Albion Gale

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Albion Gale

Postby PhoenixRoost » Mon May 14, 2018 2:56 pm


Basic Info

Albion Gale

22 Years Old

Chaotic Good (Face)

Billed From.
Evansville, Indiana

Duality of Woman

164 pounds

5' 10"

Albion Gale is not her real name, but she refuses to reveal her actual name, only stating that it is lame as fuck. She is a rookie to pro wrestling, but she has trained for this for a few years, and she comes from an athletic background, having played softball and done cheerleading in school. Not much else is known except that she insists on referring to herself as “Duality of Woman.” By her own admission she has mood swings, and in a tiny local promotion in Evansville, she made a name for herself not only for being an excellent athlete, but for having two separate fighting styles depending on her mood. This made her difficult to prep for, as opponents never knew which Albion was going to show up, or worse, how to keep up if she flipped the switch.

Plus, she was very insistent that we know that Albion is a corruption of a Latin word meaning white, and with Gale being almost self-evident, the difference between a word known for blandness and purity and a word for a violent storm is an obvious contrast we couldn’t help but notice.

Championships and Accomplishments.

Teams and Alliances.

Other Promotions And Tenures


Pic Base


Lauren Drain Kagan

Ring gear:
As above, though the color scheme changes week to week. Preferred colors are white top with purple pants, purple top with black pants, and black top with purple pants.

Entrance Gear:
As above, but with a black trenchcoat that is closed when she comes out but she undoes as she’s going down the ramp.

Street/Backstage Gear:
As entrance gear


Entrance Theme:
"Invidia" by Yoko Shimomura

Entrance Text:
“Invidia” starts playing over the speakers, and during the slow open, the sounds of distant thunder and wind are piped in as well. There is a louder thunderclap at the drop, and water starts to pelt the stage in a simulated downpour. Albion walks out onto the stage, a black trenchcoat on over her ring gear, and she stands proudly with her arms out in the deluge. After a few seconds, the “rain” stops and she strides down to the ring.[/font]

Hana Ramirez: Introducing, from Evansville, Indiana, weighing in at 164 pounds, the Duality of Woman...Albion Gale!

Compared to when her entrance theme started and all the storm sounds, the arena feels positively calm for Albion now. As the song’s tempo increases, Albion’s pace quickens until she is in the ring. At this point she dramatically tears open her trenchcoat, revealing her ring attire underneath. She holds her arms out as though soaking in some sun (or mirroring how she stood in the “storm”) before removing her coat and draping it over the top rope, to be retrieved by a stagehand. She then does some last minute stretches to prepare for the upcoming match.

In Ring
Wrestling Style.
Per her name, Albion Gale has two different styles that intersect. When she is in good spirits, she is a high flyer of sorts, doing springboards and headscissors and top rope moves and jumping around. When she is angered, however, she will slow the pace down and start throwing out headlocks and lariats, and other moves aimed at wearing down the neck.

Main- "White Noise" (Koji Clutch)

Secondary- "Purple Rain" (Shooting Star Press)


Signature Moves
01. Around the World DDT ("See the Light", set up for/transition into White Noise)
02. Charging Kick to the Head ("Back to Black", set up for Purple Rain)
03. Leaping Reverse STO (“Cacophony”, alternate set-up for White Noise)
04. Falcon Arrow (“Darken the Skies”, alternate set-up for Purple Rain)

Aerial Moves
01. Missile Dropkick
02. Springboard Dropkick
03. Top Rope Frankensteiner
04. Springboard Moonsault
05. The Undertaker Dive

Rebound/Running Moves
01. Lariat
02. Back Body Drop
03. Rebound Frankensteiner
04. Running Headscissors Takedown
05. Leg Lariat

Strike Moves
01. Haymaker
02. Roundhouse kicks (various heights)
03. Savat Kick
04. Enzuigiri (both kick-catch and leaping varities)
05. Clubbing blows to the back of the head/neck
06. Dropkick (various heights)
07. Chop Block
08. Spinning Wheel Kick

Grapple Moves
01. Swinging neckbreaker
02. Split-legged jawbreaker
03. Arm-wrench + Hook Kick
04. Snap vertical suplex
05. Fisherman's buster
06. Headlock takedown
07. Crucifix pin (both from standing and grounded positions)
08. Reverse DDT

01. Side headlock
02. Front headlock (a.k.a. guillotine choke)
03. STF
04. Figure-Four Necklock (both grounded and illegal over the ropes versions)
05. Dragon Sleeper

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