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Real Name
Joao Pascual Santos
Ring Name
"The Axe", "O fenomeno", "The Garden City Gem"
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Billed Weight
185 lbs
Machado was born on June 17th, 1991, in the poorer side of Belo Horizonte. At the age of 18 he started training for MMA, at which he was immensely gifted, winning a number of national tournaments at a young age and earning himself a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 23, the highest belt available before the coveted black belt. Shortly after earning the brown belt, the love of his life and his then wife was found dead in their home in Belo Horizonte. Machado stopped his Jiu-Jitsu training, and spent some time to his own, mourning the death of his beloved wife. After a few months, he decided to return to martial arts, continuing to pursue the Jiu Jitsu black belt, when he was discovered by his current manager, Lance Fisher, at a local gym in Belo Horizonte. Lance managed to persuade Machado into pursuing a career in wrestling, and the pair flew to England, where Machado enrolled in XWA legend Danny Diamond's 'School of Excellence'. After two years of wrestling training, Machado was signed to a contract by XWA.
There is nothing overly special about Machado's personality, even after everything he went through, he's a man of few words as he prefers to let his manager do the talking. He doesn't care whether he is cheered or booed by the fans, he's not in the XWA to make friends, his only goal is the titles and the accolades, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his targets. He will not cheat to win matches, as he acquired that trait from BJJ. However, as is usually the case with most quiet personalities, there is a switch inside Machado that, if flicked, will release an emotinal, angry monster.
Personal Style
Machado has a mixture of ground fighting and submission holds, benefiting from his major background in BJJ, and hard-hitting strong style, known as Puroresu, while also incorporating a variety of high-flying maneuvers he picked up at the School of Excellence, making him somewhat of an all-rounder. Machado can wear down his opponents in many different ways, and has a great ability to adapt to an opponent's style and change his own style based off of that.
Pic Base
Jose Aldo

Ring Gear
Black tights with the word "AXE" stylized in white down each side + black calf-high leather boots.
Machado Kick (Axe Kick)
Suffocador (Triangle Arm Choke)
Last Resort
Hysteria (Phoenix Splash)
Signature Moves
Running Single Leg High Knee
Shining Wizard
Dropkick (Normal, Missile)
Step-Up Enziguri
Moonsault (Diving, Springboard)
Suicide Dive
Short-Arm Roundhouse Kick
Suplex Variants
DDT Variants
Hurricanrana Driver
Cross Armbar
Diving Double Foot Stomp
Entrance Theme Song
Example of Entrance
The opening bass line hits and starts playing for 22 seconds, until the guitar kicks in and Machado comes out facing the arena, with Lance Fisher walking out behind him. Machado continues walking slowly down the ramp, as the song continues playing until it reaches the chrous. Machado times his leap onto the apron with the start of the chorus, with pyro shooting out of each corner. Machado proceeds to enter the ring through the ropes, with the music slowly dying down.

Lance Fisher
Brentford, London, England
Lance Fisher is Machado's mouthpiece. An obnoxious, provocative manager who has no boundaries and will stop at nothing to ensure Machado's success.
Pic Base
Paul Heyman

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