Diamond Jack Sabbath

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Diamond Jack Sabbath

Postby DJS » Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:00 am



Basic Info

Diamond Jack Sabbath



Salford, Manchester (United Kingdom)

The Beating Heart of the XWA
The Innovator Of Anarchy

240 Ibs


Self-mythologising, volatile and vain, Diamond Jack Sabbath has been many things in his career, but a man to trust is not one of them.

Making waves at the beginning of the decade, Sabbath came to the XWA with dreams of conquering it, heading a group known as the Legion. Upon it's collapse, the Innovator of Anarchy quickly began to focus on a singles career, which lead him to main event status and the world title reign he'd been chasing. After endearing himself to the fans, Jack spent many years as a favourite until he was made General Manager in 2014, where many felt he turned his back on those who made him the star he was. In 2016 he returned to the XWA as a tweener, declaring himself the Beating Heart of the XWA, looking to rule the company he calls 'the House that Jack Built' once again in his quest to become the Greatest of All Time.

After a year of "DJS Open Challenges" earning him goodwill with the fans once more, Jack defeated DGX with the help of old rivals Trace Demon and co-owner of the company Ace Andrews, and in doing so joined the villainous alliance hell-bent on destroying our company known as the Survivors. As we enter 2017, it would appear Diamond Jack Sabbath has turned his back on the XWA and is arguably worse than he has ever, ever been.

Championships and Accomplishments.

XWA World Heavyweight Championship- February 2012-May 2012
XWA Television Championship - April 2010
Acting General Manager- XWA Massacre, 12 April 2010
First man to be assigned to the "XWA Premier Talent Contract"- 2011
General Manager of the XWA- September 2014- January 2016
"Best Heel" Award- XWA Piledriver Awards 2011
"Best New Talent" Award- XWA Piledriver Awards 2011, TIED with Hutton Brown
"Best Single Moment of the Year" Award for DJS Wins the XWA World Title, XWA Evolution- XWA Piledriver Awards 2012
"Match of the Year" Award for Diamond Jack Sabbath vs. Trace Demon, XWA Kaos 2013- XWA Piledriver Awards 2013
"Feud of the Year" Award for Diamond Jack Sabbath vs. Trace Demon- XWA Piledriver Awards 2013
"Best Finisher" Award for the Crown Kick- XWA Piledriver Awards 2013
"Most Creative Roleplayer" Award- XWA Piledriver Awards 2013
"Best Face" Award- XWA Piledriver Awards 2013
"Storyline of the Year" Award for the Sabbath/Demon Saga- XWA Piledriver Awards 2013
"Feud of the Year" Award for Diamond Jack Sabbath vs. Smith Jones- XWA Piledriver Awards 2015
"Most Valuable Player" Award- XWA Piledriver Awards 2016
"Most Creative Roleplayer" Award- XWA Piledriver Awards 2016, TIED with Styg
"Promo of the Year" Award for Last of the Untouchables, XWA Massacre - XWA Piledriver Awards 2016
"Match of the Year" Award for Diamond Jack Sabbath vs. Rob Chapman (Falls Count Anywhere), XWA On A Pole- XWA Piledriver Awards 2016
"Best Finisher" Award for the Crown Kick- XWA Piledriver Awards 2016
"Best Single Moment of the Year" Award for Diamond Jack Sabbath joins the Survivors to defeat DGX, XWA Legends 2016- XWA Piledriver Awards 2016

Other Promotions And Tenures
FTW- Frontier Turbulence Wrestling2009
UWA- Ultimate Wrestling Alliance 2010
NEW- New Era Wrestling 2010
PRW- Professional RPG Wrestling 2012
MWW- Mid West Wrestling 2012
XWA- Xtreme Wrestling Association 2012-2013
WFWF- WFigs Wrestling Federation 2009-2010, 2015
IYHWF- In Your House Wrestling Federation 2017-Present

Teams and Alliances.
The Legion
(Faction, founder and Leader, 2009-2011, 2016)

The Frontline
(Tag Team with Dan Bennett, 2012)

The Sabbath Regime
(Alliance with Raine, Whisper, Amy Taylor, Razer and Bella Quinn 2014-2016)

The Survivors
(Faction Member, 2017)


Pic Base


John Simm (credit for cut: Alex Sean)


Ring gear:
BLACK Kneepads
GOLDEN Kickpads
GOLDEN Armbands Over Biceps.
BLACK Mouthguard.*

*The mouthguard was added after Sabbath's world title match with Angelus, in which he lost a back tooth.

Entrance gear:
Spiked Black Leather Jacket
Ring Gear

Outside Ring Attire:
Hooded Black Leather Jacket
Black T-Shirt
Blue Jeans
Black Doc Martens boots


Entrance Theme:
"No More Heroes" by The Stranglers

Entrance Text:
Ring announcer Hana Ramierez stands in the ring awaiting the arrival of the next competitor. She is holding a mic, as she naturally would be. The lights go out, and the fans cheer- anticipation running through their bodies. Suddenly...

White lights flicker in time with the drums of "No More Heroes" by The Stranglers, and images of Diamond Jack Sabbath performing various moves he's famous for display themselves on the Titantron, to impassioned booing from those who detest him. As the song kicks in, the Innovator of Anarchy himself makes his way through the curtain. He paces up and down the stage, surveying his audience for tonight with his hands thrown out, majestically, then begins to make his way down the ramp with a very self-assured and confident walk.

Making his way to the ring- from Salford, Manchester, weighing 240Ibs, he is the Beating Heart of the XWA...DIIIIAAAAAMMMOOONNNDDDD JAAAAACCCCCKKKK SSSAAAAABBBBBAAAATTTHHH!!!!

Yet more booing ensues as the Crown Jewel's presence is announced. He slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He finds and jumps onto the nearest turnbuckle peering out into the live crowd for a good few seconds, breathing in that pre-match excitement in the air. Looking out into the crowd, he points right into the middle of that ring waggling his finger, telling us at the top of his voice that it belongs to him, that it's his, that no one else could even think to rule it the way he does. While up there, he takes off his spiked, black leather jacket and throws it down to the outside. Hopping down off the turnbuckle, Jack cracks his neck into place and prepares himself for the match both mentally and physically, shaking his arms and legs out to loosen them. He's ready to go to war tonight.

In Ring
Wrestling Style.
Jack's move-set is down to two simple things- kicks and takedowns. Jack is all about wearing the opponent down with an array of kick attacks and taking the opponent down quickly until they're completely at his manipulation. Then he can go in with the suplexes and slams. Jack uses both his quickness and power to his advantage.

Jack infamously takes an 'ends justifies the means' approach, he's willing to put anyone at risk, including himself, if it means he's a step closer to winning the match. He has an insatiable need to win every match he's in, and he'll stop at nothing to achieve it.

Jack's technical abilities have always been very weak. If it's a simple enough hold he could probably pull it off, otherwise he's not really a technical guy.

Main- The Crown Kick (Roundhouse Kick To Head):


Signature Moves
01. Double A Spinebuster
02. Spinning Side-Slam
03. European Uppercut
04. Powerslam

01. Buzzsaw Kick
02. Shin Kick
03. Big Boot
04. Bicycle Kick
05. Shoot Kick
06. Spinning Roundhouse Kick
07. Jumping Rolling Sole Kick
08. Step-Up Enziguri
09. Gamenguri
10. Running Dropkick

01. Power-Bomb
02. Burning Hammer
03. Fallaway Slam
04. Samoan Drop
05. Body Slam

Takedowns/Rebound Moves
01. Forearm Smash
02. Swinging Neckbreaker
03. Arm-Drag
04. Float-Over DDT
05. Crossbody

01. German Suplex
02. Sitout Inverted Suplex Slam
03. Delayed Vertical Suplex
04. Underhook Suplex
05. Gutwrench Suplex

The Signature Vault

Used: 2010
Created by: Johawn

Used: 2011-2013
Created by: Johawn

Used: 2013
Created by: DJS

Used: 2013-14
Created by: DJS

Used: 2014-15
Created by: DJS
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Re: Diamond Jack Sabbath

Postby DJS » Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:42 pm

XWA BattleZone Match Histories

Diamond Jack Sabbath

01. Tempest (Massacre, March 2010)
02. Calvin Lee (XWA Legends, April 2010 for the Television Championship)
03. Nightmare & Jack Mercy (XWA Revenge, June 2010, Teamed with Jack Hazard)
04. The Hounds From Hell (Massacre, July 2010, Teamed with Raine)
05. The Fan (Massacre, December 2010)
06. JR Judy (XWA Christmas Kaos, December 2010)
07. Jack Mercy (Massacre, February 2011)
08. Chris Novak, Jack Mercy, JR Judy & Jason Garrick (XWA: A Night Of Appreciation For Mr. West, Eight Man Tag, February 2011)
09. Davey Villa (Massacre, May 2011)
10. Psycho Luke (Massacre, August 2011)
11. Christian Daniels (XWA Hardcore Halloween, October 2011)
12. Greg Samuel (Massacre, November 2011)*
13. Utah Joe (Massacre, November 2011)*
14. Gibraltar (Massacre, November 2011)*
15. Chris Chaos (Massacre, November 2011)
16. Greg Samuel (XWA Xmas Kaos, December 2011)
17. Rose (Massacre, February 2012)
18. Angelus (XWA Evolution, February 2012 for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship)
19. T.K and Ray Van Clause (Massacre, June 2012, Teamed With Dan Bennett)
20. The Cult of Tomorrow (Massacre, August 2012, Teamed With Dan Bennett)
21. Trace Demon (The Extra Spectacular Hutton Brown Extravaganza, August 2012, via Disqualification)
22. The Hot Shots (Massacre, October 2012, Teamed With Dan Bennett)
23. Rose (Massacre, April 2013)
24. Jack Hazard (XWA Legends, May 2013)***
25. Smith Jones (XWA Pathway to Destiny, February 2015)
26. Tempest (XWA Legends 2015, May 2015)
27. Chris Novak (XWA: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, April 2016)
28. Rob Chapman (XWA On A Pole, May 2016)
29. DGX (XWA Legends, November 2016)
30. Smith Jones (XWA: If You Want Blood, April 2017)

01. Ciaren Donegan (Massacre, February 2010)
02. Mr. Magnificent (Massacre, April 2010 for the Television Championship)
03. Rose (Massacre, May 2010)
04. Rose (Massacre, June 2010)
05. Alex Sean (Massacre, August 2010)
06. Hutton Brown (Massacre: Royal Pains, November 2010)
07. Hutton Brown (XWA Legends, April 2011)
08. EBR (Massacre, June 2011)
09. Dan Bennett (XWA Legends, May 2012 for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship)
10. Trace Demon (XWA Hardkore Halloween, October 2012)**
11. Trace Demon (XWA Kaos, January 2013)
12. Austin Rentz (XWA Massacre, February 2013)
13. Joey Edwards (XWA Revenge, June 2014)

01. Nightmare (Massacre, July 2010 via interference by Raine)
02. Tempest (XWA Lord Of The Ring, September 2010 via injury)
03. Jack Hazard (XWA Intensity, July 2011 via interference by Raine)
04. Trace Demon (Massacre, March 2012 via Cult of Tomorrow/Sabbath and Bennett brawl)
05. Trace Demon & Kasey Kody (Massacre, April 2012 via Cult of Tomorrow run-in)
06. Dante Cross (Massacre, December 2012)
07. Trace Demon, Riley Moore and Austin Rentz (Massacre, April 2013 via Brawl/Run-In, with Blake Jones and Chris Novak)
08. The Tarmagoyf (XWA Face Off, October 2016)


- Records began following Sabbath's XWA in-ring debut in February 2010 and have been added up and continued since, albeit going through formatting changes along the way.
- *These three victories were all part of the same show, in which Jack was placed in a gauntlet match. However, since all victories were considered as separate matches this qualifies as a victory for each match.
- **Jack lost the managerial services of Amy Taylor as a result of losing this match. The stipulation had originally been that Amy would be released if Jack won, however Trace later revealed she'd be released either way.
-***The final match of Diamond Jack Sabbath's original 2010-2013 run.
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Re: Diamond Jack Sabbath & Amy Taylor

Postby DJS » Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:52 pm

Kapow- updated my bios and other bits.
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