle of his shins. His jeans which he wears to the ring are often tattered and torn, with holes in the knees and occasionally on the leg parts. He wears fingerless, black leather gloves to the ring which he wrestles in. If he forgets his gloves, he usually tapes his hands and fingers in a similar fashion to how fingerless gloves look.

Sometimes, Razer will ditch the jeans whilst in the ring and wear black wrestling tights with "Enforcer" down the left leg in red with a white outline.

He often wears various heavy metal band shirts, usually of the thrash metal, death metal and sometimes black metal and grindcore variety. Nine times out of ten, he is usually wearing a slayer shirt.

He has traditional Japanese styled dragon tattoo on his left bicep, and on his right arm he has a full-sleeve tiger stripe style piece.
Across his inner, lower left arm he has "Enforcer" in old-English font style letters.

Board Picture Base: Bradshaw (APA Era)

Wrestler Stats

Agility: 5 (The Ability to leap, duck, dodge, climb, flip and dive well

Brawling: 8 (Punching, Kicking, in-your-face melle skills)

Durability: 7 (The ability to take damage and keep going)

Intelligence: 6 (In ring savvy, the ability to outwit your opponent)

Speed: 5 (How quickly you move, climb and in some cases attack)

Strength: 8 (How much can you lift? How hard do you hit? Raw Power)

Technical Skill: 7 (How proficient are you in the execution of wrestling moves? How well do you counter?)

1 - physically handicapped.
2 - childlike development
3 - preteen development
4 - couch potato
5 - average person
6 - above average ability
7 - incredible ability
8 - amazing ability
9 - olympic ability
10 - superstar


Entrance Music.: "Cutting Teeth" by The Haunted

Entrance Text:

As the audience gets ready for the next person to walk out, there is a low faint noise coming from the speakers as the screen begins to flicker momentarily. All of a sudden, the speakers kick to life with the sound of "Cutting Teeth" by Swedish metal titans The Haunted. As the roar of Marcus Aro tears through them, accompanied by an extremely brutal sounding riff and intense drums, there is an explosion of silver and dark green pyro along with flashing strobe lights, rapidly flickering in time with the relentless drums. On the big screen, the word "Razer" appears and it flicks between "One Man Army" and "Enforcer".

Sorry to burst your fucking Bubble.
You had your Peace, now it's Time to set things straight.
So you thought you knew me, I thought I knew Myself too.
Bet you had me written off, an able Gun but with Bullets lost.
Sleeping Dogs be left asleep, but here's some Jaws that want it's Meat.

As the verse kicks in, the smoke from the pyro clears and standing in the midst of it, in the middle of the stage is Razer. Head hung low, hand balled into a fist and raised above his head, he remains there for a moment as Bella Quinn walks out next to him, holding the Gladiatorial title across her shoulder which draws some interested looks from people. Slowly lowering his fist and looking up, Razer surveys the crowd for a moment, taking pleasure in the negative reaction to him, before the pair on stage begin to make their way towards the ring.

Hana Ramierez: "Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Bella Quinn, standing at 6 feet 4, weighing 260lbs from Liverpool, England... He is the XWA Gladiatorial Champion....RAZER!"

Cutting Teeth.
After all, we're just cutting Teeth.
Cutting Teeth.
Watch me now.
Cutting Teeth.

As the song's chorus kicks in, Razer and Bella make it down to the end of the ramp and get into the ring. Holding the middle rope down and lifting the top rope, Razer lets Bella enter first before ducking under the top rope himself. Walking towards one of the turnbuckles, Razer climbs up onto the middle rope and turns to Bella who passes him the Gladiatorial title. He holds it up in the air with one hand, like he would when he raises his fist and mouths along with the lyrics to the chorus of his song, whilst Bella preens in the middle of the ring. Dropping down from the ropes, Razer passes the title over to the official before he removes his shades and his leather jacket, revealing the Slayer cut off vest he wears underneath. Throwing them into one of the corners, Razer leans on the ropes and stretches a few times whilst keeping his eye on the ring and discussing strategy with Bella who exits the ring and waits down at ringside.



The Razerplex
A hanging vertical suplex which gets dropped into an Evenflow DDT.
Razer lifts the opponent up and holds them vertical in the air for a few seconds before dropping backwards whilst pushing the opponent forwards, landing the DDT drop.
This is Razer's main finisher and can be modified to a top-rope version or a reverse version (reverse hanging vertical suplex dropped into a reverse DDT)

Last Walk in the Light
Pumphandle Sit-out Powerbomb a.k.a the Kentucky Bomb

Razer uses his bandana as a garrotte to try and choke his opponent out. Given the seriousness of this move and the fact it is also highly illegal, it only sees the light of day in relaxed rules or stipulation matches where there are no disqualifications (hardcore, anything goes, i Quit matches etc)

Signature Moves

1. Razer-kick - a superkick, similar to the Rikishi kick

2. Whiplash - A reverse twist of fate, an old tag partner's finisher which Razer has taken on to use from time to time in honour of him.

3. Big clothesline - typical, out of nowhere styled clothesline. Not as dramatic as the Clothesline from Hell, but it's a big enough impact move to disrupt the flow of a match

4. Sidewalk slam

5. Asian Mist - Sometimes when you need to turn a match around, a bit of creativity is needed. Preferring to use the red variant of the mist to disguise it as blood in case the opponent already has a cut to the head, Razer will use the mist to his advantage to swing the momentum in his favour. It is not a commonly used move (as in every match), so generally it will only happen if he feels his back is against the wall and he needs something to level the playing field or to create an opening.

6. Rising Thunder - Shooting Star press with hang time. Formerly a finishing move, but now dropped to just special circumstances (big matches as a last resort)

7. Uranage - taking a page from his girlfriend Bella Quinn's book, Razer sometimes uses her finisher, the Uranage as one of his go to moves to swing the match in his favor.


01. DDT variants
02. Neckbreaker variants
03. German Suplex
04. Side effect
05. Powerslam
06.Springboard Moonsault
07.palm heel strikes
08.various punches
09.Big Boot (counter running opponent)
10.Guillotine Choke with body scissors (rarely used but there just incase the need arises)

Match History
(Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)
Winner: (Wrestler)
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)

Singles matches: W=10, L=0, D=0
Multi-man Matches: W=0, L=1, D=0
Overall Record: W10 L1 D0

#1 Razer vs. Laurel Anne Hardy
Winner: Razer

#2 Razer vs. Prince Alex III
Winner: Razer

#3 Dan Bennett vs Smith Jones vs Razer - Lord of the Ring 2014, Royal Court Match
Winner: Smith Jones

#4 Declan James (c) vs Razer.
Winner: Razer
Razer became the new Gladiatorial Champion.

#5 Razer vs Jerod Barnez.
Winner: Razer.

#6 Razer vs Axle Amori.
Winner: Razer

#7: Razer (c) vs Declam James. Pathway to Destiny PPV (Gladiatorial Title Defense)
Submission match* (was wrestled as a submission match as match had already been wrote before card amended)
Winner: Razer

#8: Razer vs Joey Edwards
Winner: Razer

#9: Razer vs C5 Ion (Gladiatorial Title Defense)
Winner: Razer

#10: Razer vs Amethyst (Gladiatorial Title Defense)

Manager: Bella Quinn

Bella Quinn

Real Name: Bella Quinn

Attitude: Heel

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Height: 5 foot 4

Weight: 122lbs

Date of Birth: January 9th 1989 (26)

Aliases/Nicknames: The Glaswegian Gladiatrix

Base Picture: Winter

Sleigh Bells: "Crush"

Entrance: to be added when required


1. Uranage
2. Moonsault
3. Crossface


1. Prince kick
2. Sling Blade
3. Northern Lights Suplex
4. STO
5. Twist of Fate
6. 'Glasgow Kiss' (Headbutt)
7. Saito Suplex


Bella has dark brown, wavy hair that usually reaches down to her upper back. Her skin has a pale complexion to it, allowing her clear blue eyes to stand out. Some consider her to be baby-faced, whereas others think of it as a driven and determined expression.

Outside of the ring - Bella will usually wear a long-sleeve, buttoned blouse, although the top two or three buttons are undone and the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Alongside this, she wears dark, skinny jeans and a pair of black Converses. Other times she can be seen wearing a Scottish National football team top or a Rangers FC top or just plain girlie-fit t-shirts/vest tops. She has been known to 'dress up' when needed, but the need doesn't surface that often

When down at ringside - She will usually wear something which is eye-catching and what will allow her room to comfortably move. This is more strategic than anything else given her love of getting involved as often as she can. One thing of note is that she will sometimes wear loose fitting vest tops which are cut low enough to be strategically useful if the need arises, providing a great distraction.


Bella was raised by her father, James Quinn after her mother died at birth. James was an avid sports fan, which led to Bella gaining an interest in soccer, rugby and wrestling. At the age of 12, she played for a local Glaswegian youth soccer team. However, she gave it to pursue a career in professional wrestling. Her dad, a retired professional wrestler, trained her.

She joined Scottish Youngland Wrestling at the age of 18. During her tenure, she won the prestigious SYW Womens Championship twice, held by previous greats like Dane Daphne and June McTain. For the majority of her stay, she held the title before losing it to Kerry Black.

She caught the eye of PRW after she did some modelling at a local house show. The company didn't know at this time that she was a wrestler, instead they were intending to sign her on as an on-screen personality. After some research, they discovered that she was a licensed pro wrestler with a fairly big following in Scotland, which led to her eventually being brought in as a full member of the roster. They also acquired her long-time tag partner and best friend, Jasmine Mitchell, after noticing their success on the indies.

The two were thrown together randomly with two other new women, Sylvia Wrath and Lucy Hawke. Together, they were dubbed as the rag-tag bunch Violence, Party of 3. Much to the surprise (and chagrin) of the Inquisitor, the group gathered a huge fanbase. Their antics, though, have brought bad attention towards the promotion, no less due to the arresting of each member on at least one occasion due to alcohol-related incidents.

Fast Forwards to modern day PRW, and Quinn despite not getting much air time is still a decent draw. A mainstay on Wildhearts and making several Appearances on side brand WCW (all be it, off camera because she doesn't want to be seen on air there), the feisty Scot has gotten back into the main brand exposure via her antics with the ever unpredictable Razer, who after several months and some eventful happenings, ended up hooking up with him.

Deciding to follow her boyfriend to XWA, Bella opted to stay out of the ring, citing her commitments to her parent fed as the main reason, but her presence at ringside alongside her boyfriend still won't prevent her from getting her hands dirty when she has to. A skilled grappler and decent brawler, Bella can hold her own in a fight if she gets into one. Her go to move is the staple of many a Glaswegian - the "Glasgow Kiss" (Headbutt) and the Uranage.

Whilst here in the XWA so far, Bella has proven just how loyal she is to Razer, assisting him in any way, shape or form she possibly can, even throwing herself in harms way sometimes in order to give her boyfriend the best possible chance to win. Many people have noted that the pair of them are a pretty impressive unit and a fearsome prospect to come up against in the ring, given both the beauty and brains of Bella to go with Razer's physical presence and ability.
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XWA Record (WDL): 8-0-1
Gladiatorial Champion (Won at XWA Massacre: Lords and Gods [30th January show date] - ?????)
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Re: Razer

Postby Dragon Ace » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:25 am

Oh. F*ck. Yes.
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Re: Razer

Postby Razer » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:06 am

edit: 16th December 2014

added in slight update to W/D/L record
Updated Bella's moves to reflect her current move-set in PRW

XWA Record (WDL): 8-0-1
Gladiatorial Champion (Won at XWA Massacre: Lords and Gods [30th January show date] - ?????)
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Re: Razer

Postby Razer » Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:24 pm

update: 2nd feb 2015

edited win/loss/draw record
edited match history
edited entrance.

XWA Record (WDL): 8-0-1
Gladiatorial Champion (Won at XWA Massacre: Lords and Gods [30th January show date] - ?????)
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XWA Hall of Famer
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Re: Razer

Postby Razer » Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:25 pm

Update 16th March 2015

edited win/loss/draw record
edited match history
edited moves

added important character note to assist people when they read the bio and face me in a match

XWA Record (WDL): 8-0-1
Gladiatorial Champion (Won at XWA Massacre: Lords and Gods [30th January show date] - ?????)

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