XWA Massacre Episode 11: Minka Carter in Action!

We're on a boat! A.J Morales and Smith Jones declare war on the Survivors while Minka Carter's warpath continues and Adam Fenric contends with The Lynx in our main event...
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XWA Massacre Episode 11: Minka Carter in Action!

Postby Minka Carter » Thu May 11, 2017 6:23 pm

Massacre returns from a commercial break and we’re right back at ringside aboard the Xtreme Cruiselines as the 1500 fans in attendance are highly anticipating the next match that’s about to take place. There’s a somewhat tall blonde in the ring, ready for action, though to the audience she is a complete unknown.

Mark Sanction: Welcome back to Massacre fans, and coming up in a bit, we have more action coming your way. Once again, we’re featuring unknown talent looking to make their mark in XWA and possibly earn a contract!

Tempest: Look, I got all sorts of respect for XWA management for giving these unknown kids a chance but I still shudder from what we saw back in Sydney when...

Sanction: I don’t think you need to mention it. It was definitely one of the most disturbing things we’ve seen in an XWA ring this year. But, let’s send it over to Hana Ramierez to get the proceedings started!

The fans cheer as the broadcast cuts to Hana Ramierez inside the ring.

Hana Ramierez: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, in the ring, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma… Rose Baker!

Sanction: Rose Baker is ready to try to impress XWA wrestlers, management and fans. Tempest, is there anything you can tell us about this young lady?

Tempest: Country born and raised, Mark! Knows so much about the values of hard work and is as sweet as apple pie. She’s said to be one of the top Indy prospects in America so if she’s able to pick up a win against whoever her opponent is tonight, she could really impress the entire world!

Sanction: She sounds like she’d be a huge boost to the XWA roster if the company were to sign her. But, who does Rose have to face in order to impress the powers that be?

There’s a bit of a silence in the air as everyone anticipates who Rose’s opponent is going to be. But, when “Trenches” by Pop Evil hits, some loud boos are heard and Minka Carter steps through the curtains.

Sanction: Oh no…

Tempest: This has to be a sick, cruel joke right? How can you throw a sweet young lady like Rose Baker in there against Minka Carter?

Sanction: Minka certainly made some waves… but not in a way we here at XWA could ever condone. And yet, we don’t quite understand WHY she did what she did to poor Rebecca Singleton in front of her cancer-struck father and her entire home country.

Tempest: There’s some aura about her though… I can’t put a finger on it.

Minka slowly walks to the ring, sporting an all-black ensemble for her wrestling gear and she’s wearing a hoodie that covers her entire head with the exception of her face.

Hana Ramierez: And her opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota…. Minka Carter!

Minka walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, snatching the microphone away from Hana Ramierez. Hana chooses to get out of the ring as quickly as possible. Minka delivers a quick glance at Rose who doesn’t appear to be intimidated by her and rolls her eyes at the boos she’s getting from the crowd.

Tempest: It looks like Minka has something to say.

Sanction: I don’t care what explanation she gives, there is no excuse for what she did!

Minka: What’s the matter?!?!?!

Minka has a slight chuckle as the crowd continues to boo her.

Minka: You’re all a bunch of snakes, you know that? I gave you what you all wanted and that STILL wasn’t good enough for you? Now I “went too far”? Let me tell you something that is going to expose the hypocrisy of all you subordinate minions of mine! Where was the uproar while I was out injured at the hanks of the Lynx? Nobody in XWA ever gave me their well wishes! Nobody in the back ever checked up on me to see if I was okay. No, to everyone in this company, I was just another name and just another face. The lack of respect, from the idiots on commentary pointing out every mistake I was making during my matches, to the response I’ve gotten from the locker room being what it’s been since I did such a “horrible” act, tells the whole story. It took me a while to “get it” while I was recovering from my injury, but it came to me. I had a choice to make. I could be this bland, lifeless, sweet as pie, aloof fool with no future… like my precious victim standing across the ring… or… I could make waves, draw the attention of every single one of you and make you witness the death of a sweet, innocent victim, brittle as a twig… and the birth of a DEMIGODDESS! Clearly, I made the right choice. I have no remorse or regret for what I did. I’m not going to say “sorry”. I would do it all over again if I had to. Seeing the blood flow from her face, rushing out of her skull, onto the floor… it was one of the prettiest sights I’ve ever seen in my life…

Sanction: Again fans, we should remind you that we at XWA do not condone any of this…

Tempest: What in the world is wrong with this woman?

Minka: Seeing you minions cry over what you saw, seeing those tears flow down your faces… I have to admit, it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that I upset you. You are all beneath me! Sooner than later, I’ll be saying the same thing about this roster. People talk about Michael Swift… the reigning Lord of the Ring. He may be “Lord of the Ring”, but in due time, I’m going to become the Cleopatra of the XWA and if you think that what I did last Massacre was brutal… you haven’t seen anything yet. You’ll get to learn more about me in the coming weeks and months and the first thing you all need to understand is… I’m always full of surprises.

Minka removes the hood that was concealing most of her head, revealing a new pitch black hair color with a slightly purple hue to it! She has another chuckle to herself as Rose Baker is taken aback by this sudden reveal.

Sanction: Minka is a completely different person now! She’s nothing like the woman we were getting to know before her unfortunate injury.

Tempest: How can a human being even say some of the words that have even come out of her mouth?

Sanction: You’re preaching to the choir on that one.

Minka unzips and removes her hoodie, and turns toward her opponent.

Minka: You poor fool… you’re just another lab rat for me to display what I am truly capable of. You look so much like that weakling I used to be. By the way, let me introduce myself… I’m Minka Carter… and I’m about to end your miserable career…

Minka slams the microphone into the mat and Rose retreats into the corner with a look of fear in her eyes.

Sanction: I can’t believe this! Look at Rose! She’s completely scared! It’s almost as if Minka’s words have broken her psyche before the bell has rung!

Tempest: Something’s not right with Minka. She’s not psychotic or anything like that, but how can any human being on this planet be mentally wired the way she appears to be? Does she have a heart of stone?

Sanction: Lord only knows partner.

With that, the referee calls for the bell to begin the match.

Tempest: Well, here we go! This show is about to live up to its name and I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing.

Rose cowers in the corner with fear in her eyes as Minka slowly walks over to her just to toy with her mind a bit more. Once she’s as close as she can get to her, Minka is caught off guard with a slap to the face. Minka holds her cheek for a few seconds, but scoffs and laughs at the slap she just took. Rose comes back with a right hand, but Minka blocks it. Minka comes back with a clothesline barreling Rose spine first into the turnbuckles. Minka steps back and hits a running corner elbow right into the side of the head. Rose stumbles out of the corner and Minka kicks her in the gut. Minka hooks Rose’s arms and then lifts her over her head and slams her hard into the mat with a double underhook suplex. Rose screams after hitting the mat as hard as she did and Minka yells “Shut up” at her. Minka pounces on Rose and brings her up to a vertical base, grabbing her around the throat and then bringing her back down to the mat with an STO. Minka goes for the cover by hooking the leg.



Rose kicks out!

Minka rolls her eyes after Rose managed to kick out and then grabs her around the throat again, this time, locking in a sleeper hold.

Sanction: Minka Carter is dominating right out of the gate.

Tempest: At this rate, that shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. She’s definitely not letting her abilities be overshadowed by her actions. Whether you like her or not, this woman has the talent to rise to the top and she’s showing that right now.

Rose’s arms flail for a bit as she tries to escape. Minka has a vicious look of anger in her eyes as she tightens the sleeper hold. The crowd tries to will Rose back into the match and it appears to be working as Rose turns slightly and starts elbowing Minka in the ribs. Rose wills her way up to her knees bringing Minka up with her, but Minka wraps her legs around Rose applying a bodyscissors to go along with the sleeper hold!

Sanction: Minka not giving Rose an opportunity to get right out of the gate. At the first sign of hope, Minka takes it all away right there.

Tempest: This is how it should be done, Mark.

Sanction: Oh I agree with that! But I don’t think Minka is being more aggressive just to show off how much she’s improved. It may be only a matter of time before Rose gets seriously hurt in there.

Tempest: Unfortunately, you might be right.

Rose gasps for air as she desperately tries to fight her way out of her predicament. She lunges toward the ropes trying to desperately force a break. Unable to, she starts elbowing Minka in the ribs again and again. Minka breaks the bodyscissors and pulls Rose up to a vertical base. She then tosses Rose into the ropes. Rose comes off the ropes and Minka is about to flip her over, but Rose counters with a boot to the chest that causes Minka to double over a bit. Rose comes back with a forearm and then kicks her in the gut and plants her with a DDT.

Sanction: Rose Baker showing some life! What a DDT!

Tempest: She’s going for the cover!

Rose hooks the leg on Minka and the referee drops down to make the count.


Minka kicks out!!!!

Sanction: And Minka… kicked out at ONE!

Tempest: Look at Rose’s face! She can’t believe it. She’s starting to doubt herself, Mark.

Rose has a bug-eyed, jaw dropped expression on her face. Feeling desperate, she walks over toward the corner and goes to the top rope. The crowd cheers as she leaps off the top rope, connecting with a moonsault. However, Minka raises her knees to block it. Rose rolls away, yelling out in pain as she holds her ribs. Minka rolls over onto her knees and slowly crawls toward Rose like a predator stalking her prey. Minka’s eyes are cold and empty, consisting of pure anger as she watches Rose slowly stand up, holding her ribs. As soon as Rose turns, Minka springs into attack mode and drives her knees right into the sternum!

Sanction: Minka follows up with the moonsault block with a double knee gutbuster!

Tempest: This isn’t good folks... not good at all! It looks like Rose might be internally bleeding.

Sanction: Blood is starting to trickle out of the mouth of this poor girl!

Minka spots the blood that is dribbling out of the mouth of her opponent and she smirks. She drags an increasingly helpless Rose Baker to the corner and props her up. Minka steps back and delivers a running knee to the sternum just to make things worse. Minka stays in the area of the corner and delivers a second knee… then a third knee… then a fourth knee… all to the sternum. Minka steps back again and runs up to Rose, delivering a Busaiku knee kick in the rib cage area. Rose stumbles out of the corner and completely collapses face down on the mat. Minka drops down and turns her over, applying a cobra clutch. She combines this with a bodyscissors and tightens the grip on the cobra clutch as much as she can. Rose is completely unresponsive as blood continues to dribble out of her mouth. The referee checks on her and sees that her eyes have rolled to the back of her head. Upon seeing this, the referee decides enough is enough and calls for the bell!

Sanction: Thank goodness that the referee stopped this match. As soon as Minka blocked that moonsault and blood came out of Rose’s mouth, you knew it was a matter of time.

Tempest: It could have been a whole lot worse without the referee putting a stop to this.

Hana Ramierez: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has informed me that Rose Baker is unable to continue. Therefore, your winner by Technical Knockout…. Minka Carter!!!!

The crowd boos, understandably upset by the decision. However, Minka still has the submission locked in and she has a satisfied look on her face as Rose is absolutely lifeless.

Sanction: Let her go, Minka! You’ve already proven your point.

The referee gets in there and tries to break up the hold. He begins to make a five count. Once he gets to three, Minka lets her go. The referee drops down to try to help Minka stand.

Referee: Minka, come on! It’s over! Let’s go!

The referee pulls her up along with him.

Referee: No more! It’s over.

Minka turns around and stares at the referee.

Referee: Hey, I’m just doing my job.

Minka lunges toward the referee, even hissing at him, but this was all a threat to chase the referee out of the ring.

Sanction: Did she… did she just hiss at the referee?!?!?!

Tempest: ...I believe she did! It’s ironic… she talks about the fans being snakes yet she hisses like one. Wait, where’s she going now…

Minka slides out of the ring and walks toward the timekeeper’s area. She grabs a ringbell and rolls back into the ring, her eyes set on the unconscious Rose Baker.

Sanction: Oh no, what’s she doing now?

The referee tries to come back in, but Minka darts toward him with the ringbell to keep him out of it. She lays down the ringbell and then gets Rose back to a vertical base. The referee is pleading with her from the outside to leave her alone, but these pleas fall on deaf ears when she lifts her up and gives her a piledriver into the ringbell!

Sanction: Piledriver into the ringbell!!!! This is too much!

Tempest: Someone needs to come out here and stop this woman!

Right on cue, more referees are running down the ramp and Minka again slides out of the ring. EMT’s aren’t too far behind as they all side into the ring to check on Rose. Minka laughs as she backs up the ramp amid a chorus of boos from the fans.

Sanction: With her actions lately, I think it’s fair to say that Minka’s been a snake in the grass all along. That “sweetheart” we saw from her when she first came here… was it all an act?

Tempest: I would say that at this point… yes! Minka’s like a cobra in there: venomous, remorseless, completely cold, and she doesn’t care how much her opponents suffer, she’ll do whatever it takes to become the self-proclaimed “Cleopatra of XWA”.

Sanction: If this is how she plans on rising to the top, it’s only a matter of time before some of the XWA roster decides to put a stop to this poisonous blood spree she’s been on lately! This woman is dangerous, folks. Absolutely dangerous. We’ll be right back while EMT’s check on Rose…

Minka stands on top of the stage, smirking at the sight of a stretcher being ran by her by a few more EMT’s. Then she turns and walks through the curtains to continue reveling in the pain she just dished out as the show shifts to a commercial break.

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