Blank Individual Contract Template (Should You Need It)

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Blank Individual Contract Template (Should You Need It)

Postby DarkSabre » Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:07 pm

For instructions, see here, if necessary.

Code: Select all

[center][b](Character Name Goes Here)[/b][/center]

[b]Real Name:[/b] (What is your character's real name?)

[b]Attitude:[/b] (Is your character good (face), bad (heel), or in-between (tweener)?)

[b]Hometown:[/b] (Where is your character from?)

[b]Height:[/b] (How tall is your character?)

[b]Weight:[/b] (How much does your character weigh?)

[b]Biography:[/b] (Write a brief summary of your character, what they're like, their past, etc...)

[b]XWA Achievements:[/b] (What titles or awards has your character won here in the XWA?)

[b]Previous Achievements:[/b] (How about before coming to us?  Feel free to let us know your full history.)

[b]Style:[/b] (What is your character's in-ring style? High flying, hardcore, technical, brawler, etc... Explain in a brief summary.)


[center]Describe your characters over all look including, hair and in ring attire. feel free to add any kind of pictures for reference and by all means use all the detail you wish.[/center]

[b]Board Picture Base:[/b]  (Which real world person will you be using here on the boards?)

[center][b]Wrestler Stats[/b][/center]
(Each Wrestler begins with 46 points to spend on their "stats". These scores are for roleplaying purposes only and are meant to be used to give other players and the Admins a way of gauging how fast/strong/quick each wrestler is compared to other wrestlers. These scores have NO affect on voting or booking decisions..)

[b]Agility:[/b] (The Ability to leap, duck, dodge, climb, flip and dive well

[b]Brawling:[/b] (Punching, Kicking, in-your-face melle skills)

[b]Durability:[/b] (The ability to take damage and keep going)

[b]Intelligence:[/b] (In ring savvy, the ability to outwit your opponent)

[b]Speed:[/b] (How quickly you move, climb and in some cases attack)

[b]Strength:[/b] (How much can you lift? How hard do you hit? Raw Power)

[b]Technical Skill:[/b] (How proficient are you in the execution of wrestling moves? How well do you counter?)

1 - physically handicapped.
2 - childlike development
3 - preteen development
4 - couch potato
5 - average person
6 - above average ability
7 - incredible ability
8 - amazing ability
9 - olympic ability
10 - superstar


[b]Entrance Music.[/b] (What is your character's entrance music?)

[youtube](If you wish, post a link to a youtube video of your chosen song.) [/youtube]

Entrance Text:
[quote](Write a description of your character's entrance. This is what RolePlayers will more than likely be using in their matches for when you come out so try and make it as detailed as you can.)[/quote]


(Finishers are moves exclusive to your character.  Usually, they have unique names given to them by the wrestler.)
[b][i]Main.[/i][/b] (What is your character's main finisher?)
[b][i]Other.[/i][/b] (You can add two more secondary finishers. Please list the style of move it is, ala High Flying, Submission, etc... where it says Other in the bracket. If your character only has one, you can remove this.)

[b][u]Signature Moves[/u][/b]
(You must have a bare minimum of 5 signature moves. These moves are signature moves of your character, but not exclusive to them. You have a maximum of ten)

(Any other type of moves such as high flying or submission can go here. If you really feel the need to get detailed, where it says Other, change it to what style of moves will be below. You can add as many of these as you want, high flying, submission, etc...)

[center][b]Match History[/b]
[b] (Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)[/b]
Winner: [b] (Wrestler)[/b]
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)[/center]

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