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Chris Novak

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Real Name:

Chris Novak


The Madman From Manchester (or MFM for short)
The Grand Marshal Of The Insane Army
The MU Punk
The Hardcore Manc-archist
The Leader of Hardcore Maddness
The Judi Dench of XWA
The Farther of Hunters




Manchester, England






Early Life

Chris had to grow up at the age of 12, when he was attacked and left for dead. In 2000, he joined BYW:UK, a now defunct Backyard wrestling Federation in the UK, where he became the most dangouras superstar on the roster. In 2002, BYW:UK disbanded and Chris, with his then, and still good friend and tag team partner, Joe Delonge, and with other feds, SCW:UKX and XXXcw, formed XS-CW, where he not only became owner, but world champ, he also brought back, the title he never owned, the BYW:UK title, as XS-CW, became the official Backyard Wrestling United Kingdom Federation, thanks to Chris' popularity in the sport.

He also invented 6 matches, The Clean-Sweep Match, The all Round Ladder Match, the further they Climb, further they fall match, the ice match, the house arrest match and the 6 feet under match during his time in XS-CW. but during a XS-CW show, and the final show ever to be made by the Federation, Chris injured his spine, and took time away from the ring. But after he moved to Paramount city, and saw a SCW event, he signed up, and began his journey once again.


In February 2007, Chris signed up for Supreme Championship Wrestling (SCW). He started a war of words with Vincent D. Grimmer, who after a hellacious match at the first PPV of 2007 left the company. Since this Great start, Chris had his sights set on the SCW Hardcore Championship, which he had a chance to win on one occasion, at Inferno 2007. He is also well known as a huge fan of The Animal, and was given the nickname, the 7t3 fan boy by Danger Liam.
On May 27th 2007, in The Clean-Sweep Match against Boss Miner and Shawn Kutter, Chris finally got the SCW Hardcore Championship.
He went on to hold this belt, defending it on many occasions against Jericho Shaw, for 6 months, 2 weeks and 5 days, making him the longest serving Hardcore Champion in SCW history, Even though some people say that he would not have held the title for so long if the voice had not helped him.
Chris Lost his prized SCW Hardcore Championship to Nick Wallace at Wrestlefest 6, in a 6 feet under match. He blamed this on the then CEO Edward Cross. He even helped Shan Toril, with Iceman, to take over SCW.
Once he had took over, Novak competed for the National and Slam titles, but Wallace kept getting in his way. He also battled RTG on numerous ocassions, once in the first ever Strange-ways match which he won.
At SCW Aggression Novak competed in the 2nd winners own SCW match, which this time, he lost. He was suspended for a week. Shan Toril had been fired and Iceman suspended for 2 months. When Novak returned from his suspension, The SCW staff decided to hire The Animal to try and bring Novak back to his senses. this seemed to work for 2 weeks, but during a fatel 4 way featuring himself, Animal, RTG and Boss Miner, Novak double crossed animal, proclaiming him the last strand of his old life, which he needed to be rid of.
Novak soon realised that this was not who he was. and he felt he had let himself down. On July 27th 2008, Novak made a public apology to the SCW Staff and the fans. This marked the return of the Madman from Manchester.
At SCW RAGE, Chris Novak took on Boss Miner again, this time for the SCW National Championship. He won the match and became the 21st SCW National Champion.
Chris came back after the summer break ready to prove why he is the Champion. But Jack Ca$h and The Assassin decided to make personal attacks towards Novak. The Assassin received help from Novak's old flame and Ca$h stole his title.
He faced Cash along with Damasu at Rampage 2008, but failed to defend his title. This sent Chris wild, and he challenged Cash to a Caged Carnage match and even put his own Career on the line.


When SCW closed it's doors Novak signed for BWF for a year, where he won all titles including the HWO title though a union between the company's.

Novak signed for new company UMW in 2010. In an interveiw following the announcement, he said he would still be honnering his contract with BWF.
He entered the company and started a rivelly again with former SCW foe Jack Ca$h. Even setting up a Strange-ways match for the defunct SCW National title. After that match went to a no contest due to the return of Danger Liam. Chris got a rematch the week after which he won, and then got a chance to hold another world title against Danger Liam the following week on the first ever UMW show time card.
Liam cheated to win the title, which sent Novak over the edge. Even Hearing Voices in his head. He atacked the the ref and Fat Liam one week, demanding a Caged Carnage match for the world title.
He won this match and became a tri company champion.
Shortly after this UMW closed it doors. Making Novak the last holder of the belt.


Novak still wanted to prove he was the best at what he did, even if what he did was not very nice. He saw an advertisement for XWA, and made his presence felt, and his desire to finish what he started with Liam.

But after getting involved in the war of 3 armies, Novak's intent wavered, But with His best friend and sister beside him, He is certain to make XWA, the new land of Hardcore Madness.

Following the end of the war, Novak became determined to grab a title. And the building jealousy of his best friend Joe Delonge forced the pair to face off against each other. To find out who the best of X/S was. Novak won and the pair got past there problems.

Novak then mad a deceleration that he would hold a championship before the end of legends 2013. He had a few shots at the Hardcore Title, he failed to reach his aim, until he joined the Blood And Glory Tournament, making it to the final and having a shot at Legends 2013 against Blake Jones for the Vacated Hardcore title. Novak won this and became the Hardcore champion. But his sights changed to the World.

After defending his title against Blake once again, Novak was forced into a storyline with Gain Dermel. It ended with Novak losing his title, Gain revealing himself to be Liam, and Novak having a breakdown.

Novak was forced to take time off when doctors found a brain tumour in the earlier stages of cancer. After successful surgery he tried to come back to where he loves.

But Novak's depression got better than him, and he had to walk away from XWA, until he felt better. He returned after a long period when XWA came back to his hometown. Being honest, he admitted his problems. Making it certain, that one day he will back to do what he does best. Kick ass, take names, Kick ass again.

Novak made his return, but couldn't get back into his proper swing. Even losing his streak at Legends. Novak is not what or who he was.



BWF Xtreme Championship
BWF Tag Team Championships x2
BWF UK Championship
BWF World Championship x8
2012 King of BWF (Crowning Glory tournament winner)
2013 King of BWF (Crowning Glory tournament winner)
3rd BWF Triple Crown Champion
3rd BWF Grand Slam Champion
BWF Hall Of Fame Class of 2009
Only superstar to hold all titles BWF have ever had.


HWO World Champion
HWO Hall Of Legends Class Of 2013


SCW Hardcore Championship
SCW National Championship


Tri Champion Trophy (awarded for holding 3 single titles at the same time)


UMW Wrestler Of the Moment (First ever and Last Ever)
UMW World Championship (Last Ever)


XWA Hardcore Champion


XS-CW World Championship x3
XS-CW Tag Team Championships (with Joe Delonge) x2

Bold = Current


Chris Novak, is what he says he is. He fights for his family, and he won't let anyone stand in his way. He does not care about proving anything, as all he wants to do is fight. He Goes for a Hardcore, high flyer style that would not be out of place in old school ECW.


Pic Base:Sami Zayn


Novak wears a different shirt to the ring, his clothing comes in 3 colours, Red, White and Black.

Wrestler Stats

Intelligence: 5
Technical Skill: 5


Entrance Music:

The Heavy - Short Change Hero

Entrance Text:

The Heavy's Short Change hero enters the arena as the arena lights shut off apart from a single red spot light. The letters MFM appear on the screen after 20 seconds, when the lyrics start. They stay there until chorus starts and Novak walks out and his name appears on screen. He walks down the ramp and towards the ring, the light follows him as he does. As he reaches the end of the ramp the lights of the arena come back up and Novak does a running slide into the ring, he jumps up and goes for a turn-buckle he stands posing to the crowd. He climbs down and takes his t-shirt off throwing it into the crowd, before he waits for his opponent or the match to start




The Hunter Blaze (Spear)


The Moment (Superman Punch)

The Straight Jacket (Walls of Jericho)

Impact Moves

Oasis Of Pain (The Three Amigos)

Stone Rose Kiss (Running Knee-lift)

Hope, Glory and the Mancunian Way (Left hook, Right Hook and a Superkick)

Scouse Buster (Codebreaker)

The City Killer (Backstabber)

The Arcadeia Fall (Corkscrew Moonsault)

689908 (619)

MU Splash (Frog Splash)


Head Punt

High-angle senton bomb

Inverted DDT

Corner clothesline followed by a running bulldog


Special Occasion Moves

When an opponent will not go down, and all things seem not going his way, Novak will go to these moves to finish them off.

One More Thing (Stunner)

R.I.P (Tombestone Pildriver)
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